The Best Ecommerce Landing Pages to Boost Your Conversions

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best ecommerce landing pages

When attempting to become the best eseller you can be, you may wish to take a few notes from some of the best ecommerce landing pages being published today.

If developed and optimized effectively, an ecommerce landing page can become a major catalyst for conversions.

That’s because, when it comes to ecommerce, landing pages definitely matter.

Here are some reasons why.

Benefits of an Optimized Ecommerce Landing Page

While one in four online shoppers might begin their journeys on a product landing page, most aren’t ready to make a purchase immediately upon landing.

With that in mind, it’s easy to determine why all other landing page types perform better when it comes to average page views, conversions, and revenue earned.  

ecommerce landing page statistics


The “other” when describing landing pages could be video landing pages, subscription-based pages, or those urging customers to get on the phone to talk to sales.

While a product page is designed to appeal to the majority of your audience and attract interested shoppers, the goal is more about educating visitors and introducing them to your product and brand.



Product pages also tend to have links leading to other areas of your site.

Ecommerce landing pages are stand-alone and have a singular goal: To convince visitors to fulfil a particular goal, be it a purchase, download, form submission, or phone call.

The best ecommerce landing pages are able to generate more leads, push more conversions, and earn a higher rate of return.

Why are landing pages so effective when done well? Because good landing pages are personalized, highly-focused on visitor intent, and engaging to the point where the conversion to the visitor becomes a no-brainer.

Interesting Ecommerce Landing Page Stats

The average conversion rate for ecommerce landing pages is about 2.8%. The average page views for the average pages fall to about 8.8 page views.

Those can become your benchmarks if you’re attempting to meet or beat the national average.

As you can see, these stats for “other’ ecommerce pages drastically beat the figures for Product Detail Pages or PDPs.


Ecommerce landing pages also tend to help people remain on page longer, with 72% of visitors more likely to bounce once landing on a product page.

While product pages also matter, ecommerce landing pages can propel your business to new heights.

Let’s look at the characteristics of a good landing page so that you can make these types of figures possible for your ecommerce business.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

A good landing page is designed for a particular buyer persona.

This ideal buyer has an issue that requires solving. Your landing page should deliver hopeful solutions to those problems with an engaging headline, eye-catching colors, layout and images.

In addition, for best results, there should be a single focus.

For instance, look at this ecommerce landing page by Hello Fresh, which is designed to appeal to those who want delicious and healthy meals fast.

best lading page examples 4


Notice how there’s no other navigation. This forces you to pay attention to the delicious meal being prepared and engaging headline that’s tailored for this audience.

To urge visitors to convert, the landing page offers a discount.

Finally, converting becomes easy with a clearly-stated call-to-action button.

Of course, visitors may not be yet ready to buy. Those individuals can continue to scroll down the page to view the brand’s other menu items, learn about the handy app, and view positive testimonials before being introduced to another CTA.


To further entice visitors to Get Started, the brand lets visitors know that this discount offer expires soon, adding a sense of urgency to an already effective ecommerce landing page.


Best Ecommerce Landing Pages Practices to Implement Your Strategy

It is very wise to learn how to make a good landing page by emulating the greats.

To be sure that you’re taking on the most effective advice, take a look at other landing pages in your industry. See what the major players are doing and take plenty of notes.

However, there are some universal truths to all good landing pages.

For instance…

#1 Include Only One Offer

Ecommerce landing page best practices state that you should never give visitors too many choices.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the menu is like a book? Reading a menu like that makes every choice sound good. Before you know it, you have no idea what to order by the time the server arrives at your table.

While indecision may be commonplace in a restaurant, as you can simply tell the server you’d like an extra few minutes to choose the perfect meal, a landing page is different.

This is the Internet we’re talking about. If you don’t seek to engage your visitors, advance them through your funnel or solve their goals in some way, most will bounce without a second thought.

Similarly, if you give your visitors too many choices on your landing pages, they can suffer from what’s known as analysis paralysis, which can cause them to fail to make a decision at all, ultimately bouncing.  

Instead, make it clear what you expect of your ecommerce landing page visitors.

