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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

If you have no leads, your business dies. It’s only a matter of time before you miss payroll and you’re sitting in your office giving “the talk” to your favorite co-workers. To help you avoid that, we dug into the best lead generation services available, and we recommend Upcall as the best option for most. They have an incredible outbound calling service that sucks in leads like a shop-vac and delivers them blazing hot. Upcall qualifies them so well that, by the time they get to you, your sales team only needs to answer the call, confirm the payment info, and close the sale.

The Best Lead Generation Software For Most

Upcall Logo


Best For Most

Generate leads on autopilot with a professional team trained to maximize your business leads effectively.

No one likes cold calling… except for Upcall agents. Their reps can’t get enough. And they are lead nurturing experts that warm your leads for you. Upcall even sets the appointment, so all you have to do is show up and reap the reward. 

How do they do it? Simple, really. The reps ask qualifying questions to discover the leads’ buying intent. After that, they confirm the prospect wants to move forward with the purchase and they set up an appointment to close the sale. Imagine sitting back and seeing the smiles on the faces of your sales team as they slam dunk sale after sale. And, that you have team members complaining because the call volume is so high they can’t catch their breath. That’s what Upcall can do for your lead generation. 

The 7 Best Lead Generation Options:

  1. Upcall – Best for most
  2. Cience – Best PaaS lead generation service
  3. DiscoverOrg – Best B2B database for lead generation
  4. Overdrive Interactive – Best end-to-end lead generation 
  5. CandorWorks – Best lead quality guarantee
  6. – Best for exclusive leads
  7. Callbox – Best B2B multi-industry approach lead generation 

When It Makes Sense to Invest in Lead Generation Services

Are you spending a small fortune on marketing for leads and not getting any results? Are your conversion rate percentages floating at the bottom of the weekly progress report? If you answered yes, then you need lead generation services. 

Another thing to focus on is the quality of your current leads, if you have sales reps calling leads and those leads don’t understand why you’re calling or are confused about your product, you need better qualifiers.   

Lead gen services can make sure you’re not wasting your resources speaking to people that don’t care about your services. 

You also might need a lead generation service in the opposite scenario. That’s right, a lead generation service can be a lifesaver if you have too many leads already.

Let’s say your marketing manager is a rockstar. They have leads calling in left and right, your CRM is flooded with people interested and ready to get more information. 

But, you can’t reach them fast enough. Yup, it happens.

And if you don’t have the resources to reach out to a lead within 24 hours you can lose that momentum and eventually the sale. If this is becoming a problem for you, investing in a lead gen provider that does outbound calls for you is a necessity. They’ll help qualify everyone so your team only spends time on the red-hot prospects.

Think about it… 

How much cash is sitting on the table waiting but you can’t collect?

Getting service to help with lead generation will prevent sporadic sales and allow you to sustain a thriving operation.

#1 – Upcall — Best For Most 

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Best For Most

Generate leads on autopilot with a professional team trained to maximize your business leads effectively.

Regardless of how you want to generate leads, Upcall is our top pick. From outbound calling and texting to personalized emails, you get the benefit of lead generation experts who love doing the things you don’t—cold outreach and sales.

When you choose Upcall, you get a professional lead-gen team on demand and you join the likes of Airbnb, LG, and QuickBooks (to namedrop a few).

Lead generation provided by Upcall starts with their outbound call capabilities. Now, you might be thinking this is an ancient way to provide leads, but that’s far from the truth.

To start, Upcall gets in touch with contacts you already have and puts in the time—paired with their expertise—to warm them up for a sale through intelligent phone calls.

Every contact will get a personalized call from a highly trained, sales-focused call center professional who asks the right questions to determine that contact’s value as a potential customer. To sweeten the deal and drive results, Upcall matches leads to agents who are the best match based on their location, industry, and experience level.

If an agent isn’t able to get through on the phone, they’ll follow up with a text message to keep communication flowing.

Once a lead’s qualified, your sales team is the first to know with a direct event on your calendar so you can close the detail, complete with detailed call notes and what to expect.

