How The Pros Know The Exact Number of Clicks on Their Links and CTAs

by Sean Work

Last updated on September 7th, 2018

Heatmaps are great at quickly letting you know what areas of a webpage are getting the most “click action”. They’re perfect for presentations and explaining to high-level team members what website issues you may be facing and what parts of your site may need improvement.

However, when you really want to know exactly how many clicks every element on a webpage is getting, then the Crazy Egg Overlay Report comes in handy. To clearly illustrate how useful this report is, consider the following use cases:

  • Improve Goal Driving CTAs – Key buttons and links that drive important conversions should always be tracked. The Overlay Report lets you know exactly how many times those buttons were clicked during any specified time period. You may find that reducing the number of clickable page elements increases the number of valuable CTA clicks.
  • Ecommerce Image Galleries – You can quickly see how many images are actually necessary to showcase on your product pages when you know how many people click on your images. You may have too many images for visitors to click on, distracting them from your important “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” buttons.
  • Affiliate Links – If you earn income from affiliate links it’s crucial to know how many people are clicking on them, for example when auditing financial reports your affiliates send you.

As you can see, anyone who’s serious about their online business knows the exact click counts for their on-page elements. The beauty of the Crazy Egg Overlay report is there is no complicated set-up required to track individual clicks. You don’t need a developer to insert element IDs on every single link – just create a Crazy Egg snapshot for the webpages you want to track and let the data roll in.

To get started with the Overlay Report, click here to start a free trial of Crazy Egg.

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