Nextiva Review–The Good and Bad

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Nextiva is an incredibly popular provider in the business communications space. It’s flagship products include an all-in-one customer experience platform and a standard business communications system.

It also offers SIP trunking, online faxing, a collaboration suite, and social/reputation management solutions.

You can use the links above to jump ahead to the products you’re interested in. Otherwise, keep scrolling for a high-level overview before we get into the details.

High-Level Overview: Nextiva’s Our #1 Pick Across the Board

Aside from the fact that Nextiva has more than 100,000 customers, one million users, a 94% customer satisfaction rating, and a proven track record that dates back to 2006, it’s a user-friendly and versatile business communications provider we recommend for just about everyone.

Whether you use its business phone system, call center platform, SIP trunking services, collaboration suite, or reputation management tools, there’s a lot to love.

Excellent User Interface

If you like minimalist, clean, and modern interfaces, you’ll love using Nextiva. Everything’s where you expect it to be and regular users aren’t burdened with administrative controls. It’s desktop and mobile apps are highly rated, too.

You’ll also be able to use NextOS, which brings together standard phone, customer experience, and collaboration suite users into a centralized system.

Even if you have users on all sorts of different Nextiva plans, admins can manage them all in one location.

You’ll be able to set up automations, leverage APIs, and view company-wide analytics in a modern and clean interface without having to jump around to different applications.

Highly Customizable

Nextiva offers a ton of different products and is continuously adding more functionality to its list of offerings. From social media management to advanced business texting, it offers a ton of unique modules you won’t find with similar brands.

The best part is that it’s all entirely customizable. All you have to do is reach out and they’ll help you put together a tailored plan that includes everything you need with nothing you don’t.

Nearly Infinite Scalability

Nextiva works with brand new businesses and enterprises, including Taco Bell, Pac-12, YMCA, and United Way with well over 10,000 users a piece.

No matter how much your company grows, you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing Nextiva. It has standard phone systems, lightweight call center solutions for small teams, and a full customer experience platform for midsize to enterprise companies.

Services for Every Business Size

Nextiva’s standard business phone pricing is lower than many of its competitors, despite its wide range of features, excellent reliability, and five-star customer support.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, Nextiva offers a call center solution for smaller teams as well as a full contact center and customer experience platform if you have hundreds of agents across social, email, SMS, and other digital channels.

99.999% Uptime

That’s not a guarantee, it’s real-life data across eight data centers. Paired with 24/7/365 active monitoring, you get an ultra-reliable platform you don’t have to think twice about.

Anytime Customer Service On Every Plan

No matter how much (or little) you pay, you get 24/7 customer support via phone, email, or live chat. It’s never a struggle to get in touch with a human.

Wide Range of Hardware Options

You can use devices you already have (BYOD), rent hardware, or purchase outright from Nextiva. It offers a wide range of brands, including Yealink, Poly, Cisco, and Snom. You’ll be able to buy desk phones, conference phones, adapters, and headsets directly. Alternatively, you can purchase them elsewhere and configure them to work with your Nextiva system.

Nextiva’s Omnichannel Contact Center Solution: A Complete AI-Powered Customer Experience Platform

Nextiva offers call and contact center plans for sales and service teams. Whether you’re just getting started or have hundreds of agents and are unhappy with your current system, it’s a modern, cloud-based solution that’s a joy to use.

With its wide range of options, it’s suitable to all business types and sizes.

We don’t say that often and we try not to claim anything’s the best for most people because the true “best” usually doesn’t exist. But that’s not the case, here—Nextiva’s commitment to ongoing improvement, scalability, customization, dedicated customer service, and overall capabilities of its call and contact center solutions make it truly standout as an top-tier choice for just about anyone.

Check out our full list of call and contact center recommendations to learn more about how it compares.

Amazing relationships start with a conversation. Ai-driven platform for seamless, personalized customer interactions across all channels with Nextiva x Thrio.

Nextiva Customer Experience Platform: The Good

Lightweight option for smaller teams: Nextiva’s full omnichannel contact solution is expensive and advanced, making it better for midsize or large teams with hundreds of agents. However, Nextiva also offers a call center solution for smaller teams. It’s an affordable choice if you have fewer than 100 agents and are only focused on managing calls, rather than inquiries from multiple channels.

Recent acquisition: Nextiva acquired Thrio, an enterprise contact center solution focused on leveraging AI throughout the customer journey, in January of 2024. This is a clear indicator that they’re serious about growing, expanding, and future-proofing their contact center offerings.