Upcall’s team handles the grunt work of cold calling and nurturing so your salespeople can follow through and convert warm leads into paying customers.

Upcall also provides much-needed customer engagement analysis, reaches out for customer retention efforts, and gets involved with payment reminders so you don’t lose one cent from forgetful customers.  

Upcall does all the heavy lifting and engages with your contacts without you having to actually do the calls and follow-ups yourself. If you are a busy owner or just starting up a business, and have a ton of contacts think Upcall.

You don’t have to make yourself dizzy thinking of how you would reach all these people to build a relationship, look no further than your own professional outbound call center, dedicated to qualifying each lead in a way that primes them for what you have to offer.

#2 – Cience — The Best PaaS Lead Generation Service

Cience Logo


The best PaaS lead generation service

Use the data-driven AI technology to ensure your leads are exactly what your business needs. Generate the highest quality leads using science.

Cience uses cutting-edge tools, machine learning, and its own specialized procedures to find the best leads for B2B businesses.

What makes it stand out from the others on our list is its people-as-a-service (PaaS) lead generation offering that bolsters its AI-driven solution with a stellar staff of researchers, sales specialists, and sales development experts.

The company only hires and actively develops the best—as such, your company gets the benefit of an experienced team of Cience pros to elevate your lead gathering strategy and empower your sales team to achieve higher conversion rates.

Cience works best with sales teams that are already established to add their specialized talents, but it can also work with businesses that have not yet established a full sales team and need to improve lead generation.

The dedicated Cience experts and consultants plug into your lead generation and sales strategy in one of a few ways, depending on what you need and how often you’ll need them: 

SDR Team 

  • Two specialized full-time staff members at your disposal, plus three to five part time staff
  • Assists with campaign launch through audience targeting, copywriting, lead qualification and more
  • 25-250 named accounts delivered per month
  • Focused on core channels of phone, email, LinkedIn, and chat 

Inbound SDR 

  • One full-time staff member, plus two part-timers
  • Assists with inbound lead gathering through real-time chat, immediate human responses to online forms, moving leads from marketing-qualified to sales-qualified, and more
  • Delivers measurable improvements to lead generation and conversion, backed up by metrics like time-to-close and cost of acquisition

Sales Researchers

  • Unlimited staff at your disposal
  • Provides lead lists segmented by everything from demographics and firmographics to triggering market events
  • 100% accuracy guarantee backed by a 30-day guarantee on contact quality
  • Deliverable weekly, monthly, or per project

CRM Migration/Integration

  • Consultants assigned per project, according to scope
  • Migrations and integrations supplemented with health tests, setting up custom fields and reports, transfer of assets, and more

So, you can customize your plans for outsourced lead generation, getting ideal prospects that prime your operation to convert more regularly. 

#3 – DiscoverOrg — Best B2B Database For Lead Generation

DiscoverOrg Logo


The best B2B database for lead generation

Where are all of the best business leads found? DiscoverOrg. Use this B2B database to select your ideal business contacts and get the leads you need from the best business contact database available.

Ever wondered where to find the best information that you can use to generate sales-qualified leads? I have just the thing. 

DiscoverOrg lets you connect with your ideal customers using its robust, exclusive database. 

It holds valuable information about key decision-makers in your target industries. Plus, DiscoverOrg will help you learn about the buying signals of your ideal customers, backed by their data. 

This database can be used effectively by your sales team, marketing operations, or your recruiting department. Github, LG, and Citigroup use this critical resource to pinpoint the best buyer at the right time. 

Areas of expertise from DiscoverOrg include:

  • Sales leadership and development
  • Recruiting
  • Sales and marketing operations
  • Marketing and demand generation

The cloud-based platform is simple and easy to use, so your sales team can hit the ground running as soon as you get access to DiscoverOrg’s database.. 

Take advantage of the free trial and see what DiscoverOrg can do for you. It can’t hurt right? 

The trial is no cheap set of services either. Here’s what you get:

  • Direct dial phone numbers
  • Verified email addresses
  • Comprehensive firmographic and technographic details
  • Buying signals and intent data
  • In-depth job responsibilities and functions
  • Department level org chart

The free trial alone is stacked with useful ways to get quality leads fast by giving you a clear view of what the database has to offer, just on a smaller scale. 

