Crazy Egg Website Optimization Software FAQ

You have questions, we’ve got answers.

What is Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is an analytics platform that tracks and optimizes website visitor behavior so you can improve the user experience, increase your conversion rates, and boost your bottom line.

We're famous for our heatmap reports, but we also help our customers run A/B tests and make smart design edits to their websites. The end goal? To build a site your customers will love.

For a deeper dive into how to run and analyze your snapshots reports, take our guided tour.

Why should I use Crazy Egg Tools?

Marketing has become an extremely complex field, and it's easy to feel that you are being bombarded with too much data.

Over the years, we've built up a reputation for being simple, fast and easy.

  • Understand how customers are navigating your site.

  • Identify where they're getting stuck.

  • Make quick changes that directly impact revenue.

Collectively, our 1,000,000+ customer base has more than 1 billion site visitors every month. Not to brag, but we have a LOT of expertise around conversion rate optimization!

Who is Crazy Egg for?

Anyone with a website URL can use Crazy Egg, but we find that the majority of our customers fall under these categories:

How hard is it to get started using Crazy Egg Software?

All you have to do is add the Crazy Egg snippet to your site, and then you can start running reports. We've made it super easy to install yourself, or ask a developer friend for help.

Does Crazy Egg Optimizing Tools integrate with any other platforms?

Absolutely! Here is the current list:

  • Drupal

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Joomla

  • Magento

  • Shopify

  • Squarespace

  • Wix

  • WordPress

Will Crazy Egg slow down my website?

Nope! The Crazy Egg Javascript is asynchronous, so it won’t slow down site speed or performance for your visitors or customers.

How much does Crazy Egg cost?

Once the free trial period is over, you will be charged for the subscription plan that you selected during the signup process.

You can check out all your options on our Pricing Page.

Can I cancel my Crazy Egg Free trial?

You can cancel the trial anytime you like! But it's our hope that once you start getting insights into what's going on with your website, you will continue to use Crazy Egg to test and validate your design ideas.

Once you know what people respond to and what they don’t, all of your changes will make a difference.

I want to skip the free trial, or upgrade from the free trial to a paid plan. How can I do that?

Simple - just shoot us an email.