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Over 220,000 websites use Crazy Egg to improve what's working, fix what isn't and test new ideas.

Trusted by thousands of companies and marketers around the word:

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Instantly See What’s Hot And What’s Not

No more guessing where visitors are clicking. You'll know precisely what visitors are doing on your site so you can make changes with confidence.

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Know exactly where your visitors are coming from

Get all the information you need about your visitors in one report, instead of ten. We'll show you which country your visitors are from, the site they were referred from, how long before they click and much, much more.

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Focus on the content that matters

Never guess twice about what content your visitors are interested in. With the Crazy Egg Scrollmap report, know what content gets your visitors excited and focus on what matters.

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Discover the exact journey of visitors through your site

With visitor Recordings, you'll know exactly which pages your visitors are seeing and how they got there so you can optimize your visitors experience.

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Create the perfect page with A/B Testing

Pick the right color every time. With Crazy Egg A/B Testing, know with certainty you picked the correct color, image, or copy, so you can turn more visitors into customers!

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We’re here to help you improve what's working on your website, fix what isn't, and test new ideas.

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Integrations with popular services like Shopify and Wordpress.


Add all of your team members free of charge.


Make changes to your site without getting a developer involved.

Plan Ahead

Schedule your reports to start on a later date.


Save just the Recordings that matter to you.

Grows with you

Easy enough to get started, powerful enough to customize.

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Trusted by thousands of companies and marketers around the word: