August’s Best: A Dozen Fresh Perspectives on Analytics, Conversion and Copywriting

by Ritika Puri

Last updated on January 10th, 2018

How was your commute to work this morning?

Did you, by any chance, notice heavy traffic on the freeway? Did red lights feel just a little bit too long? Did you see kids with backpacks at virtually every crosswalk?

Yep, that’s right. Back to school season is here already – which means that it’s time for CrazyEgg to publish its August’s Best roundup.

Here are (in this marketer’s opinion), August’s best conversion, analytics and copywriting articles.

Conversion Optimization

1. Why A/B Tests Are a Waste of Your Time
Post by: Lars Lofgren via Clarity

Woah there, Mr. Lofgren. You make a big, big claim that is bound to upset more than a few marketers. But he makes a valid point. Before running A/B tests, marketers need to fully understand their conversion funnels.

2. What 300 Years of Growth Hacking Can Teach Us
 Post by: Shameless Self Plug via Clarity

Growth hacking and conversion optimization go hand-in-hand. This post will walk you through the process of building a sustainable growth engine for your company.

3. 25 Tweetable Conversion, Landing Page & A/B Testing Stats You Need to Know
Post by: Stefanie Grieser via Unbounce

Did you know that only 44% of companies use split testing software? And that President Obama raised an additional $60 million using A/B testing? And that for every $92 spent on acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them? These statistics will open your eyes beyond your immediate marketing bubble.

4. 11 Low-Hanging Fruits for Increasing Website Speed (and Conversions)
Post by: Peep Laja via ConversionXL

Website speed is invaluable to conversion optimization. Fast-loading websites perform better on all fronts from enhanced user engagement to higher conversion rates and search engine rankings. Implement these actionable tactics now (because it should have been done yesterday).


5. How to Harvest 226+ Customer Testimonials with Behavior Analytics
Post by: Rob Carpenter via Evergage

Advocates make your company more robust. But how in the world do you harvest those testimonials? How do you determine which customers are best to interview? The trick is to start with your analytics. Pay attention to who’s using what feature, what actions they’re taking, and how long they’re spending with your product. Here is how a data-driven approach can help your brand collect the best testimonials.

6. Google Analytics Launches Real Time API in Beta
Post by: Google Analytics Blog

Technology aficionados will appreciate this post. Love the real-time feature in Google Analytics but don’t want to deal with the standard dashboard? Create your own reporting frameworks instead with Google’s real-time beta in API.

7. The Face of Big Data: You
Post by: 
Amanda Reinhart via SAP’s Innovation Blog

Here is a gentle yet well-spoken reminder that explains why people are the heart of every quantitative strategy.

8. Facebook Login Reduces Ecommerce Sales
Post by: Visual Website Optimizer

Facebook login is an amazing tool for website owners. It reduces friction by allowing customers to engage with your brand in just one click. Naturally this tool should increase e-commerce transactions, right? Wrong. Here’s a situation that explains why.


9. Six Tips for Managing a Customer Service Nightmare
Post by: Sammy James via Speak2Leads

As much as you love your customers, they’re going to get mad at you. In these situations, what you write in your copy is just as important as what you say out loud. Keep these tips in mind.

10. Five Easy to Use Tools to Effectively Find and Remove Stolen Content
Post by: Olivia Rose via KISSmetrics

If you write for the web, you know how annoying website scrapers and plagiarists can be. Stop sending angry emails at awkward hours of the morning. Rely on these tools to restore your sanity.

11. Lawsuits: The Content Your Brand Doesn’t Want to Think About
Post by: Ellie Cachette via The Content Strategist

When companies aren’t legally prepared, things can get ugly. This article will walk you through best practices for staying protected.

12. How Much of Your Web Copy Is Totally Irrelevant?
Post by: 
Joanna Wiebe via Copyhackers

Whether or not you want to admit it, your website is overrun with useless, fluffy web copy. Here are actionable suggestions on how to fix the problem to convert more website visitors into customers.

There you have it. You pick #13. Conversion optimization tips are the best way to kick off the upcoming educational year.

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