November’s Best: Our Favorites in Analytics, Conversions, and Copywriting

by Ritika Puri

Last updated on December 21st, 2017

No excuses—it’s time to take a brain break from the business of Q4 and catch up on your reading.

We know you’re busy. And yes, we know, if you live in the U.S., you’re still in a turkey coma from Thanksgiving.

We’ll save you the effort of reading a lengthy intro and take you right to the good stuff. Here are (in this marketer’s opinion) November’s best conversion, analytics, and copywriting articles.

Conversion Optimization

1. This One A/B Testing Case Study Will Leave You Smarter and Wiser
Post by: Mohita Nagpal via Visual Website Optimizer
Here’s the story of an A/B test that boosted conversions by 600%. The winning variable? Relevance. A simple CTA change helped boost sales dramatically. Read more to learn how.

2. How a Data-Driven Site Redesign Lifted Clicks 606% and Purchases 11%
Post by: Fabian Liebig via Optimizely
Website redesigns are complex because there are a number of moving parts. How do you figure out what’s working? The answer is in your testing strategy. Here is how SpreadShirt, a custom design and apparel marketplace, revamped its branding.

3. How Wishing Your Customer’s Dog Happy Birthday Can Increase Email CTRs by 750%
Post by: Daniel Tay via Unbounce
Your email subject heading is the most important variable for whether it will get read. One way to boost your email CTRs is through personalization. In this post, Mr. Tay gives us a crash course on how to do it right.

4. 6 Reasons Why Live Chat is Beneficial for Your Business
Post by: Brian Honigman via Jumplead
Customer service is mission-critical to your online storefront. Live chat platforms ensure that your customers and prospects get the real-time customer service that they need. Here is a deep dive into the value of live chat for your business.


5. New Secondary Dimensions Provide Deeper Insights into Your Users
Post by: Google Analytics Blog
Google Analytics released a new Universal Analytics feature that allows you to bring custom business data into the platform. For instance, you may want to track whether the user is logged in or whether he/she falls into a specific segment. Customize the insights you need for your business.

6. How to Extract Value from Google Analytics Referral Paths (The Vide0)
Post by: KISSmetrics
Referrals are folks who’ve come to your website from another one. The question is, how can referral sources help you grow your business? If you’re building an online business, you need to understand which sources are successful in bringing you business and which ones aren’t. This video will help you extract max value from your Google Analytics referral reports.

7. 11 Must-Measure KPIs for Content Marketing Success
Post by: Dave Snyder via SearchEngineWatch
Content marketing is all the rage. The problem is, marketers have no idea how to measure it. Here’s a blog post that can help you put your money where your mouth is (to prove that content marketing really works).

8. Google Tag Manager (GTM): What Do I Need to Know?
Post by: Scott Shannon via Online Behavior
Google Tag Manager was released a year ago and is an incredibly valuable tool for marketers. Why? Because it allows you to connect customized data to your audience intelligence systems. Here is a GTM crash course to get your tech teams up and running.


9. 30 Tips for Creating Content That Gets Read, Shared, and Talked About at Parties
Post by: Neil Patel via QuickSprout
Word of mouth is a marketing force of nature. That’s why you need to get people to talk about your writing. Here are 30 great tips on how to do it.

10. Thank You Pages: The Good, The Bad, The Swipeworthy 
Post by: Joanna Wiebe via Copyhackers
You get the sale. So what? One conversion is not enough—you need to capture buyers for the long-haul. Thank you pages are invaluable for this goal, but the thing is, marketers are dumping their customers in a dead-end alley. Here’s how to make more out of an underutilized marketing asset.

11. Readability: It’s Not Just About Sentence Length 
Post by: Clare Lynch and David Pollack via Doris and Bertie
There are lots of tricks for making your writing more readable. Varying your sentence lengths is one. But according to Doris and Bertie, there’s more to it than that. Read here for a quick (and painless) lesson on better writing.

12. 10 Tempting Reasons to Take Your Copy Seriously
Post by: Scott Martin via Crazy Egg
Copywriters have incredibly high income potential—more than you would ever believe. The good ones are in high demand (and few and far between). That’s because great copy has the potential to generate millions in revenue. Moral of the story? Value your writers. Value your writing. Great copy makes selling a heck of a lot easier.

You pick #13. Tell us your favorite November read in the comments section below.



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    Hi Ritika,
    Your blurb for number 11 is the same as number 8 -ooopsy! 🙂

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