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How To Turn Leads Into Customers In 2016

by Neil Patel

how to turn leads into customers

Every business wants to turn more leads into customers. As the digital marketing landscape changes, we need to be much more intentional and aware of how this process works, and how to make it better. Unfortunately, we can no longer rely on a few flimsy metrics and a couple of…

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How To Use Crowdsourcing to Increase Conversion Rates

by Sherice Jacob

When you think of crowdsourcing, you likely either think of big focus groups conducted behind closed doors or enormous funding initiatives like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. While the latter is an offshoot created by the crowdsourcing model, there are many other little-known ways to leverage the collective wisdom of the crowd…

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Is Bad CRO The New Black Hat SEO?

by Art

First of all, I need to give a shout out to a commenter on one of my previous articles who (in part) inspired this piece. The comment came from Mitch Rezman, and is as follows: Mitch actually raises two issues that I want to deal with separately.

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@CrazyEgg Thanks for no longer truncating naming conventions of exported snapshots. Saves so much time!

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