The Only 5 Sales Email Templates You’ll Ever Need

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After years of hands-on experiences with sales emails, we put together a list of our favorite templates you can use to help you get started (even if “sales” feels like a dirty word), make genuine connections with potential customers, and close more deals. If you’re ever at a loss for words or want to make bigger moves in your audience’s inboxes, these are the only templates you need.

How We Found The Best Templates

Starting with 15 of the industry’s best sales email templates, we narrowed them down to our top five picks spanning different sales approaches. All of our favorite email templates come from reputable sources with years in the sales game and case studies to back them up. So, you can rest assured that all of the templates on our list are high quality and reliable.

We also paid close attention to how easy they are to use. We even wrote a test email based on each sales template framework to ensure it actually produces high-quality results we feel comfortable using ourselves.

If our final emails felt boring or uninspired, the template didn’t do its job and we didn’t include it in our list.

After all, the point of an email template is to give you a fresh angle to pitch your products, yourself, and your business with the added benefit of speeding up the process and eliminating guesswork.

We also kicked generic templates that anyone can come up with to the curb. Too complicated or too narrow? We made sure not to include those as well. We focused on rounding up only the highest quality templates for different situations to help you navigate the entire sales cycle with ease.

Template 1 — The Best For A Story-Based Sales Approach

The Story Email by Ben Settle on Copyblogger

Not only is this template easy to use, but it’s also incredibly effective. With it, you can turn just about any story into a sales email to sell, well… anything. People relate deeply to well-told stories and it’s no secret that they’re an effective sales tool.

Why It Works

Storytelling is one of the best ways to sell just about anything (really… anything). People have loved stories for centuries, and we tend to connect to those stories much better than a typical sales pitch. Stories work great when they’re done well. Unfortunately, most people don’t do it well. You’ve probably seen hundreds of these—some done well and others… not so much—in your inbox.

Ben Settle’s sales email template does a great job at turning anyone into a “storyselling” pro.

When you tell a relatable story with the right emotional pulls, your reader knows you get them. When you can let your reader know you get them and deliver a solution to their biggest pain points with a story, you don’t really have to do any selling. Ben Settle’s template follows the slippery slope technique, which starts by reeling readers in and hooking them until they can’t help but read the rest of your email.

One of the most significant reasons we love this template is that it doesn’t feel salesy. You’re not pulling any “used-car salesmen” tactics or anything like that. All you’re doing is telling a story. And those who resonate with your words won’t hesitate to click “buy”.

This template also includes a powerful subject line—a key factor in whether your email gets opened in the first place. 

The Best Features

Whether you’re an email expert or sending your first sales email, this template is a great choice because:

  • Simplicity—it’s not complicated or hard to use
  • It draws on your customer’s emotions
  • You can easily create a meaningful connection
  • It helps your customer visualize your product as their solution
  • Easy to personalize with any story you have

To get Ben Settle’s full Story Email template, head here and copy and paste it into a blank document or blank email. Then personalize it until you have a polished email ready to send as part of your sales funnel. Oh, and once you’re there, don’t forget to check out his two other equally powerful examples. 

Template 2 — The Best For Making An Introduction

If You Want To Make A Sales Introduction by HubSpot

One of the best ways to learn marketing and sales is to learn from software giants—like Hubspot. Despite Hubspot’s heavy focus on inbound marketing tools, the team understands the importance of outbound efforts as well. When done well, cold outreach can be one of your most significant sales channels.

If you’re looking for an easy way to introduce yourself, your company, and your services (plus encourage the recipient to take action), Hubspot’s introduction email template is a fantastic place to start.

Why It Works

This email template works for two reasons: it forces you to tailor your message to your prospect’s needs and it contains a clear call to action at the end.

Over the years, everyone’s gotten accustomed to having their inboxes bombarded with promotions, notifications, spam, and people just like you trying to get eyes on their products and services. However, most of those emails don’t garnish any more attention than the time it takes to hit delete. Why?

Because they aren’t personalized—most people are smart enough to realize when an email is boilerplate-esque and written in a way to speak to the masses.

Thankfully, this email template helps you break through that unfortunate trend.

Rather than blending into the masses, you’ve gone above and beyond to learn about your prospect, tailor your message to their needs, and show how you can help in a very specific way.

While an introductory email might not get you straight to a sale, it can be a pivotal first step in ensuring you build that relationship and close a deal down the line. 

The Best Features

  • Short and to the point with only four complete sentences
  • Contains bullet points for easy scanning
  • An interesting subject line that invites higher open rates

Head here to swipe a copy of HubSpot’s Sales Introduction email. It also wouldn’t hurt to look through the rest of their list for additional examples. 

Template 3 — The Best for Cold Email Outreach

Cold Email Template by Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers powerful Sales CRM solutions to businesses looking to grow and close more leads. While Pipedrive focuses heavily on inbound sales and marketing, it knows how effective cold outreach can be.

