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Content May Be King, But Presentation is the Crown Prince

by Peter Boyle

presentation is crown prince

Designing for higher conversions ain’t easy. Most CROs focus on tweaking their headlines, optimizing USPs and crafting compelling CTAs. Don’t get me wrong, these elements are incredibly important. Copy is after all at the heart of optimization. If you neglect to test and optimize your copy even the prettiest of…

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The Rise of the Live-Demo Homepage

by Art

The days of the long-form homepage are over! Or they might be anyway… In the past few days I’ve noticed a trend being adopted, or at least being tested, by several different sites. Specifically, the format involves encouraging visitors to try their software immediately, on the homepage, without the need…

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Could This Be the Perfect WordPress Theme?

by Kathryn Aragon

Upfront theme, Spirit

Is there such a thing as the perfect WordPress theme? Until now, I would have told you that was impossible. But now… James Farmer, CEO of Edublogs and IncSub, recently showed me a new WordPress theme that actually took my breath away. And I have to tell you, I’m seriously…

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3 Popular Colors for Websites – When & How to Use Them

by Neil Patel

You’re planning a new business. You’re excited. You’re almost ready. You need to pick a color scheme. Before you do a scornful snort-laugh, hang on a sec. Color is important. As many marketers will tell you, color psychology has an enormous impact on how people perceive your business, how they…

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Show Me My Heatmap

We've been demo-ing @CrazyEgg this week. Quite impressed so far.

Sara MacQueen


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