Tiiny Host Review

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When you think about creating and hosting a website, “easy” is rarely the first word that comes to mind.

However, if you’ve got a web project that you need to share and you don’t know how or where to start, then it may not get any easier than with Tiiny Host.

Tiiny Host is a one-stop solution for creating, hosting, and sharing your work online. It’s good for building portfolio sites, sharing marketing materials, and even testing out code snippets. Whether you’re an individual, an agency, or a business, Tiiny Host can be an extremely useful tool for you and your overall workflow.

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Tiiny Host: The Good and the Bad

Getting a fully functional website up and running with Tiiny Host is so quick that you may find yourself clicking around on your new site just to be sure it’s real—that’s what we did, at least.

But it isn’t just the creation speed that makes it great. Tiiny Host sites are also lightning fast to load, making them great for SEO.

Tiiny Host makes sharing projects, portfolios, and other business information painless, but it can’t do everything. It’s not meant for dynamic websites, as it’s merely a static web hosting solution. That said, it’s a darn good one.

What Tiiny Host Is Good At

Speedy setup: Tiiny Host makes it incredibly easy to get a live, working website. Thanks to the platform’s intuitive dashboard, the entire process took us less than five minutes—from signing up to launching a fully functional site.

After a quick email verification during signup, you’re taken right into Tiiny Host’s minimalistic setup. From there, just answer a couple questions and you’re ready to start uploading your HTML, ZIP, or PDF files to Tiiny Host’s servers.

Upload file screen with a blue publish button.

The classic drag-and-drop upload feature is fast and hassle-free, so your files will be hosted and accessible through your custom Tiiny Host URL before you know it. With just a bit of coding knowledge, you can even add advanced functionality in very little time.

My Sites page with live sites option shown.

Highly shareable: Tiiny Host makes sharing your latest web projects, prototypes, and landing pages easier than ever before. The process starts simply by creating a folder and uploading your files, then Tiiny Host automatically generates a shareable URL for you.

Tiiny Host also allows you to customize your project’s URL for free. You can create memorable, brand-aligned subdomains using or even connect your own custom domain for a personal touch.

To make sharing even simpler, Tiiny Host provides a QR code for each project—just scan with a phone for instant access to your site. The downloadable QR codes make sharing in print or digital form a breeze, and there’s even a quick copy button to instantly copy the URL to your clipboard.

Whether you’re looking to get feedback on a work-in-progress or give clients access to demos, Tiiny Host streamlines sharing and allows you to get your web creations in front of anyone in seconds.

Three steps to share content creations.

Extra little touches: For a simple web hosting solution, Tiiny Host comes packed with some additional excellent features that make creating and managing your sites even easier.

One particularly nice feature is the ability to download your entire site as a ZIP file with just one click. This makes it simple to have a copy of your site that you can take anywhere or store as a backup. The archive option also lets you take a site offline quickly while still giving you access to re-launch it whenever you want down the line.

Archive sites upgrade screen.

Tiiny Host’s built-in code editor allows you to update and make changes to your site’s code right from the floating UI. If you have a little bit of coding experience, this is a user-friendly way of adding elements like CTAs and contact forms to give your static page a little more functionality.

For PDFs, there’s also an integrated editing tool that allows you to modify text without having to re-upload edited versions. All you have to do is make your changes in the Tiiny Host editor and then hit publish—it doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Edit PDF screen with option to upgrade.

Tiiny Host even provides starter templates for various sites like blogs and portfolios, just in case you need to piggyback off some examples. And with a bit of coding knowledge, you can easily customize these to create a stylish, personalized site.

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From simplified management to built-in editing tools, Tiiny Host offers a robust feature set that goes beyond run-of-the-mill hosting and sharing. These additional details make creating, customizing, and managing your sites on the platform even more appealing.

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Site analytics: Tiiny Host makes reviewing your site analytics incredibly easy thanks to built-in analytics that are available right in the dashboard. With just a quick toggle, you’ll gain access to automatic visitor tracking that gives you insights regarding page views, number of visitors, sessions, traffic sources, and visitor locations.

Having these key metrics visible in the dashboard allows you to monitor the health of your site and make informed decisions about how to optimize it. You’ll be able to tell which pages are the most popular, where your visitors are coming from, and how many return visitors you have. The geographic data will also show you which countries your visitors reside in.

With these easy-to-access analytics, you’ll gain understanding about how people are interacting with your site so you can pinpoint areas to focus on—whether it’s boosting traffic to certain pages, driving more conversions, or tailoring content to certain audience segments.

Site analytics pop up screen with info on page views, visitors, and sessions.

Add your custom domain with SSL: Tiiny Host provides a straightforward way of adding your own custom domain and SSL certificate so you can truly make your site your own.