At the end of the day, the company aims to help you sell more… regardless of how you sell.

So, the Pipedrive team put together five sales email templates to help you get started, whether you’re shooting an email to someone you already know, following up with someone, shooting over your marketing kit, or trying to get the attention of someone you’ve never talked to before.

Whether you’re a customer or not, the sales email templates are free to download and use.

Why It Works

At this point, you already know or are maybe even familiar with sending cold emails. They’re necessary, as you don’t always have a warm prospect to send an introductory email to. But that’s alright. Sending a cold email can be just as effective in helping you close a potential sale.

Pipedrive’s Cold Email template helps you get your message to the sender as succinctly as possible—without a single extra word in the mix.

The email starts with a statement showing you take your reader’s time seriously. In the body of the email, you name your biggest differentiator as a business instead of rambling on with no end in sight.

And as an effective closing statement, it asks for a brief meeting on two very specific days—as opposed to leaving the details of the meeting up to them. At this point, you’re probably starting to see a pattern with these sales email templates. They’re structured to make it as easy as possible for your prospect to say yes. 

Knowing how to do that in a short email can be a powerful tool in your sales toolbox, and it’s a skill worth refining. 

The Best Features

  • Short and direct
  • A clear and specific call to action in the end
  • Includes your product’s main selling point

You can pick up the full email template on Pipedrive here. Make sure you also check out their Follow Up and Materials After Contact templates too.  

Template 4 — The Best For Selling With A Case Study

The Case Study Email by Andrew Warner At Mixergy

Mixergy showcases the advice and stories of some of the best entrepreneurs and startup founders. The creator, Andrew Warner, provides a great example of a case study you can use as a template for your own sales emails. 

Why It Works

Now, before you shy away from sending a case study email because you think it seems like too much work, hear me out. Your case study email doesn’t have to be an encyclopedia of your whole business. It simply has to showcase a scenario where your business fixes the exact problem your prospects are dealing with. 

You can do this in a variety of ways, but Andrew Warner’s example is a great guideline on how to do it effectively. While I said your case study doesn’t have to be a long one, you shouldn’t be too afraid of filling in the details either.

Case studies exist for a reason: People love seeing how something worked for someone else before they even think about investing their own money into that thing themselves. 

Think of a case study as an in-depth sales testimonial, with plenty of proof and receipts to back it up. Summed up in one word? Powerful. That’s what a case study sales email can be when you take the time to craft it carefully and include it in your sales pipeline. 

The Best Features

  • Shows your product in action
  • Lets your prospects know what’s possible
  • Adds credibility to your product offering or service

Read the case study email here to get started writing your own with business results from the past you can pull from. 

Template 5 — The Best For Selling Through Webinar Registrations

Register For Live Webinar by Salesforce

You might be familiar with Salesforce. In fact, you might even use them as your preferred CRM solution. Either way, Salesforce is a leader in the marketing space as far as creating helpful sales tools goes. On their site, they’ve provided a free list of eight email templates you can download and use for free. Here’s a bit more on why their webinar template specifically caught our eye. 

Why It Works

Even today, webinars are still a great way to bring in leads and grow your sales. They’re convenient for both parties and can be reused as needed as a powerful sales tool. Hands down, using email to get your webinar seen by more prospects is a great way to bring in more sales, or at the very least get you closer to one. 

The beauty of a webinar email is that it doesn’t have to be lengthy, witty, or super explanatory. It only has to pique the interest of your prospect enough to get them to watch.

Salesforce does this perfectly by crafting a sales email template that’s short, sweet, and right to the point. It doesn’t pull any punches, and it doesn’t bore your prospects to the point where they simply end up clicking away. Now, depending on where your prospect is on the sales funnel, the webinar email template can be followed up by the pre-recorded webinar link. Luckily, Salesforce also includes one in its free pack of sales email templates. 

The Best Features

  • Short and direct
  • States what benefit the customer will get out of it
  • No nonsense subject line that lets them know exactly what the email is about

Get a copy of the full webinar template on Salesforce here. Feel free to use the rest of their templates and experiment with tweaking each one as you send them to your customers.  

To conclude our list, you don’t have to be the reincarnation of David Ogilvy to write exceptional sales emails that get results. You just have to stick with what works, experiment, listen to and analyze the feedback you’re getting from your emails, and refine as necessary. 

The math is simple, really. The more you practice writing sales emails, the better you’ll get. Using effective sales email templates to get you started is a great place to begin. 

Here’s a quick recap:

  • For story selling, use this story email template on Copyblogger
  • For making an introduction, use this email template from HubSpot
  • For cold email outreach, this email template from Pipedrive works great
  • For selling with a powerful case study, use this template by Mixergy
  • For Webinar registrations, use this email template by Salesforce 

Feel free to bookmark this guide so you always have access to a list of some of the best sales email templates you can use to supercharge your sales efforts. With a few templates to get you started, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to craft exciting emails that bring in sales. 

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