14 Things That You Can Do Right Now to Get at Least 10 New Leads by Tomorrow Morning

by Neil Patel

Last updated on October 23rd, 2018

You’re in business to generate leads and sales. I’m in business to help you do that.

The obvious problem is this: Many websites fail to do what they are intended to do — get leads!

That’s why the average conversion rate for most websites is less than 3 percent.

I’m here to show you some quick and efficient ways to squeeze more sales leads out of your website.

It’s not as hard as it sounds. Many of these tricks are easy enough to accomplish. In fact, if you roll up your sleeves and hustle, you can get them all done today.

By the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you should have at least ten new leads by implementing these changes.

1. Create a Pop-up

You want one of two things when creating a website – sales and leads. Your web design should reflect this by following the 10 commandments of lead generation.

What are those ten commandments? Here’s a summary of Sherice Jacob’s article:

  1. Show your phone number
  2. Add an opt-in form to every page
  3. Use testimonials
  4. Use videos
  5. Feature trust seals
  6. Use strong words in your copy and CTAs
  7. Use a custom page design
  8. Figure out what you want (a lead) and ask for it upfront
  9. Use plenty of whitespace
  10. Constantly split test

I want to focus on number 8 — figure out what you want and ask for it.

When it comes to lead gen, there’s no better way to do this than with a popup.

Hear me out on this. I know some of you hate popups, but you can’t argue with how effective they are.

Check out Living Social’s landing page. There’s no question they want you to sign up for their email newsletter.


The easier you make it for people to provide their email address, the more people will do it. Don’t hide your call-to-action. Make it obvious from the start that you want to keep in touch.

The splash page above clearly wants an email address, and has greatly increased leads for LivingSocial.

If you want more leads by tomorrow morning, swallow your objections and get a popup.

2. Guest Post

By now pretty much everyone should be aware blogging helps generate leads for both B2B and B2C companies.

In fact, studies show that B2B companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads.

b2b companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads

Blogging on your own website is helpful, obviously. But if you want great referral traffic and high-authority backlinks, you’ll need to guest post on other websites.

Your online reach only extends so far, but by guest posting, you extend that reach to larger audiences.

If you’re unsure how to get started pitching guest blogs, here’s a quick infographic to get you started.

guest blogging 101

By reaching out to audiences beyond your built-in audience, you’ll greatly increase your leads in a very short time. These backlinks also help increase your SEO rankings (another great way to increase leads).

3. Pick Up the Phone

I know it’s old-school, but it still works.

Cold calling isn’t as effective as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time.

Research by The List found 1 out of every 8 calls can turn into a genuine sales lead. That’s a better conversion rate than your average website.

call colding stats in 2007 vs. 2016

In fact, telemarketing is still among the most effective B2B sales generation tactics.

which b2b lead generator works best

If you’re not picking up as many leads as you’d like, don’t be afraid to pick up that phone and start calling.

The personal touch of talking to a real human can often be enough to convince a sale from someone who was on the fence.

4. Register with Google My Business

Because so many people use mobile phones, localized search results are becoming more and more important.

As Dave Poster pointed out at Search Engine Guide, if I’m searching for cleaning services, it’s vital that I see local results.

google search result map

When you register your business locally, you’ll increase visibility and generate more leads. Here’s a guide on how to register your business with Google and set up Google Analytics for local business.

5. Speak at a Public Event

Sometimes you need to get outside and spread the word on the streets. Creating or attending public events raises awareness of your brand.

ranking of most used promotional methods

You obviously can’t organize a major event by tomorrow morning, so check out events happening around your area.

Either call the event organizers and ask if you can sponsor the event or show up and start meeting and greeting.

Even politicians on a national scale like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton know they need to hit the streets and garner support through live events. Here’s a quick infographic on event sponsorship.

b2b event sponsorship

By associating your brand with live events, you have an opportunity to go in person and gather leads. You can even qualify them on the spot.

6. Record a Video

Want to hear a shocking statistic?

Video is responsible for generating 55 percent of all online traffic in 2016, which is estimated to rise to 74 percent in 2017.

shocking video marketing stats

If that’s not enough to convince you of the importance of video, listen to this. Companies that utilize video report 45 percent more sales than businesses that don’t use video.

video marketing and increased sales

Still not convinced?

Here are a few more video marketing statistics to consider, including how 52 percent of marketers reported video marketing having the best ROI of all other initiatives in 2015.

video marketing trends 2015

Using video, you’ll quickly generate more leads. Dollar Shave Club grew into a $615 million brand focusing almost all of its content marketing efforts on creating viral videos.

7. Optimize Your Website

Your leads are only as good as the website producing them. If you’re not generating enough leads, your efforts should be focused on your home page.

Alex Chris, founder of Digital Marketing Pro, found that tweaking his homepage led to over 400,000 visitors per month to his site. This generated thousands of more leads.