Giving visitors a single choice makes their decision easy and is good for conversions.

If you can give them hope that you have a viable solution to the problem they want solved, that one decision should begin to look mighty enticing, leading them to click-to-buy.

Example of the Best Ecommerce Landing Page with Only One Offer

Axis makes smart window shades and offers visitors to its landing page only one option to convert, to place an immediate order.

To further educate and entice visitors, the landing page does offer an additional button, but clicking the second CTA opens a popup video that can be closed to display the order button once more.

This landing page effectively educates and engages and notice how the page is very simple in its design. The focus is on the product and big, bright red call-to-action button, which makes this landing page very effective.

The creator of fitness programs P90X and Insanity, Beachbody, has managed to develop a landing page that hits all the right marks.

The page is tailored for visitors who want to lose weight and look terrific.

Viewing the page from left to right, those visitors are introduced to an exciting offer, which is a free weight loss and body shaping plan for fourteen days.

The company even promises to help visitors lose up to nine pounds!

With a single focus and brightly colored call-to-action button, visitors engaging with the headline and viewing the images of incredibly fit people just might think that getting started is the only logical action to take.

Men’s online razor delivery company, Dollar Shave Club, offers visitors to its ecommerce landing page a chance to build their own shaving starter kit.

This landing page is another with a simple design and one focus: to introduce, educate, and engage the visitor into making the ultimate choice to buy.

As you can see, the best ecommerce landing pages don’t have cluttered layouts. Instead, they use lots of white space, use simple headlines and sparse text, and incredible imagery that drives the offer home.

However, it’s that single focus that captures the attention the most. Copy this one aspect of these ecommerce landing pages and you should see a nice conversion boost.

#2 Use Multiple Call-to-Action Buttons

Just because you have a single offer doesn’t mean you need one button. Instead, get creative with it and realize that some people are going to scroll down from your original offer above the fold.

Top brand mattress company, Casper, uses this technique well.

Above the fold, visitors to the landing page have plenty of options to convert. There’s the engaging headline, the image of a happy family using the product, and two call-to-action buttons for visitor convenience.

Casper doesn’t stop there.

Scrolling further down the page reveals more landing pages at various points, giving visitors plenty of chances to buy a new, super-comfortable mattress.

While a product page might be a landing page with shopping cart, ecommerce landing pages know that visitors may not be ready to make a purchase right this moment.

Example of the Best Ecommerce Landing page Approaching a Target Persona

Your ecommerce landing pages should be tailored for a single buyer persona.

This is why it’s so critical to segment your audience. The more precisely you segment your audience, the more targeted your landing pages will be.

Here are some cases in point.

Spark People builds diet and fitness plans tailored specifically for users.

For women looking to drop a few pounds, they have a model they can aspire to, an engaging headline that speaks to their needs, and expert advice for a happier, healthier life.


Visitors to these landing pages might think, “Why would this company build a customized diet and exercise plan for free, especially one tailored just for me?”

To alleviate these concerns, the company offers a few words from the Spark People’s founder, explaining that complimentary service is indeed the reality.

Fabletics doesn’t need actress Kate Hudson to draw visitors in, but it certainly helps.

You can see how this page is targeted for women who want performance athletic gear, and who want to look and behave just like a glamorous celebrity.

With discounts and a single focus, this ecommerce landing page does well at remaining personalized for the chic and athletic modern woman.


To further engage with this audience, the landing page offers social proof, informing visitors that there are over 20 million products sold, and offers suggestions for using the athletic gear, such as for high-performance fitness, looking great while working out, and taking selfies.


The brand even offers a scored quiz, which can further lock-in interest from women who like what they see.

For women who don’t have time or the energy to shop, Gwynnie Bee strives to help them look fashionable while easing their minds.

The company offers a simple landing page with fantastic imagery, a model women might like look up to, and an offer to create the ultimate closet.

The company must know that its audience is apprehensive to make a decision like this so quickly, so it offers a 30-day free trial policy to cancel anytime.


These landing page examples required diligent customer research and data crunching in order to find the right words, images, and offer for a conversion home run.

