Top 18 SaaS Analytics Tools for 2020 (By Use Case)

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Top 18 SaaS Analytics Tools for 2020 (By Use Case)

Many articles written about analytics tools for SaaS treat the tools as one, monolithic category: “SaaS analytics tools.” But the tools you need for web analytics are different from the tools you use for subscription analytics, which are different from your reporting analytics needs.

For example, if you need to understand how trial users convert to paid and how churn varies across user cohorts, a web analytics tool like Google Analytics can’t help you.

That’s why we’re breaking down the top 18 SaaS analytics tools into four key use cases — so you can mix and match the tools that meet your needs:

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Web Analytics Tools for SaaS

Understanding how users behave on your website is a fundamental part of improving user experience and conversion rates for your software-as-a-service or subscription website. The tools below approach that concept from a few different angles, so you can choose what works for you.

1. Crazy Egg

SaaS analytics tools: Crazy Egg

Price: Starts at $24/month

At Crazy Egg, we offer one of the best website analytics tools for SaaS businesses. Our Snapshots (what we call heatmaps and clickmaps) help marketers dig deeper and understand the data behind your website performance.

We offer five different types of website analysis reports:

  • Heatmap: Show you where visitors click on a landing page and at what frequency
  • Scrollmap: Tells you how far down the page most users scroll before leaving the page
  • Confetti Report: Offers more granular info about individual visitors and how up to 22 characteristics impact click behavior
  • Overlay Report: Shows marketers a breakdown of user behavior for each clickable element on a page, including filtering by those 22 different dimensions
  • List Report: This report emphasizes numbers over visuals, showing you a breakdown of how many users (and what percentage) click on any given element (even moving ones).

Together, your Snapshots can offer valuable information about your website and how it moves visitors to sign up, including:

  • Whether or not visitors are following your ideal customer journey — including where they come from to get to a webpage and where they go afterward
  • Which elements on a page your ideal customers are engaging with the most
  • The quality of traffic to a page, in terms of following that ideal customer journey.

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2. Google Analytics

SaaS analytics tools: Google Analytics

Price: Free

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for almost every business with a website. Whether you’re a basic or advanced user, Google Analytics offers access to nearly all the key metrics you need to know to gauge website performance, including acquisition metrics (such as traffic) and behavioral engagement metrics (such as bounce rate and conversions).

And it’s free — win-win.

3. Intercom

SaaS analytics tools: Intercom

Price: Starts at $39/month

In addition to their best known feature (a business messenger), Intercom also includes some key customer data features that make it easy for SaaS marketers to get a more complete picture of their customers, segment them, and filter and target customers based on their behavior and attributes (such as monthly spend, time since signup, recent activity, and more) — not just demographics.

Marketing Analytics Tools for SaaS

Understanding how your marketing campaigns drive subscriptions is key to growing your customer base and revenue. The tools below vary from analytics-only to full-feature marketing analytics and automation solutions.

4. Bitly

SaaS analytics tools: Bitly

Price: Free, Basic, or Custom; paid plans start at $29/month

Often thought of as nothing more than a link-shortening tool, Bitly has added a robust analytics suite that enables SaaS marketers to track more than 20 accurate data points in real-time — including clicks by channel and demographic as well as organic link shares — so you can better analyze all your marketing campaigns.

5. HubSpot

SaaS analytics tools: HubSpot

Price: HubSpot CRM is free; Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub plans start at $50/month

HubSpot’s known for a lot of things. Between the CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs, they cater to a huge part of SaaS business. Because of that, their marketing analytics features enable marketers to tie together every interaction customers have with the brand — and tie it all back to revenue. So you can see, for example, how each marketing asset moves users through the funnel plus the conversion value it ultimately contributes.

6. Mixpanel

SaaS analytics tools: Mixpanel

Price: Free, or paid plans start at $89/month

Mixpanel takes marketing analytics to the next level — by analyzing by the cohort. Their tool makes quick work of understanding how users move through your funnel and your product, comparing users based on actual behavior and optimizing your SaaS for retention. You can gain a deep understanding of users’ activity inside your product and zoom out to see feature adoption at scale or segment users by activation metrics, geo, and more.

7. Kissmetrics

SaaS analytics tools: Kissmetrics

Price: Contact Kissmetrics for pricing information

Like many user-based analytics tools, Kissmetrics enables SaaS marketers to move a step past the session-based data that Google Analytics provides. With Kissmetrics, you can build reliable cohorts, customer journey, and funnels based on actual customer behavior and attributes. Then Kissmetrics provides curated reports to help you quickly understand the data that’s relevant for marketing decisions.

8. Salesforce

SaaS analytics tools: Salesforce

Price: Analytics pricing starts at $75/month per user

Best known for their CRM, Salesforce also offers an analytics product called Einstein Analytics. The tool is built with artificial intelligence that helps SaaS marketers automate their analysis of important metrics, visualize the customer journey, and stay focused on outcomes over data points. That means users who aren’t as interested in the nitty gritty data can get the information they need — without getting lost in mountains of numbers.

