You’ll see clearly with Recordings

Watch recordings of actual visitors using your website to learn the truth about their behavior and what makes them tick (or frustrated!).

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See users get stuck on your site with Recordings and figure out why it happens

Get to the heart of your user’s experiences

Harness the power of virtually standing right beside people while they use your site.

  • Watch exactly where your visitor's mouse or finger goes.

  • Know which sections of a webpage or your site visitors completely avoid.

  • Find out how long visitors stay on your site and where they struggle.

It’s a new day for website improvement…

In the old days you had to invite people to your office and watch them use your site. We all know that forced experience didn't provide an accurate picture of how your real visitors were using your site.

Those days are gone thankfully! With Crazy Egg Recordings, you can watch your users click, scroll, and navigate just as if you were standing right beside them. The added benefit is you're not breathing down their necks.

“I was raving about and showing folks at the U.S. Department of Education the Recordings available to [Federal Student Aid], and everyone was fascinated.”

Peter Kickbush

Web Analyst | U.S. Department of Education

One of the first things people find when using Crazy Egg is that their users are clicking on things that aren’t even links. Where might that be happening on your site?

Stop guessing what’s working, and start seeing it for yourself.

Show your boss that you're right with a visual recording proof.

Sometimes it's hard to verbally communicate your website issues. Those days are gone too. Nothing gets to the point faster than a visual recording.

Cut through the extra work and save time with session recordings.

Weeding through reports is a good practice, but it can lead to analysis paralysis. Recordings let you see what visitors are doing and whether or not they are taking action on your most important site goals.