Powerful workflow engine: You’ll be able to set up custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks, update contact records, sync with your other systems, generate reports, configure notifications, send follow ups, initiate surveys, trigger automated replies or escalations based on keywords and sentiment, and more. It’s entirely customizable using a drag-and-drop builder. Other providers tend to make automations really hard to configure, but that’s not the case here.

True omnichannel: The platform routes video, voice, email, texting, social, and chatting app inquiries to the right agents. No matter the channel customers prefer, Nextiva centralizes it all and ties it to contacts for full interaction histories in a few clicks. Simpler alternatives only focus on voice or are missing critical channels, so it’s great that you get it all in one.

Advanced inbound routing: From skills-based, time-of-day, and auto attendant routing to speech recognition IVRs and a drag-and-drop call flow builder, you’ll be able to route inquiries however you’d like.

Outbound campaign management: Nextiva offers dynamic scripting, click to call, smart dialing, and outbound automations for more efficient campaigns. You’ll also be able to monitor campaign performance with custom reports and real-time dashboards.

AI-powered voice, chat, and text bots: With Nextiva’s powerful conversational AI, you’ll get call summaries, transcriptions, AI insights, and even compliance audits without lifting a finger. Many other contact center solutions stop there. However, Nextiva also lets you use it to answer voice, chat, and text inquiries automatically or to offer a range of self-service options to free up agents for more complex situations.

Quality assurance and monitoring: From automated threshold notifications (not something we’ve seen elsewhere) and performance analytics to customer satisfaction surveys, live monitoring, and call recording, managers and supervisors can keep tabs on quality across every interaction.

Dynamic workforce management: You won’t have to worry about scheduling or forecasting for different skills, channels, and availabilities. You’ll get all the tools you need to allocate and optimize your workforce. With more affordable solutions, workforce management is often left out entirely.

Real-time dashboards and customizable reporting: Nextiva pulls together detailed interaction data across every channel you use to help you visualize the full the picture. You can also build custom reports, schedule them in advance or at regular intervals, and even start with templates you can update as needed. From agent-specific and real-time reports to historical, comparative, and location data, you can easily get all the information you need (and more).

Potential Drawbacks of Nextiva’s Contact Center Solution

Pricier than simpler alternatives: Nextiva’s lightweight call center solution starts around $50 per agent per month and the full contact center platform starts at $129 per agent per month. These are far from the cheapest rates out there, but it’s justifiable given how much power, customization, and functionality you get. Cheaper options often forego non-voice channels, customizable reporting, workforce management, and other capabilities midsize or large teams need.

Confusing pricing: You can’t sign up for anything with Nextiva without first talking to their team. However, there are several pages on their website with basic pricing information. Different pages show different tiers with varying names, features, and dollar amounts, so it’s not all that clear what you can expect to pay.

Steeper learning curve: Because of the sheer power of the platform, there’s a lot to it. Getting everything set up how you need it can take time and agents likely will need some training to understand how everything works.

Potential to over automate: With so many automation and AI tools at your disposal, you run the risk of over automating, which can lead to frustrating customer experiences. We’ve all been a victim of endless phone trees and AI bots when all you want to do is talk to a human. Just because Nextiva lets you automate just about everything or use AI in various situations doesn’t mean you should.

Omnichannel Contact Center Plans and Pricing

Many brand new call centers can start with Nextiva’s standard phone system and upgrade whenever they’re ready.

The Enterprise plan starts at $31.95 per month and comes with auto attendant, ring groups, and recordings, making it on par with other small business call center solutions like Aircall or Cloudtalk.

Once you move to the lightweight call center plan at $50 per user per month, you’ll be paying the exact same amount as Aircall and Cloudtalk’s higher tiers.

However, Nextiva offers superior scalability so you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing it. With the others, you’ll be at the very top of what they can offer you and you run the risk of having to switch to something else.

Once you get to the omnichannel contact center solution, it becomes more comparable to RingCentral, TalkDesk, and Dialpad.

At this level, Nextiva’s a bit more expensive. However, it offers an unparalleled agent experience plus a more powerful and customizable platform overall. In our opinion, it’s worth the extra investment.

Nextiva Business Phone and Communications Platform: Best Balance of Functionality, Affordability, and Ease of Use

Nextiva’s business communications solution is more than just a phone system. It covers video, text, faxing, team chat, and lightweight CRM functionality.

It’s a great choice for any sized businesses that need a full suite of collaboration tools on top of a business phone system. If you’re unhappy with your existing system or looking to centralize internal and external communications, it’s the way to go.

Compared to similarly priced products, Nextiva delivers more value per dollar and is far easier to use.