#4 – Overdrive Interactive — Best End-to-End Lead Generation

Overdrive Interactive Logo

Overdrive Interactive

The best end-to-end lead generation

Taking a customer from introduction to raving fan is simple with Overdrive Interactive lead generation. They specialize in mapping the entire process for large organizations. One provider, all of your business needs satisfied. Create a custom strategy made just for you.

Overdrive Interactive specializes in end-to-end lead and demand generation for large organizations. 

What we mean by end-to-end is that Overdrive can handle both the wide array of marketing channels that companies use to generate, attract, and nurture leads and every touch point in your sales funnel from initial contact through the last email before your team closes the sale. 

They start with focusing on quality leads by understanding your target audience, then map opportunities based on a balance between cost-per-lead and lead quality. 

Once that is handled they create sales funnels that move your leads through the buying process, based on IDing qualified leads, retargeting metrics, and insight mapping. 

Overdrive Interactive will also create your marketing plan from scratch for your lead generation needs, syncing them with your organization’s sales goals and unifying the many entry points into your sales funnel. 

Overdrive can customize the following lead gen methods to suit your needs:

  • Paid search 
  • Inbound marketing 
  • Social media marketing
  • Content development 
  • Email list rental 
  • Mobile ads 

And much more.

Whether your company needs B2B or B2C customers, Overdrive Interactive has you covered every step of the way. 

#5 – CandorWorks — Best Lead Quality Guarantee

CandorWorks Logo


The best lead quality guarantee

Guaranteed accuracy gives you the confidence your leads will be high quality. Pay only for the leads you generate and no others service you’re not using. Use stable integration technology to get your steady stream of leads with no fuss.

In today’s world of business, if you can automate it, you should. 

CandorWorks makes your life easier by supporting your lead generation efforts with a mix of technology and a systemized approach. Through account-based marketing, content marketing, and event promotion, it enhances your prospect search, letting you convert at a higher level. 

Plus, they’ll handle appointment setting your sales team’s hopper of leads remains full.

CandorWorks is all about conversion so they guarantee the accuracy of your leads. They do all the heavy lifting. 

You are promised 100% lead replacement if any lead is found to be incomplete or with incorrect data

What’s also nice is you only have to pay for the leads you generate. This gives you a risk-free relationship with them. 

Feeling good about a steady stream of high-quality leads coming in will be your new normal, then all you need to do is focus on the sales part. 

Candor uses a four step process to establish the right leads for your business:

  • They start with email marketing and telemarketing. Email marketing is still one of the best way to build revenue and establish long-term relationships with quality leads, while phone calls are still the backbone of much B2B lead nurturing and qualification.
  • Next, they include a content marketing strategy to get your message in front of the right leads and boost your brand’s standing in their eyes.
  • A social media marketing plan comes next, setting a strategy to engage with leads that are most influenced through social media interaction. 
  • To round out your campaign, event marketing helps build an in-person connection for finding and priming leads. 

CandorWorks is a simple approach to lead generation with an iron-clad guarantee. What we also like about this company is it offers adaptable pricing models, ranging from retainer and fixed-fee cost to performance-based and per-project pricing.

#6 – — The Best for Exclusive Leads Logo

The best for exclusive leads

Imagine being the only business of your kind offering your service to a lead. With lead exclusivity, your leads have never been used by another business. Close more sales more often with a lead list that has not been recycled, ever. is your sure-fire way to find potential clients who have not already been pitched to by 20 other companies in your field. 

You are guaranteed 100% exclusivity for your lead, meaning that it has never been used by anyone else. 

That’s an enormous benefit about working with 

Another thing that makes them a great choice is their systematic approach to helping nurture your leads. You are given your own project management team, which develops your lead generation strategy and jump starts your campaign.

Plus, as your leads are developed, you can incorporate sales funnels and the leads are provided to you in real-time. 

And it gets even better, because will refine your strategy based on the data and repeat the process again, developing it more and increasing your lead volume. 

