10 Best Infographics on Web Design And Development

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Need some inspiration when it comes to web design or development?

Whether you are just getting started building your own website or you are an experienced web designer or developer, here are 10 great infographics about the history of web design, color, programming, typography, templates, technology, and more that should get your creative website imagination rolling.

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The Evolution of Web Design

Web design has come a long way in 20 years. Here is the history of web design from the 1990’s primarily text based sites to today’s mobile sites in an infographic from KISSmetrics.

Does Design Matter

1,500 small businesses and startups were surveyed about design, and here is what they answered when asked about the importance of design to business success. This infographic by 99designs covers how much businesses plan to spend on design, where they source designers from, the best colors, their most and least favorite designs, and how much they would pay for a new logo.

Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design and why is it important for both your visitors? And how can you learn more about creating responsive designs? Find out in this interactive infographic from Template Monster. This infographic is more than just an image – click below to see this infographic in action and get to the juicy resource links built in.

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

Did you know that certain industries should steer away from particular colors while other industries should embrace them? Before you start branding your company and designing a website, you might want to know what certain colors say about your brand. Find out how consumers react to certain colors and how to use color to your advantage in your logos, landing pages, product pages, and more in this infographic by Marketo.

The Art of Color Coordination

Now that you know what colors say about your brand, find out how to coordinate your brand colors into your design in this infographic by KISSmetrics. See the color wheel, color harmonies, and how to use them in specific elements of your website’s design.

A Quick & Comprehensive Type Guide

If you’re not sure what font to use on your website or other design piece, you can refer to the following infographic as a visual guide. It covers typefaces, styles, anatomy, the message a particular font sends to viewers, and more. This infographic was found on Fast Company Design.

Note that the image is broken in to two parts when clicking to enlarge them.

The Designer’s Candy Store

A great design is made up of many little things including fonts, brushes, textures, stock photos, templates, and patterns. If you are into building your own web design templates, then you will likely want to get some of these items in your toolbox. Here are the most widely used little elements that make for a great design from oBizMedia.

What Makes Someone Leave a Website

Before you build a website that no one wants to stick around on, you may want to learn about how bad navigation, too many ads, and other functionality and usability issues drive your visitors away. This infographic from KISSmetrics shows the top reasons why people leave your website and how to fix them.

What Are Websites Made Of

What are the most popular markup languages, services, analytics programs, and hosting systems on the web? Find out in this infographic by Broadband Choices. You can also learn more about what your favorite website is built with using BuiltWith Technology Lookup.

Web Accessibility for Designers

Curious what design elements affect accessibility? Find out how structure, fonts, colors, and other elements can make or break your website in this infographic by WebAIM.

Which do you think is the best  infographic about web design and development?  Know of other great infographics on the subject of web design and development?  Please share them in the comments.

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