#4 Remove Site Navigation

Ecommerce shoppers have short attention spans. A single distraction can send them on a path that diverges from your intended sales funnel.

For that reason, it might help to keep visitors focused on your CTAs only.

Example of a Shopify Landing Page Without a Site Navigation

Before showing pages without menus, let’s look at a few that do showcase their menus along with their offers.

This landing page by Apple is a click-through from a paid advertisement for the new iPad Pro.

Apple does so much business that it can really afford to have all these other options on the screen. Not only can you click on menu items for TV, music, and support, but Apple displays icons for all its other handheld devices in an easy-to-click sub-menu.

All those choices and visitors are likely to choose something to buy, mostly due to buyer intent and brand loyalty.


Trunk Club offers personal styling for men and women. This particular page came from an ad for Men’s Clothes. Notice how the imagery is all for men’s clothing, but the menu offers options for men, women, the brand’s blog, frequently asked questions, and a CTA.


With those examples in mind, where the ecommerce landing pages did include menus, submenus, and other offers, here’s an example of a page that offers a single choice and nothing else.

Bombfell also strives to be a personal stylist for men. The company doesn’t have a menu, but it does offer engaging imagery and a simple way to get started, which is certainly enough to drive higher conversions.


Plated is another example of a landing page that removes the menu and makes its offer the prime focus.

The company that delivers chef-prepared ingredients to your home for simple preparation gives an unbeatable offer and single call-to-action, making this another ecommerce landing page that works.


Wine of the month club, Winc is yet another with no menu and one call-to-action.

Instead of too many options, the company lets its product do the talking for them with simple verbiage, a clear and engaging video, and one bright-red call-to-action button where visitors can get started fast.


#5 A/B Test Your Ecommerce Landing Pages Elements

You now have many examples that you can use to make your ecommerce landing pages stronger.

When you take a little bit of each aspect from the best ecommerce landing pages currently in operation today, you can boost your sales a little bit each time.

However, if you do see some success, you should still test your landing pages for maximum effect.

A/B testing will allow you to determine which headlines work best, if a menu or no menu will drive more conversions, and if one CTA or multiple does the trick.

You can even test your call-to-action colors. Notice how the best pages have buttons that stand out and get noticed with lots of reds and oranges.

When it comes to web copy, you need to be empathetic to your visitors’ needs. Whether you’re trying to fill their closets, help them lose weight, or deliver fresh ingredients for gourmet style meals at home, your copy needs to be short, punchy, and to the point.

All of these aspects should be tested regularly until you find the right combinations of elements to engage with and convert your audience so you can sell the most product and earn the highest ROI.

High converting landing pages aren’t created by chance, nor are they developed in a vacuum.

Instead, they are highly-researched. Even then, they are tested regularly in order to determine if the ecommerce landing pages are as effective as they could be.

Take Advantage of Crazy Egg’s Testing Features

If you want to know if your ecommerce landing pages are as effective as they could be, it helps to find a website optimization and A/B testing platform that is effective and budget-friendly.

Crazy Egg is just one example. We offer a 30-day free trial so that you can test out all our features before you commit.

We’re an innovator in heatmaps, which tell you where your visitors are engaging, clicking, hovering their cursors, and filling out forms.

We also allow you to A/B and multivariate test ecommerce landing page elements so that you can determine which headings, images, and CTAs work best.


The best ecommerce landing pages are attractive, focused, and tailored for a specific buyer persona.

The pages are often without a menu, but not always.

As far as images are concerned, each one is relevant to the visitor’s interests, of the highest quality, and designed to keep visitors hopeful that their problems will soon be resolved.

By offering a single focus and one or more CTAs, the best ecommerce landing pages manage to drive more leads, conversions, sales, and revenue than product landing pages.

With all of this in mind, you have some work to do. Start putting together ecommerce landing pages that your audience will readily respond to.

A single change to your landing pages or a complete overhaul might be just what you need to scale your business.SSign up with Crazy Egg today and find out why thousands of ecommmerce brands come to us when they want more market share and success.

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