September’s Best: A Dozen Fresh Perspectives on Analytics, Conversions, and Copywriting

by Ritika Puri

Last updated on January 11th, 2018

Guess what?

It’s officially holiday crunch time. If you’re a marketer, “happy Halloween, happy Thanksgiving, and merry Christmas” should be what’s running through your head right now.

Feeling overwhelmed? Procrastination is always the best remedy. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

Here are (in this marketer’s opinion), September’s best conversion, analytics and copywriting articles for your reading pleasure.

Conversion Optimization

1. How Online Personalization Can Create Compelling Customer Experiences and Build a Better Business
Post by: Sherice Jacob via KISSmetrics
Every marketer’s dream is to build a 1:1 relationship with customers. Check out these tactics for inspiration.

2.  How to Do Conversion Optimization with Very Little Traffic
Post by: ConversionXL
Testing with very little traffic is tough. You’re likely to get insignificant results that will skew your findings. When you’re just starting out, you need customer development, not conversion optimization.

3. The Definitive FAQ Answers for Conversion Rate Optimization
Post by: Chris Goward via WiderFunnel
If you’re a good marketer, you probably have questions about your conversion optimization strategy. Here is your ultimate go-to guide.

4. 32 Website Optimization Terms Every Marketer Should Know
Post by: Meghan Lockwood via HubSpot
Buzzwords bogging you down? Don’t worry. We’re human. Here is a glossary of 32 words to help you perfect your marketing-speak.


5. Monitoring & Analyzing Error Pages (404s) Using Analytics
Post by: Google Analytics
More often than not, 404 pages are forgotten. Nobody cares about making these a priority. But if you monitor how many users end up here, you’ll be better positioned to optimize your site for important user experience goals.

6. Google Analytics Visitor Segmentation: Users, Sequences, Cohorts!
Post by: Avinash Kaushik
Insights arrive much faster with segmentation. That’s why Google Analytics released a new advanced segmentation feature. Here is a framework to help you get started.

7. GitGrow Analytics: Simplify & Interpret the Metrics that Matter
Post by: 
Sharon Hurley Hall via CrazyEgg
This tool promises to simplify the process of extracting useful data from Google Analytics, no matter your skill level. What do you think?

8. 4 Ways to Improve Order Tracking Usability
Post by: 
Linda Bustos via GetElastic
The holiday season is fast approaching. This post will walk you through the mechanics of creating the best user experience possible.


9. 3 Excellent Ways to Make Your Landing Page Social Proof Actually Prove Something
Post by: Joana Wiebe via Unbounce
Your writing needs to be more than just awesome to yield sales. Put the right amount of punch behind your advertising messaging. This blog post explains how.

10. How to Write eCommerce Product Descriptions that Sell Like Hotcakes
Post by: Smriti Chawla via Visual Website Optimizer
Create a lasting impression with your product descriptions. Potential customers can’t touch or feel your product. Words are more powerful than you think.

11. Why It’s Not About You (Except When It Is)
Post by: Pace Smith via Copyblogger
Every good marketer knows the “don’t talk about yourself” rule. Do you know the exceptions?

12. A Guide to Content Optimization with Performance Testing
Post by: 
Mark Sherbin via the Content Marketing Institute
How do you know if your content marketing is the best it can possibly be? Test it relentlessly. Here’s how.

You pick #13. Happy reading, all! See you in October.

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