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Making a good first impression on customers is crucial, so your company’s branding needs to be spot-on. Looka helps you do this by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the process of logo design and branding. With a commitment to simplicity, speed, and affordability, Looka is a promising option for expert brand creation.

To help you decide if this is the right branding tool for you, our review highlights Looka’s features, what it does well, where it could improve, and what customers say about it.

Looka logo for Crazy Egg Looka review.

Looka: The Good and the Bad

Are you looking to create an identity for your brand but don’t have a ton of design experience? Enter Looka. Looka allows you to create a unique logo in just minutes, then build your brand identity with their comprehensive brand kit. This includes creating business cards, email signatures, invoices, social profiles, and more—all with the same font, colors, logo, and design. With easy-to-use templates, anyone can create a polished and professional brand identity for their business in less than a day.

What Looka Is Good At

AI-Powered Customization: Looka utilizes AI to generate logos based on your style, color, and symbol preferences. This technology adapts to your choices, offering designs uniquely tailored to your business’s branding needs.

So how exactly does this work? All you need to do is type in your company name and industry and choose from your favorite styles, colors, and symbols. The logo maker will automatically start generating designs for you based on your preferences.

Once you choose your design, you can edit and personalize it so the end result fits your exact vision. Not only is the process easy from start to finish, but you end up with a high-quality logo design and get high-resolution images, color variations, business card designs, and more.

Looka homepage with the first step shown to make a logo in minutes.

User-Friendly Interface: The logo creation process with Looka is straightforward, allowing you to select preferences, browse custom logos, and make real-time adjustments. No design expertise is required, making it accessible to all users. This is the perfect tool for businesses just getting started or anyone looking to refresh their old, outdated logo with something clean, unique, and personalized to their brand.

Cost-Effectiveness: Looka provides a cost-effective solution for logo design, where you only pay once you are completely satisfied with the final product. If you spend time trying to design a logo but don’t come up with anything you like, you don’t have to pay a cent. This approach offers professional quality without the typical expense of hiring a designer.

Rapid Design Process: Looka’s efficient system delivers custom logo designs within minutes. You can quickly browse, modify, and finalize designs, significantly reducing the time from conception to completion. It’s more than possible (and in fact very likely) that you’ll have a professional-looking logo design in less than a day.

Branding Beyond Logos: Beyond logo creation, Looka offers a Brand Kit subscription for extensive branding needs. This includes social media profiles and posts, business cards, website-building tools, email signatures, posters, newsletters, and more. We love that you can access all the marketing materials you need on one dashboard, meaning you don’t have to hop between software programs to create branding materials for your business.

Tons of Helpful Features and Resources: If you hire a logo designer, they’ll provide you with things like high-resolution images, vector files, color variations so you can change the background (i.e., black on white or white on black), and more.

With Looka, you don’t need to sacrifice any of these premium features—you get all that and more with its platform.

In addition to a ton of design options, Looka also offers resources like mockup previews, high-resolution and vector files, and guidelines for brand consistency. So even if you’re just starting out, you’ll have a full suite of branding tools at your fingertips that you can start using to promote your business.

Looka’s Potential Drawbacks

Limited Customization Flexibility: While Looka provides a range of design options, we found when going through user reviews that some users have noted limitations in size and positioning adjustments. The service doesn’t allow complete freedom for drag-and-drop customization, so there’s a possibility that you may not get the exact final product you were envisioning.

Design Limitations: Looka’s AI design tool is fast and efficient, but it can’t match a human designer when it comes to creativity or representing the nuances of your brand.

Premium Plan Dependency: Though Looka advertises a free option, it only lets you create a design for free, not download it. You must purchase one of the premium plans to download your logo and access the other design features.

Looka Plans and Pricing

Below are the packages offered by Looka, each designed to cater to different branding needs. If you only need a logo and nothing else, you can opt for the Basic Logo Package. If you want to design a logo plus get marketing materials, you can look at its Brand Kit Subscription packages.

Brand Kit Subscription

This subscription plan is $96 per year, billed annually, and offers everything you need to get your business started:

  • Logo changes: This allows you to make unlimited changes to your logo
  • Ownership rights: You get full ownership of your logo, even if you no longer subscribe to Looka’s services
  • File quality: Hi-res and vector logo files
  • Exclusive offers: Over $3,000 in exclusive offers to help with everything from payroll to running ads
  • Social profiles: 20+ versions of your logo tailored to specific social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Social posts: 50+ templates customized with your logo and brand colors
  • Business cards: 19+ branded business card designs that are fully customizable
  • Email signatures: 8+ branded email signatures pre-filled with your company information
  • Letterheads: 10+ branded letterhead designs that can be emailed or printed
  • Invoices: 10+ branded invoice templates
  • Brand guidelines: Keep branding consistent by outlining your fonts, colors, and more
  • Ready-to-use assets: 300+ ready-to-use branded assets that automatically update anytime you edit your logo

Brand Kit Web Subscription

The Brand Kit Web Subscription includes everything from the Brand Kit Subscription above and adds an AI-generated website that’s fully branded with your company’s logo, fonts, and colors. It costs $129 per year, billed annually.

Basic Logo Package

The basic logo package is a one-time payment of $20. It includes one low-resolution file that’s 1000×1000 pixels. This option is best used to brainstorm a logo idea you can present to a graphic designer to build upon.

Premium Logo Package

This premium package is a one-time fee of $65. It includes:

  • Multiple high-res file types: PNG, EPS, SVG, PDF
  • Four color variations: Full color, color on transparent background, white on transparent background, black on transparent background
  • Unlimited post-purchase changes: Log into your account to edit your logo anytime
  • Full ownership: Logo can be used for any commercial or non-commercial purpose
  • Lifetime technical support: Customer support via chat, email, or phone is available seven days a week from 9 am to 5 pm EST
Looka form to get started by entering company name.

Final Thoughts

Looka offers a range of valuable features for those seeking quick, AI-driven logo and brand design solutions. It’s particularly appealing for startups and small businesses.

While Looka excels in rapid design creation and has a user-friendly interface, you should weigh these advantages against the noted drawbacks to determine if Looka aligns well with your specific branding needs and expectations.

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