It offers a superior interface and an overall user experience that just works. Even from an administration standpoint, there’s virtually no learning curve—that paired with excellent documentation means you can have your new system up and running in less than an hour.

Check out our full list of business phone providers to learn more about how it stacks up.

Shows how to set up new users in Nextiva's communications system

Nextiva VoIP Phone Services: The Good

Streamlined implementation: You can have your entire system running in around 15 minutes. Obviously this is only true for small, simple configurations. But Nextiva is definitely one of the easier systems to set up.

Bulk user importing: In March of 2024, Nextiva added bulk user importing, which lets you upload a spreadsheet of users, settings, and devices you purchased elsewhere. This is great if you’re switching from another provider or need to update information/settings across a bunch of users.

Free local or toll-free numbers: Every plan includes a complimentary local or toll-free number. You can purchase extra numbers if you need them or port over existing phone numbers if you want to keep the numbers you’re already using.

Includes toll-free minutes: You get a ton of complimentary toll-free minutes every month. It ranges from 1,500 to 12,500, depending on the plan. Most providers give you far fewer minutes for free.

Internal collaboration: Video, voice, contact management, team presence, scheduling, and team chat are included at every level. You get every collaboration channel your team needs, whether they’re in the same office, distributed around the country, or working from home.

Unlimited faxing on every plan: Other providers don’t include fax on their cheaper plans, or only include it as an add-on that costs extra. With Nextiva, you get it no matter what plan you choose.

Up to 2,000 monthly texts per user: RingCentral limits you to 200 per user per month (on its most expensive plan) and Cloudtalk charges per message. Nextiva gives you 1,000 or 2,000 messages per user per month depending on the plan, which is a massive step up from other VoIP solutions.

Advanced business texting add-on: As of March 2024, you can upgrade business texting starting at $10 per user per month. This add on lets customers text a single phone number to access your entire team. Incoming texts are routed to the right person, but anyone can jump in and take over the conversation, answer questions, or schedule appointments from the same message thread.

Lightweight call routing: There’s a multi-level auto attendant you can use to route calls to the right department or person. Ring groups ensure someone always answers and callers aren’t sent to voicemail. Features like these are suitable for brand new or small call centers who can’t afford full-fledged call center software.

Built-in CRM functionality: You’ll be able to manage up to 500 contacts, take notes, log interactions (including email and calls), and create conversations around contacts on every plan.

Call recording: This feature, along with single sign-on and premium CRM integrations, is only available on the top tier. But it’s not something that typically comes with standard VoIP phone systems—it’s usually only an add-on or requires a separate subscription.

Volume discounts: Once you have more than four users, you’ll quality for per-user discounts—you can save up to $6 per month per user. The steepest discount occurs when you surpass 100 users.

Potential Drawbacks of Nextiva’s VoIP Software

Limited integrations: Nextiva offers 19 integrations, most of which are only available on the top two tiers. Compared to 200+ with both Aircall and RingCentral, it’s quite limited.

Not suitable for high-volume international: Unlike other providers, Nextiva doesn’t offer international phone numbers. There are also no unlimited international calling plans. You can make outgoing calls to other countries, but they’ll be charged per minute.

45-minute video meetings: No matter what plan you choose, you’re limited to 45 minutes for video calls. Other platforms, like Zoom and RingCentral, give you more time but limit the number of participants.

You can’t sign up on your own: You have to fill out a short form and talk to Nextiva’s sales team to get started, even if you know what plan you want to use. While this can be a frustrating extra step that slows the process, it ensures you get all the features and functionality you need on day one.

No texting on the entry-level plan: RingCentral and Dialpad offer texting on every plan, but you’ll have to be on Nextiva’s middle tier or higher to use it. However, Nextiva gives you far more free texts every month.

Business Communications Plans and Pricing

Nextiva’s cheapest plan is $17.95 per user per month (if you have more than 100 users). It goes up to $23.95 per user per month for four or fewer users.

In terms of actual dollars you’ll spend, it’s not the most affordable option—but it’s really not far behind the cheapest. It’s in the same ballpark, but a few dollars more per user per month.

There are a few more budget-friendly solutions out there, including Zoom, Dialpad, OpenPhone, and Google Voice.

However, Google Voice and OpenPhone are both far simpler and come with fewer voice features. They also don’t include video, faxing, or team chat. Zoom’s able to offer cheaper phone plans because it charges a monthly fee plus per minute—this can work well for light usage, but this pricing model adds up quickly.

It also doesn’t include Zoom video, so you’ll need to purchase it separately or use Zoom One’s Business Plus plan, which is more expensive than Nextiva.

