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Confetti shows you, with pinpoint accuracy, where people are clicking on your webpages.

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Confetti is a powerful report that not only shows where people click, but also provides valuable insights as to how they use your webpage.

All visitors click, but the patterns in which they click and what they don't click on can tell you a lot about how your webpage communicates with them. By studying click patterns with the Confetti report, you'll learn how to craft an on-page experience that delights your visitors and increases your conversions and/or engagements.

Meet your metrics selector!

Easily switch between referring traffic sources, time to click, operating system and 17 other metrics to learn different on-page behaviors.

Set custom campaign variables as metrics

Yep - we're UTM parameter friendly :). See how people driven to your website from various campaigns behave - whether it's from paid advertising or an email campaign.

Track and identify click patterns

Are people clicking on links and buttons that take them away from the webpage goal? Quickly learn what webpage elements are distracting your visitors from taking the actions that drive revenue.