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Effortlessly Monitor Your Website Goals with Our Tracking System

It can be easy to lose sight of your main website objectives. Let us help you not only keep them in focus, but continue to improve them.

By defining and tracking your website goals, you can:

Goal tracking helps you understand how well your website is performing and where it needs improvement.

By monitoring your goal conversion rates, you can identify specific areas of your website that need optimization to improve your conversion rates.

By tracking your website goals, you can optimize your website's user experience to ensure visitors have a seamless experience and are more likely to convert.

By measuring the effectiveness of your website and identifying areas for optimization, you can improve your ROI and maximize the return on your investment in your website.

Set up your Goal in less than 60 seconds

  • 1. Define your goals

    Use our easy to use goal wizard to define your goals.

    For example: product sales, email sign-ups, or even if someone reaches a specific page on your website.

  • 2. Drill into who is converting

    Our features can help you paint a clearer picture of who is completing your goals, and even see how they complete them with Recordings.

  • 3. Run A/B Tests against your goals

    Test out new ways to help your customers reach your website goals, and see exactly which ideas work best.

  • Create as many goals as you want — we’ll track them all!

  • We’ll send you weekly goal insights

  • Creating goals is super easy with our simple goal wizard