In just two quick steps, you can redirect your existing domain to Tiiny Host. First, simply add the provided DNS records at your domain provider. Next, validate those DNS settings in the Tiiny Host dashboard.

Once your custom domain is verified, you’ll be able to select it from the dropdown when uploading new sites through Tiiny Host’s control panel.

The entire process of attaching your domain takes just a few minutes, so it’s easy to add an extra layer of professionalism and brand alignment to the sites you host with Tiiny Host. Plus, the included SSL certificate means your site will be served over secure HTTPS, further raising credibility and user trust.

Custom Domains intro information.

Safety measures: Tiiny Host offers some great protective features to help keep your sites and content secure.

With any paid plan, you unlock the ability to password protect all of your Tiiny Host links. This adds an extra layer of security by making your sites totally private until a viewer enters the right password. The built-in password protection is perfect for limiting access to certain demos, prototypes, or other work-in-progress sites whenever needed.

For PDFs hosted on Tiiny Host, you can also enable view-only permissions and disable downloading. This prevents visitors from taking your original PDF files off your site until you decide they’re ready.

These extra security precautions are useful for protecting proprietary or private information and limiting your content to authorized viewers only. By restricting access and downloads, you can confidently share sites knowing your content stays protected. For work-in-progress or private projects, the enhanced security gives peace of mind.

Tiiny Host settings screen.

Universally useful: Tiiny Host is an incredibly versatile platform that just about anyone can benefit from.

  • For sales and marketing teams, it’s perfect for campaigns, presentations, and infographics. The ability to get concepts in front of audiences quickly while tracking engagement makes testing and sharing a breeze.
  • Designers can use Tiiny Host to share prototypes and drafts with clients for feedback, and it also provides an easy way to host online portfolios.
  • Developers can take advantage of the hosting site to demo and test code in a live environment. Tiiny Host essentially serves as a coding sandbox.
  • Real estate agents can share property info and virtual tours with potential buyers and use the analytics to see what resonates.
  • Recruiters are able to conveniently showcase job specs and top candidates to streamline hiring. The shareable links and analytics help refine strategies.
  • Those in hospitality can share menus, promote events, and offer deals. The simplicity is perfect for driving engagement.
  • For educators, eBooks can be hosted and tracked for engagement to improve learning practices. Students can also easily share projects in a protected way.
  • Even crypto users can benefit by quickly launching sites to introduce new coins or NFTs and share related whitepapers.

With so many potential use cases, virtually anyone can take advantage of what Tiiny Host has to offer. Whether you need to collaborate, share content, or test concepts, Tiiny Host enables you to do it with ease.

Tiiny Host E-Learning and Publishing information.

Tiiny Host’s Potential Drawbacks

Only static websites: Tiiny Host is intentionally designed as a simple static website hosting solution, which may only serve for creating a few informational pages about you or your business. If you’re working with other sites, this means it can only serve as a complement, not a replacement.

The static nature of the platform also makes implementing site-wide changes more tedious since there’s no central CMS to push global changes, meaning you have to update each page individually. As your time with the platform grows, this lack of interactivity can cause maintenance to become cumbersome.

Tiiny Host cannot support WordPress, databases, user logins, or other CMS features that dynamic sites rely on either. Its sole focus is hosting standalone HTML pages. That means there’s no personalization or dynamic components tailored to individual users, so each visitor sees the exact same content.

Of course, some users may welcome these limitations as a positive thing, but those wanting an advanced, customizable site with dynamic elements, interactivity, and a CMS will need to look elsewhere.

Limited documentation: True to its theme of simplicity, Tiiny Host’s documentation consists of just five brief pages including an intro.

Beyond the bare minimum—which we would argue is an overview of the setup process—there’s only a few basic troubleshooting sections covering the platform’s core functionality.

Of course, Tiiny Host’s feature set is basic and its drag-and-drop interface is straightforward, so perhaps there isn’t much else to cover. But either way, those wanting a bit more guidance via tutorials and other knowledge resources won’t find them on the site.

Heck, we would’ve liked to see more template examples for users to draw ideas from, considering how many use cases the platform has.

Notwithstanding, Tiiny Host does have a YouTube channel called Tiiny Tips, but it only has 27 videos over the last few years.

Tiiny Host intro documentation.

File upload limits: Tiiny Host has plan-based limitations on the total size of files you can upload, which could be restrictive based on your needs.

On its highest paid plan, you only get 1GB of total file storage. For some users, an allotment this small could make it tough to host everything they need.

The file limitations get even more restrictive as you look at lower tiers. Tiiny Host’s mid-level paid plan provides just 75MB of space, while the free plan allows a mere 3MB for uploads.

With such tight file constraints, those hoping to host multiple sites or large files like high-res images and videos will quickly flirt with their maximums.

Once again, this small-time approach does coincide with the platform’s overall makeup, but those wanting to maximize multimedia content or build complex pages will likely find that the simplicity comes at the cost of capacity.

