What's making your
visitors leave?

Find out by seeing how users click and scroll through your website.

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The Crazy Egg Tool Suite


Try ideas before making them permanent

Before sending changes to your developers and making them permanent, try your ideas on all your traffic and see how they impact the business.

However you built your site, Crazy Egg gives you the freedom to change the copy, images, or styles and then publish those changes to 100% of your traffic.

A/B Tests

Verify which ideas work the best

For any changes you’re not quite sure about, run them through an A/B test. Set up conversion tracking and your tests within minutes.

As soon as one version starts to out-perform, we’ll automatically skew more traffic to that version and get you as many conversions as possible.


See how people really use your site

Every Crazy Egg Snapshot includes a Heatmap, Confetti, Scrollmap, Overlay and List Report. Use these reports to build a site your customers love.

Once you know what people use and what they don’t, all of your changes will make a difference.


Watch real people move through your site

Where do people get stuck?
Where do they want to go?
What are they looking for?
See for yourself so you know exactly what to give them. Then you’ll convert more people into customers.

How Crazy Egg Works

Add Javascript to your site

Copy and paste your code snippet into your site, that´s it. No programming required.

Change your website right now

You are in control, no more waiting for developers. For changes you know need to be made, make them today. And for other ideas you are not so sure about, start A/B Tests to see which ideas work best.

See what's working and what's not

To get more ideas on how to improve your site, run Crazy Egg Snapshot reports or look through Recordings to see what to improve next.

A few of the companies that trust Crazy Egg: