The Beginner’s Guide To Drip Marketing

by Neil Patel

how to write the perfect drip marketing campaign

If you’re familiar with email marketing, then you’re probably familiar with drip marketing. If not, drip marketing refers to sending (automatically) a set of pre-written marketing messages to leads based on their actions (behavior), at specified time intervals or per event.

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8 Brain Secrets That Will Turbocharge Email Conversions

by Today's Eggspert

turbocharge your email

Scientists and marketers alike have been researching neuromarketing for years – and it’s absolutely fascinating stuff. As people, we’re naturally curious about the secrets that hide within the human mind. And as marketers, we’re always looking for ways to better understand what makes our audiences tick. But our synapses really…

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Show Me My Heatmap

Crazy Egg Review: More Than A Heatmaps Tool via @wpekadotcom @CrazyEgg



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