Are Javascript Errors frustrating your visitors

Find out if Errors are preventing your visitors from converting.

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Are site errors affecting your conversions?

Our automatic error detection can tell you which visitors are getting errors, and which ones are most important to fix. Your developers will love being able to not only read all the error details, but also watch videos of visitors experiencing those errors.

Watch Errors happen with Recordings

Get to the bottom of errors faster by watching how and when they occur for your visitors.

Recordings play back a visitor’s session on your website, so you can see exactly where they get stuck and why.

See clear details of each Error occurence

Each time an error occurs we provide as much detail as we can to help you get to the bottom of the issue.

Raw stack trace, visitor information (including device and browser info), app version, and more!

Resolve or ignore Errors

Change the status of an error to resolved once it’s been sorted, or ignore an error so you can concentrate on the ones that are most important to you.

Oh, and leave a status update so your colleagues are kept in the know.

  • Automatically captures and organizes detailed information about Javascript-based errors.

  • Simple to Use (No Coding!)

    Full stack trace and other important debugging details for an engineer to fix the issue.

  • Powerful Data to Increase your Conversions

    Easily share details of the error and the video recording of the error with your team.