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How to Use SEO to Recruit The Best Talent

by Neil Patel

use SEO to attract talent

Consider the following facts: According to Barbara Ashton, an executive search recruiter, headhunting agencies charge anywhere between 15% and 25% of the candidates total first year earnings. There are 729,800 talented people searching for jobs on Google every month (April-May 2016). It is, therefore, easy to deduce that: Many talented…

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10 Reasons You’re In An SEO Slump Right Now

by Neil Patel

SEO slump

When you have a business, having a website that many people visit is essential. You want to gain customers and build a reputation. Until now, your Google rankings were doing well. But recently you have noticed a slump in your search engine rankings. What’s up with that? First off, don’t…

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4 Ideas for Safely Getting Mentioned by .Gov Websites

by Neil Patel

getting mentions from government websites

As committed as you are to safe SEO, you still can’t argue with the value of backlinks. Even if backlinks aren’t your end game, it sure helps to have some mentions from high-authority .gov websites. Backlinks and mentions still boost your SEO. For all of Google’s artificial intelligence advances, algorithm…

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Playing around w/ @CrazyEgg and like it so far. Quick, nice and simple. Also easily implementable with #googletagmanager built-in tag.

Brandon K. Lee