Going with Dialpad will save you a few dollars per user per month, but it charges $10 per user per month for faxing, doesn’t let you purchase additional phone numbers on its cheapest plan, and doesn’t include extensions until you reach the most expensive tier. Overall, it costs more to get the same functionality.

Additional Nextiva Products and Services

Aside from its main contact center and business communications systems, Nextiva offers a few other products and services to help businesses that don’t need an all-in-one.

Cospace by Nextiva: A Standalone Internal Collaboration Suite

If all you need is video calling, 1:1 and group chat, team or project-based channels, and file sharing, Cospace by Nextiva is a viable option. It also has basic scheduling and task management features. It’s like all the basic capabilities of Zoom video conferencing and Slack in one package.

On the highest tier, you can record meetings, use single sign on, and access phone/chat support if you need it.

The free plan includes chat, file sharing, scheduling, task management, and video call with up to five people. There are no time limits on any plans, which is a nice change of pace from other providers.

Work is easier when everything's in one space. Video meetings, team messaging, and screen sharing all in one.

Paid tiers start at $6.99 per user per month and let you meet with up to 250 participants.

While it’s not the most advanced video conferencing and collaboration solution, it’s dead simple to use and you can’t really beat the price.

Just Need Online Faxing? Nextiva Has That

Don’t need phones or a full UCaaS solution? You can purchase online faxing as a standalone service to share across your business. Rather than paying for users, plans are based on the number of pages you send and receive.

500 monthly pages starts at $7.95 per month and 1,000 pages is $13.95 per month. There’s also a HIPAA compliant plan, too.

If you go over your limit, you’ll pay $0.03 per page.

Online faxing built for how you work. Whether you're going full digital or you plan to continue using your fax machine, Nextiva will help simplify the entire faxing process. Nextiva makes faxing more secure, more convenient, and easily managed.

Users can send faxes from any device, including existing fax machines and smart phones.

Anyone on your team can log into the portal, see every fax you’ve sent or received, and search the log with a range of filters and other options. Alternatively, you can have incoming faxes sent directly to your email.

Check out our other online faxing recommendations, here.

A Closer Look at Nextiva’s SIP Trunking Services

If you’re using a legacy PBX phone system, you can bring it to the cloud with Nextiva’s SIP trunking services. With it, you’ll be able to add a new layer of online management, fraud mitigation, and redundancy to your existing system.

Despite the complexity of old systems, you’ll be able to get started in less than a day. Plus, you can keep your existing numbers.

Why go with SIP trunking? Scalable voice (easily ad trunks, channels, and DIDs as you grow). Cloud redundancy (eight US data centers give you superior call reliability). Flexible pricing (SIP trunk pricing that saves you more on business voice).

Metered plans start at $14.95 per month plus $0.008 per minute after your first 100 minutes every month. Alternatively, you can avoid usage-based pricing for $24.95 per month—it includes unlimited calls, a free toll-free number, and volume discounts as you grow.

Nextiva’s Also Great for Social and Reputation Management

Nextiva recently started offering reputation, review, and social management tools with automation, digital listening, and monitoring capabilities.

You’ll be able to set up automated AI responses so no review goes unanswered plus analyze customer sentiment, send satisfaction surveys, and estimate CSAT scores so you always have the full picture. Not only that, it also centralizes reviews and all of your social channels in one inbox with full routing and queueing capabilities.

Nextiva offers AI powered review management built for revenue growth.

On the social media side, you can schedule content and view centralized analytics across all your profiles to help you spot trends and stay on top of your reputation with ease.

Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and LinkedIn are all currently supported with Pinterest coming soon.

Regardless of the channel, you can tag reviews, messages, and content to keep things organized. You can also use tags to filter analytics to monitor campaigns, topics, or anything else you need.

On higher tiers, you’ll be able to see competitor analytics, utilize queue management tools, and access custom integrations.

Plans start at $149 per month plus $99 per month for each additional user.

Check out our full list of reputation management software to see how it stacks up against its competitors.

How Nextiva Compares to its Closest Competitors

Nextiva’s closest business communications competitors include Aircall, Cloudtalk, RingCentral, Dialpad, and TalkDesk. Whether you’re looking for a standard phone system or a contact center solution, you can’t go wrong with any of these providers.

However, we recommend Nextiva for most people across the board. It offers the best balance of ease of use, price, and functionality on all its plans.

Plus, its user interface is terrific, it has five-star anytime customer service, and infinite scalability.

Reach out to Nextiva to learn more or check out our Nextiva vs RingCentral comparison for a more in-depth look at the two side by side.

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