Upload larger files screen with message on how to upgrade plan.

Tiiny Host Plans and Pricing

Three main plans make up Tiiny Host’s offering—the Free plan, the Solo plan, and the Pro plan. The major differences are the number of active sites you can have at any one time, the number of team members permitted, and the total amount of file upload space you are allotted. Tiiny Host also offers a Student plan, which is a thoughtful touch.

The three main plans are designed to scale capabilities and storage as needed, while keeping static hosting streamlined and affordable whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or a full-blown agency.

Tiiny Host plans with three options shown with prices.

Free Plan

Tiiny Host’s free plan gives you a great opportunity to try out its platform if you just need basic hosting for a small static site or prototype. With the free plan, you can have one active site hosted on Tiiny Host at a time, which is perfect for launching a single ready-made page or putting up a temporary demo or placeholder.

Regarding storage, the free plan allows you to upload files up to a total of 3MB across a single site. This enables you to host an ultra basic page with minimal text and images.

By including only one site, no subdomains, no custom domain, and very limited 3MB storage, the free version is best suited for hosting a one-page trial site or some other small one-off project—because if you need to host anything more than a bare bones page, you’ll probably have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Solo Plan

Tiiny Host’s Solo plan is its most popular option, making it a great choice for individuals, solo entrepreneurs, and small sites looking for easy static hosting. For either $13 per month when billed annually or $18 per month with monthly billing, the Solo plan provides valuable upgrades over the free tier.

With this plan, you can have up to five actively hosted sites, and your total file upload allowance across all sites jumps up to 75MB. This will accommodate hosting several simple pages with graphics.

Other notable features you gain access to on the Solo plan include custom domain support to use your own branding, built-in site analytics for visitor and engagement insights, and password protection for securing access to your sites.

You’ll also have fast global hosting using a CDN for performance, the ability to remove Tiiny Host branding banners from your sites, and you’ll have PDF and code editing capabilities right from within Tiiny Host.

Altogether, with the substantial upgrades that the Solo plan unlocks, individuals and small teams can host multiple basic sites in a simple way at an affordable price. Plus, the Solo tier comes with a 7-day money back guarantee, allowing you to test it out risk-free.

Pro Plan

Tiiny Host promotes its Pro plan for freelancers, agencies, and organizations that need much more than the Solo plan’s offering. With annual billing, the Pro plan comes out to $31 per month, while monthly billing costs $48 per month.

The Pro plan includes all the great features of Tiiny Host’s Solo plan like custom domains, built-in analytics, security protections, and fast global CDN hosting. On top of those features, the Pro plan also provides expanded scalability to meet the needs of larger teams and businesses.

With the Pro plan, you can have up to 12 active sites hosted on Tiiny Host, as well as 1GB of total file uploads across all your sites. This gives you ample flexibility to juggle an assortment of sites that you can make live or archive, and you’ll have much more headroom for images, videos, PDFs, and other multimedia content.

Additionally, the Pro plan enables you to add team members to your Tiiny Host account for simplified collaboration and centralized management.

By scaling up the number of sites, storage space, and collaborative access compared to lower tiers, the Pro plan makes Tiiny Host a viable static hosting solution for freelance agencies, creative firms, and other organizations maintaining multiple sites. It provides an ideal set of features to balance power with simplicity, allowing you to manage hosting for an entire team without the overhead of traditional solutions.

Student Plan

Tiiny Host’s Student plan provides an affordable option tailored specifically for young learners and creators.

For just $18 per three months, the Student plan includes three active hosted sites for projects, coursework, and portfolio sites. It also includes 5MB of upload allowance for those pages.

Two more nice perks that come with the Student plan are custom domain support—so students can use their own branding and URLs—and branding removal so that students can get a professional look.

By making these core features available at a budget-friendly quarterly price point, the Student plan allows young learners to gain valuable hands-on experience in areas like managing domains, uploading content, configuring settings, and publishing live pages.

Tiiny Host’s Student plan delivers an optimal set of basic capabilities at an affordable rate, making web hosting accessible to learners from the ground up.

Student plan page for Tiiny Host.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a developer sharing a work-in-progress app, a freelancer demoing concepts for clients, or an entrepreneur launching a simple site, Tiiny Host absolutely delivers on providing an affordable, user-friendly option that removes the typical headaches of website hosting. It makes getting your web projects in front of an audience fast, and even the free version can be useful for hosting an optimized landing page for your business or a sleek portfolio to show off your skills and experience.

Thus, if you’re looking for a blazing fast solution for creating and publishing a handful of static web pages, Tiiny Host is definitely worth checking out.

It provides speed and reliability at a low cost, so you don’t have to worry about much of anything—apart from what you’re going to build and share next. Just be aware that it’s designed for simplicity over flexibility.

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