7 Conversion Optimization Tests That Win EVERY Time

by Jeremy Reeves

Last updated on January 10th, 2018

I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous writing that headline. I’ll probably get a lot of haters saying “not every conversion optimization test wins every single time.”

And they’re probably right.

But what I’m going to try to do is lay out seven of the top “as guaranteed as possible” tests you can do to increase your conversions.

Yes, maybe they will lose a test once out of every 1,000 times, but let’s be realistic. These time-tested and proven tests are as close to guaranteed as it gets, so read on, get to work, and have fun watching your numbers soar.

Let’s get going.

Conversion Optimization Test #1:
Add More Value

Imagine you walk into a pizza shop. You ask for one round pie. He says, “OK, that will be $10.99 please. Although before you buy, I just wanted to let you know that we’re having a buy 1, get 1 sale. Would you still like to buy?”

Of course you would! Adding value always increases response because it shifts the “value vs. risk” balance in the favor of the customer. And when that happens, they respond by purchasing more of your products or services.

The more you reduce risk (see test #7) and increase value, the higher your conversions will go. And it’s easy to add value.

You can offer better terms… you can add bonuses… you can even add perceived value by talking about more benefits in your copy. There are dozens of ways. The key is to look at your current sales page and ask yourself, “How can I add more value?

Test #2: Improve Your Design

This one is a little hard for me to admit, considering my background is in direct response marketing. My earliest forms of education told me that design doesn’t matter. It was all about the copy, offer, and market.

However, all of that shifted when Steve Jobs launched his iPhone and transformed buyers’ expectations: They now seek ease and simplicity of design.

Now in working with clients, design is always thought about. From the layout, to the colors, to the overall “feel” the design gives you. Please keep in mind you may have to test a few different layouts or look & feels, but you will find a design that increases response.

In general, you want to keep it clean, simple and easy on the eyes with light colors contrasted with brighter/darker colors in the areas you want their eyes to move.

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Test #3: Add More Proof

It’s all about proof! When customers are looking at your offer, they have a filter inside their minds, blocking out anything you say that isn’t backed up immediately by proof.

And the thing is, if your product or service really performs as it should, you should have proof! Here are a few easy ways to get it…

  • Mentions of your company in any media outlet
  • Testimonials/case studies
  • Screenshots of real results from clients/customers
  • Scientific studies
  • Product demonstrations (typically done via video)
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Free trials (so they can see it themselves)

Try adding more proof to your sales pages. It’s an easy win.

Test #4: Add More Trust

People are incredibly untrustworthy these days. The first change you want to make is to make sure you never, ever, ever say something or do something that can come back to bite you. Social media has a habit of taking ANY discrepancy and pushing it throughout your market in minutes.

After you are trustworthy, you must show that you’re trustworthy. This can range from simply doing what you say… to relaying personal stories to build a bond and relationship… to having trust and security symbols on your website.

It also might mean reducing the hype in your copy, depending on your market.

Test #5: Integrating Live Chat

Live chat helps with conversion optimizationThis is one conversion optimization test I’ve gone back to over and over again and always find a winner.

The reason I believe it works so well is that if you have live chat, you look more “real.” It’s the same as showing as physical address and phone number on your website (which also boost conversions).

Plus, you get the added benefit of talking to people while they’re in buying mode.

If your sales copy isn’t overcoming an objection, people will ask you about it via chat. You can then overcome the objection for that specific person, and then make sure you add that copy into your messaging!

Just yesterday someone came through my own live chat for one of my products. They asked me two questions I hadn’t covered on the sales page. Minutes later, they bought a $497 product.

Trust me, it works.

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Test #6: Simplifying Your Copy

This is a topic I have a hard time discussing. But the fact is, most people are not very good at stringing a series of logical thoughts together in a coherent manner. They get confused very, very easily. This is the case in every market I’ve ever worked in… including selling to high level CEOs and other mega-successful folks with advanced degrees and a high level of education.

Here’s the test.

Get an eight-year-old to read through your copy and answer a few simple questions such as “what is the offer”…, “what is the overall message I’m trying to convey”…, “what makes us different than our competitors”…, etc.

If an 8 year old can’t understand what you’re saying, you need to break your ideas down and simplify them so anybody can understand, effortlessly.

If a prospect hesitates while reading, you’ve lost them. Remember that.

Test #7: Reducing Risk

In the first testing idea, I talked about the risk-to-reward ratio. Adding value increases the potential reward they get. Reducing risk is the other side of the equation. Remember, the higher the value compared to the risk, the more sales you’ll make.

That’s why every person alive would pick up a $100 bill on the sidewalk if nobody else is around. There is zero risk and a lot of reward.

Thankfully it’s easy to reduce risk.

Here are a few ways…Secured Website Sticker

  • Explaining your site security
  • Showing testimonials that overcome objections
  • Explaining shipping/returns, etc.
  • Adding risk reversing guarantees, warranties, etc.
  • Offering better pricing terms

Those are just a few ways to reduce risk. Pick one, add it to your site, and test it.

I hope these are helpful to you. They are what I consider to be “guaranteed” conversion optimization tests because they touch on human psychology instead of “tricks” or tactics. With these, you are tapping into the core essence of human thought and guiding it towards the purchase of your product or service.

Now go, implement, and let me know what happens!



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Jeremy Reeves

Jeremy Reeves is a sales funnel specialist. He builds advanced marketing funnels for his own side businesses AND his private clients. He has added over over $40 million in revenue for his in the past few years alone.


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  1. October 13, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Well, shame on any “haters”, Jeremy, if they don’t belive you were spot on (even if these don’t win every single time). This is a great list that will benefit anyone with a web site. I’m expanding my brand and will use this to review and polish up my site. Thanks for stepping out to do this.

  2. September 13, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Fabulous tips. I may just let my 9-year-old read what I write to see if I’m on track. Here’s another strategy I’m planning to try (good for consultants): offer a free call and let people ask questions for an hour about a given topic. Then if they want to sign up for services, they have that connection (to your point, TRUST) and will hopefully be more willing to buy.

    • September 14, 2013 at 6:27 am


      Yes that’s a good strategy to try. In fact it’s one I’ll personally be trying in the next few months, though I might do it paid rather than free. I would do it in a group setting. i.e. a webinar or teleseminar as opposed to one-on-one. Increases leverage. Thanks for reading!

  3. September 11, 2013 at 2:54 am

    Excillent tips and I would completely agree with adding live chat software to your site.
    Whilst I am biased, I do agree that live chat can help conversions and and even help retain current clients!

  4. Barry says:
    September 10, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Like always, Jeremy you have shared here a million dollar tips which anyone can do it easily.

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