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The Best Website Layouts for User Experience and Conversions

by Rob Wells


Marketers seeking to dominate their respective niches should be focused on the best website layouts for maximum UX and conversions. UX or user experience is vitally important to successful websites. And, of course, a website that doesn’t convert may not exist at all. Non-converting websites are nothing more than online…

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Supercharge That Holiday Campaign Part 1: UTMs

by Adam Clarkson

Crazy Egg Email UTM tracking

With the holidays coming up, you’re probably right in the middle of an email marketing campaign with big ambitions. If you’re using an email marketing solution or an ESP, they’re giving you great analytics on how your emails are performing with your audience. You’re seeing sends and opens, clicks and…

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The Best Way to Increase User Engagement on Your Website

by Rob Wells


When setting out to create a successful website, you should always be mindful of user engagement. But what does that mean, exactly? When visitors land on your site, you want them to read your content, interact with your forms, and click-through on your calls-to-action. That’s essentially user engagement in action,…

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