Why Your Marketing Is a Losing Battle (and What to Do about It)

by Ruchi Pardal

Last updated on January 10th, 2018

Ok, I confess: Creating high-conversion marketing is a bloody hard work.

You know what usually happens. You create your first landing page. You have a hard time believing that it’s yawn-inducing and way too corporate.

Then, worried about the fact that it’s getting you little to no results, you start experimenting with it. And you test each of your experiments to check which one inspires. Converts. Drives revenue.

Unfortunately, it’s no way as simple as it sounds.

So if you think that your landing page sucks, it’s OKAY. You’re far from alone.

You just have to find the elements that work and make most of them to create a landing page that, above all, earns attention.

But what are they?

First things first…

Be awesome at what you do.

Yes, I’m talking about your product (or service).

Take two minutes and ask yourself. Is your product awesome enough that people tell their friends about it? Does it make their life easier? If not, your marketing’s crippled even before you start; it’s a lost battle.

So, it all begins by creating a product that people actually love and that’s marketing-worthy. This not just makes your landing pages killer. It makes your business remarkable.

Cleanliness is next to godliness what your customers want

Don your customer’s shoes and check whether your landing page is cluttered?

Does it need some more white space?

Remember: Web users are scanners. Which means they scarcely read anything you write. And white space helps them scan easily.

For example, just by cleaning up their home page, this weather channel increased its conversions by 225%.

Apple's use of white space

And if you love Apple, you quite probably know they make the best use of white space in the world.

image 2

I lied: Web users are not always scanners

Confused? After all, it’s what you’ve been told for, well, forever.

Don’t worry. It’s true—just not completely.

It’s actually much like shopping. When the shopkeeper shows you something you like, you stay. Otherwise, you scan and go to some other shop.

So you can make your page easier to read by capturing the user’s interest.

One way to do this is by writing simple, clear and concise copy. Copy that earns credibility. That’s not just different from others, but also attention-worthy.

We give world-class service that ensures enhanced rankings and web traffic.

Way Better:
You want consistent web traffic? And rankings? Let’s have a discussion on how we can help you get all that.

Another way is to put relevant facts in your copy. According to the usability guru Jakob Nielsen:

Users hunt for facts online… There’s so much blah-blah on the web that straight talk stands out.”


Apple's use of relevant facts in the iPad Mini copy

Apple knows that this fact is one of the biggest selling points for their iPad mini.

Interactive media makes it more actionable – and of course more un-skippable

It may not be a surprise for you, but it’s unfortunately an often-abused landing page best practice. I’ve seen many landing pages with way too many images.

Overdoing images does to landing pages what overuse of pesticides does to produce—poison them. Not only does it increase page load time, but also interrupts users from what you want them to do.

So how to make sure that your interactive media serves its purpose perfectly?

Make it simple. Uncomplicated.

If you’re unsure (and even if you’re not), test it. A/B testing not just helps you check what images work best for you—it helps you check the right copy, the right design and the right call to action.

Moreover, if you haven’t yet, embrace video content too. CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics are among the best examples of it.


Businesses like Vidyard improved their conversions by 100% doing just that.

Don’t have any offer? Sorry, maybe some other time

It’s not just you or me. Everybody loves an offer—one that we love to buy into. Offers help create a mood to buy.

But you need to add as much value as possible. If you can, give a free trial (better, without taking credit card details), so users don’t hesitate to give it a try. If they like it, rest assured, you’ll gain their trust and they’ll keep it (or maybe even upgrade).

And be sure to include a clear, compelling call to action. Make it as easy as possible for people to respond.


Your PPC campaigns, email marketing campaigns and even your remarkable products all fail when you’re not able to earn your customer’s attention and trust (for example, when your landing page sucks).

Remove the clutter. Simplify your design and your message. Make your marketing interesting and easy to read. And above all, make a strong offer with a compelling call to action.

In truth, it’s not hard. That’s why at ResultFirst we consistently work on our landing pages. And you?

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  1. Karolin Bierbrauer says:
    May 19, 2016 at 3:50 am

    Very good article. Marketing is always difficult, would it be online or offline marketing.

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