Customize your campaign with the strategies that suit your business:

  • Paid search marketing 
  • SEO
  • Whitepaper creation 
  • PR and brand awareness
  • Email marketing
  • Lead nurturing 
  • Custom platform development 
  • Creative services 
  • Appointment setting
  • Lead follow-up is a great choice, though—just like all the other options on this list—the pricing is not available online. 

Their website’s contact form asks for information about your company and what your budget is. Filling out this form will get you started on a free consultation with’s specialists. 

#7 – Callbox — The Best Industry-Specific B2B Lead Generation

Callbox Logo


The best industry-specific B2B lead generation

B2B specialist CallBox offers full service lead generation in several different industries. Giving you the confidence the leads you acquire have been qualified and reviewed. This sales support company has a highly skilled team that reaches out, sets appointments and confirms the lead once again maximizing your rate of closing the sale exponentially.

If you need B2B lead generation tailored strictly to your niche, Callbox is the specialist. They are the largest B2B lead generation and sales support services company in the world, helping companies across several different industries. 

If you work in IT, consulting, healthcare, finance, or manufacturing, you can’t go wrong getting your leads through Callbox. Quality data, a stellar marketing tech stack, and highly skilled people is what keeps Callbox ahead of the competition. 

Callbox is great because they find the decision-makers and actually help you find the companies that could benefit from your B2B products or services that you may not have considered yet.

Callbox’s professionals will communicate on your behalf, qualifying leads over social media and other platforms. Final appointments are set and meetings get confirmed, so by the time you speak with the lead, they’ve already gone through the vetting process and are primed to make a buying decision.

Knowing your leads are not coming into a meeting cold or confused about what’s going to be discussed gives you extra confidence to close the deal. 

Callbox leverages its knowledge about specific industries across the U.S. and Canada, then allows you to show up after the nitty-gritty work has been done and look like the hero. Must be nice. 

Methodology For Choosing The Best Lead Generation Services

Now that we’ve talked about how you can get leads that are qualified for your business. Let’s talk about why these lead generation services made this list and how our methodology can help you choose which one works best for you.

Price Point Analysis

You might notice that there is no pricing information on the list. That’s because most lead generation providers customize your plan based on your needs. 

So, you should get a quote from your top choices. Making sure the price fits into your budget is key. If not, you could have a negative return on investment because of overspending on lead generation. 

Many companies offer various payment models and some only charge you for the leads you get. Some can bill you for the month, or even per campaign.

Niche Driven 

We recommend focusing on a lead generation company that specializes and doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. The reason is because you won’t get the most qualified leads for your business unless your lead gen service is focused on your industry or niche. 

Some services focus on a small range of industries, while others are tailored to specific sizes of business. 

You want your leads to be the best and also hyper-relevant to your industry. That starts with focusing on a lead gen company that has experience in your field.

Lead Generation Strategy

Strategy is everything, and how a company is going to find your leads matters greatly. Every company has their own spin on how they find leads and qualify them. 

A good question to ask is, “how will my leads be delivered?” Will you receive them in real time or in batches? Can they be delivered via text messages as well as in emails? Will they include scoring?

Furthermore, how active is the service in the steps after collecting leads? Do they set appointments for you, or even pre-sell to leads?.


Honestly, you know that every company is going to put their best foot forward on their website. It’s to be expected. 

But social media and case studies don’t lie. They give you the real truth about a service and if the company is providing a service worth spending your money on. 

It’s extremely important you do some digging. Read reviews, case studies, social posts, and more. Don’t make a decision until you feel confident that what the provider is saying matches what real clients are saying and that leads have actually been generated. 

Upcall Logo


Best For Most

Generate leads on autopilot with a professional team trained to maximize your business leads effectively.

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Look, you can’t make money without leads—qualified, I-want-to-buy-what-you’re-selling leads. 

Lead generation services allow your sales team to stop playing both sides and simply focus on selling. 

Let this guide be the easy way to find what you need in the sea of lead generation providers you have to choose from. 

Because no matter your industry or business size, we’re sure using this methodology can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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