9. Woopra

SaaS analytics tools: Woopra

Price: Free, or paid plans start at $999/month

Woopra clicks in as one of the most expensive analytics tools on our list, but if you can swing it, the price tag is most definitely worth it. The tool offers tailored solutions for product, marketing, sales, and support teams — and it’s one of the only tools that enables true end-to-end customer journey analytics. For example, their product solution makes it easy to understand how (and how long) your customers use each feature.

Subscription Analytics Tools for SaaS

Subscription analytics are the most important tool for SaaS companies. The tools below are dedicated to analyzing trials, churn, active users, and more — so you can make informed decisions about how best to grow your subscription business.

10. ProfitWell

SaaS analytics tools: ProfitWell

Price: Freemium; contact them for paid plan info

ProfitWell offers one of the most capable analytics solutions for managing and growing a subscription business. It has features that help you track trials and attribution, segment to find out where growth comes from, track churn rate and cohorts to boost retention, and proactively monitor engagement to figure out which users are likely to convert or churn.

11. Baremetrics

SaaS analytics tools: Baremetrics

Price: Starts at $50/month

Designed specifically for SaaS and subscription businesses, Baremetrics makes it easy to get in-depth insights on trial usage and behavior, track monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and other revenue goals, and benchmark your results against other companies similar to yours. Baremetrics includes aggregate data about how similar companies perform so you can get a better sense of your performance in the grand scheme.

12. Churnbuster

SaaS analytics tools: Churnbuster

Price: Starts at $50/month for most payment processors

Churnbuster takes a narrower approach to subscription analytics, focusing on preventing involuntary churn. Their analytics features make it seamless to monitor voluntary and involuntary churn, track improvements, and analyze customer payment history. Churnbuster helps you understand why passive churn happens so you can identify the changes and optimizations needed to reduce it proactively.

13. ChartMogul

SaaS analytics tools: ChartMogul

Price: Free; paid plans start at $100/month

ChartMogul promises its subscription analytics will help “use revenue and customer data to improve and grow your business.” Their solution connects with all the major subscription billing services, so all you need to do is connect your provider, and ChartMogul will compile all the data for you. Their pre-built filters (for plan, billing cycle, and more) make it easier to dig into that data, too. Plus, ChartMogul is one of the only SaaS tools to offer dedicated mobile subscription analytics.

Analytics Reporting Tools for SaaS

Whether you’re reporting internally to your team or to C-suite executives or investors, you need a reporting solution that does two things:

  • Visualizes data sets to make it easier to pull actionable insights out of the numbers
  • Turns your data into professional-looking dashboards and reports.

The reporting analytics solutions below make it easy to do both of those things.

14. Klipfolio

SaaS analytics tools: Klipfolio

Price: Starts at $49/month

Klipfolio’s reporting solution connects seamlessly with over 100 different data sources, making it very quick and easy to visualize your data for analysis or reporting. With fully customizable visualizations and the ability to dig deeper into your data, Klipfolio is one of the best visual reporting options for SaaS businesses.

15. TapClicks

SaaS analytics tools: TapClicks

Price: Contact them for pricing information

TapClicks offers a huge suite of solutions including analytics and reporting. With the combination of their TapAnalytics and TapReports, you can easily connect your data with one click, analyze performance across your marketing, and turn real-time data into professional dashboards and reports.

16. Grow

SaaS analytics tools: Grow

Price: Contact them for pricing information

Grow is one of the most robust and capable business intelligence and reporting tools for SaaS companies. The tool connects easily with CRM, marketing, and financial data sources — and the emphasis on visualization makes it easier to make sense of all the numbers.

17. Adaptive Insights

SaaS analytics tools: Adaptive Insights

Price: Contact Adaptive Insights for pricing information

Adaptive Insights bills their analytics tool as “business planning software,” and the moniker fits. Their software solves for planning, modeling, budgeting, and forecasting on all your key SaaS metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Plus, Adaptive Insights is one of the few SaaS reporting tools that’s based in the cloud — so you can more easily collaborate across the company.

18. Cyfe

SaaS analytics tools: Cyfe

Price: Free, or paid plans start at $29/month

Cyfe offers one of the easiest reporting and dashboard tools available in the market. Their “Starter Dashboard” means you can get set up in just a few minutes, using pre-built and populated widgets for Google Analytics, Facebook, Mailchimp, and more. The customizability means you can create dashboards designed specifically for executives, individual departments, or investors.

The SaaS Analytics Tools You Need

SaaS businesses need analytics that are tailored to their unique business model — but more than that, you need an analytics stack that works for you and meets the needs of your team. Whatever your unique needs, you can find the SaaS analytics tools you need to fill out your stack, better track and understand performance, and grow your subscription business.

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