Research from Marketo found a company website is the most effective lead generation tactic used by B2B marketers.

how effective are the following b2b lead generation tactics

If you’re not web savvy, consider hiring a conversion optimization expert to help A/B test your website to optimize it for more leads.

8. Offer a Quiz

Peep Laja at ConversionXL wrote an amazing article about the power of quizzes in convincing people to provide you with their email address.

Here’s an example from T1Q, a site that offers ebooks and other information on what to do with your life.

what should i do with my life

Through solid A/B testing, Laja found changing the typical newsletter sign up to a “life purpose test” increased email signups from 5 per day to 100 per day and growing.

You see these tests and quizzes in use on a variety of sites. Buzzfeed is one of the most popular sites with quizzes. What works for Buzzfeed can work for you, too. Why not use quizzes to your advantage?

People love taking tests to learn more about themselves. Incorporating one into your site will lead to an instant increase in lead generation.

9. Create a Facebook Ad

Facebook is still the most effective B2C social media marketing platform, outperforming even YouTube.

effectiveness ratings for b2c media platforms

Creating an ad on Facebook places a sponsored post in-feed that doesn’t get in the way like other platforms. Mercedes-Benz credits its Facebook/Instagram ad campaign with the success of its GLA compact SUV.


The company even posted a case study showing the effectiveness of the campaign on Instagram as part of the campaign.

10. Promote a Tweet

Edison research found people increasingly rely on Twitter when making purchasing decisions with 42 percent of people using it to learn about a product or service and 21 percent directly purchasing.

twitter plays role in purchasing decision

Not only is the platform great for spreading the word, it’s a great way to drive traffic to your site. The vast majority (92 percent) of brand engagement on Twitter are link clicks.

brand tweet engagement

You don’t even have to wait until tomorrow morning for these leads to come in. Once the tweet is promoted, it’ll start working almost immediately.

11. Create a LinkedIn Group

While Facebook reigns supreme in B2C marketing, LinkedIn is the king of B2B marketing.

A recent survey found 41 percent of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the most important social media network, easily outperforming other platforms.

b2b marketers choose linkedin over facebook

Creating a group on LinkedIn allows you to focus your marketing tactics on the platform itself — the very place where top-tier professionals are hanging out.

You can target specific people to invite to the group and fill it with useful content that will push people through the sales funnel.

I use LinkedIn a lot for my marketing and have several useful guides and strategies to effectively market on LinkedIn.

Building a quality network is key, but many people won’t accept connection invites from people they don’t know. That’s one reason why creating a group is so effective.

12. Offer a Discount

There are few better ways to drive sales than offering a discount. Research shows people are 54 percent more likely to purchase items they left in their shopping cart if there’s a discount offered.

how likely are you to buy cart items once discounted

If you want to generate more leads, offering a discount is a great way to do it. When people notice a limited time offer, they’re also more likely to purchase.

Conrad Alberto at Vape Chemist reported an 80 percent increase in sales each time he creates a limited-time offer for his vape juice. Sales that coincide with holidays and other special events are especially effective.

13. Monitor Your Mentions

Although it’s important to have branded social media accounts, don’t assume brand engagement is limited to your accounts. The reality is social media brand engagement is quite low.

Instagram leads the pack with 4.21 percent of social media followers engaging with the brand.

user interactions with brand posts

Most brand engagement happens outside of your influence, as people mention you on their own platforms.

By monitoring social media for brand mentions, you can engage these people, address concerns, and provide customer support. This greatly increases your reach and following.

Taco Bell reached over 1.74 million Twitter followers by focusing on interacting with high-value influencers with 10k or more followers. This strategy helped the brand surpass competitors like Burger King and Del Taco.

With this large of a following, you can easily gain 10 leads by tomorrow morning.

14. Join a Facebook Group

According to Mark Zuckerberg during a Facebook earnings call in 2014, there are over 500 million active daily users of Facebook groups. This is a huge marketing opportunity.

Posting fresh content daily is the key to increasing Facebook engagement. Doing so in different groups amplifies the reach of your content.

how to get more engagement on facebook

With a few well-placed Facebook group posts, you can easily increase your lead generation overnight.


Lead generation is one of the most important metrics to measure the success of your online efforts (second only to sales).

If you’re not generating enough leads, don’t just sit on your hands waiting for something to change. You have to start making changes across the board to increase visibility and conversions.

By focusing your efforts in a few key areas, you can easily turn your luck around and start generating more leads overnight.

Got an idea to get more leads tomorrow morning? Share it!

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    I absolutely learned a lot. I didn’t know some things written above would actually work but i will definitely give it a shot. Thank you for the amazing tips!

  2. Mitch says:
    July 29, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    This is awesome and I will be using a ton of these tips. One thing I wanted to point out was that apparently Technorati’s blog directory has been taken down. Thanks again!

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    Info graphic on guest blogging is clutch! Thanks man

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