July’s Best: A Dozen Fresh Perspectives on Analytics, Conversion, and Copywriting

by Ritika Puri

Last updated on January 16th, 2018

What’s better than the fact that you still have another month of summer?

Conversion optimization, of course.

Let’s cut to the chase then.  Here are (in this marketer’s opinion) July’s best conversion, analytics, and copywriting articles.

Conversion Optimization

1. Fix Your Landing Page Mistakes and Increase Conversions
Post by: Peep Laja via Unbounce
You know what you’re supposed to do. Here’s what you’re not supposed to do. Here is why too much and too little can both overwhelm your audiences. It’s like Goldilocks and The Three Bears. You have to get it just right.

2. What Happened After I Closed Guest Post Submissions
Post by: Kristi Hines
This marketer learned a powerful lesson. The more invested you are in your blog and online community, the higher conversions you will see. When in doubt, put in the time and energy. It’s worth it.

3. 5 Ways to Use Content to Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers
Post by: Shameless Self Plug via Onboardly
I’m going to go out on a limb to make the argument that content marketing is conversion optimization. Here’s my argument why.

4. The Anatomy of a Great Shopping Cart
Post by: 
Shopping cart abandonment is a huge conversion problem. Here are the page elements that you need to fix it.


5. Re-imagining Segmentation in Analytics to Help You Make Decisions, Faster
Post by: Google Analytics Blog
Christmas came early this year. Google Analytics is releasing a new feature to help you analyze conversion funnels from subsets of your traffic. You can now analyze the long-term benefits of specific user cohorts.

6. A Simple Guide to Increasing Customer Lifetime Value: Focus on the First 5 Minutes
Post by: Josh Ledgard via KISSmetrics
Here’s how to make the most out of those critical first moments. Don’t let your brand’s introductory handshake fall flat.

7. See-Think-Do: A Content, Marketing, Measurement Business Framework
Post by: 
Avinash Kaushik
Move beyond AIDA. See, think, and do are the three most valuable stages in your business framework, allowing you to put customers first and still meet your strategic objectives.

8. Collect and Process Data Wisely
Post by: 
In the world of data collection and analysis, ‘everything’ just isn’t feasible. Here’s a gentle reminder to be strategic about what you track and need.


9. 10 Quick Copy Tweaks for High-Converting Landing Pages
Post by: Visual Website Optimizer
The biggest changes can come from the smallest decisions. Here are 10 high-impact ideas that will take you ten minutes or less.

10. The Simple Work Backward Trick for Writing Landing Pages
Post by: 
Lance Jones via Copyhackers
If you start writing your landing page from your headlines, you’re doing it wrong. Start with the messaging, and the headline will happen naturally.

11. Why B2B Brands Need to Create Long-Form Content
Post by: 
Michael Brito via Copyblogger
If you think content marketing isn’t relevant to your blog, think again. To effectively engage your audiences, your brand needs great stories to tell, and here’s why.

12. Why Brands Really Lose When They Underpay Writers
Post by: 
Chaviva Gordon-Bennett via The Content Strategist
Here’s a writer who’s been on both sides of the pay spectrum. Which do you think enables her to write better?

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