20 Inviting Examples Of Hotel Website Design

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Hotel website design can be tricky business.  A hotel’s core job is to give its guests a sense of comfort in an inviting atmosphere.

This feeling should be extended onto the website design for the hotel as well, garnering the customer’s interest while providing an accessible experience that allows those who never booked with them before to do so easily. In this article we’ll take a look at some live hotel websites to get a feeling for what works in today’s marketplace.

 1. MacAllan Ridge

This rental resort in the Smoky Mountains really takes advantage of the surrounding atmosphere in creating a rich, textured website that inspires you to take a break from it all. Best of all no flash was used, which makes navigating to specific areas faster and more search engine friendly.

2. Hotel Terra Jackson Hole

The color scheme of the Hotel Terra website is a nod to its eco-friendly roots and provides a modern, refreshing feel to the boutique hotel.

Hotel reviews are a big factor customers consider in making a hotel recommendation these days. These advancements in web technology allow hotel guests to give feedback after their stay with the hotel. The Hotel Terra takes advantage of their good standing with customers by displaying their Trip Advisor rating at the bottom of the page along with sponsors.

3. Bellagio Las Vegas

The Bellagio in Las Vegas does a great job at beautifully presenting its facilities – a goal that must be achieved in terms of hotel web design. The presentation of the fountains of Bellagio in video format goes a long way in indulging the visitor.

4. The Kahala Resort

The legendary Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii’s website is what you’d come to expect from a luxury resort. The understated elegance lends it a quiet, comforting feel while at the same time not being boring. Don’t you want to visit here?

5. von Essen Hotels

The color scheme draws the user into the website for von Essen hotels. High quality photography creates a professional impression while the large scale phone number makes booking easy. These elements, along with location maps will allow customers to get a better idea of what to expect of the hotel.

6. The Hermitage Hotel

Historical elegance and comfort are some words that come to mind in viewing the website for The Hermitage Hotel, located in Nashville. The online booking system is readily apparent on the homepage, and is important as it allows the busy user to quickly make the necessary reservations without the hassle of waiting for a phone operator to attend to them.

7. Hotel Dah

Here’s another example of how a slideshow of large images can be effective in promoting your hotel. The color scheme along with the slick interface give a fresh, modern feel to the hotel.

 8. Hotel Schartner

This is another example of successfully conveying the atmosphere of a hotel. Large-scale photography of the hotel and its restaurant lure the visitor into this family-run hotel. A weather widget adds to the convenience and allows the guest to pack accordingly.

9. James Buchanan Pub & Restaurant

This pub and restaurant, which also has lodging available, makes you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time with an interesting use of photography. Guests will feel part of history as they stay the night in the boyhood home of the 15th President of our nation.

10. Chale graal Hotel

Chale Graal is a new, unique in style and architect recreation complex in the western region of Ukraine, which differs from other hotels and resorts by providing a very special unique atmosphere. The tiled background communicates a sense of culture and tradition, and is unique in terms of hotel web design.

11. Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotels target audience is the creative class. The chain of hotels originally founded in Seattle, Washington, has been called “the country’s most original” hotel. A quick browse through their website and you’ll see this inherent characteristic that makes the Ace Hotel so unique.

 12. NH Hotels

The website for NH hotels is proof that the design doesn’t have to be overcomplicated to draw the visitor in. The search feature in the top left makes accessing current deals easy, while the destination photography to the right allows you to see what specials are going on where.

13. Hotel Los Colores

This bright, impactful hotel website is a refreshing break from what we’ve come to expect from a corporate hotel website. Located in Colombia, the website capitalizes on this tropical paradise of nature, adventure and relaxation. A Trip Advisor widget allows you to read reviews and boost your confidence in booking with this hotel situated in the nature of South America.

14. Stora hotellet

This hotels website lets you know what you’re paying for through a large gallery of images. In doing so, it allows the customer to decide if they feel safe investing the money in this elegant hotel.

 15. Silverton Casino

The website for Silverton Casino conveys excitement.  The website gives you the feeling that you are there.  It combines the comfort of an upscale lodge with the casino gaming excitement of Las Vegas.

 16. Little Palm Island

This is another example of a website that sets the mood and atmosphere of hotel very well. The large scale photography of the hotel interiors contribute to this feeling.

17. The Porches

This collage-inspired design of the website for the Porches gives it a trusting and warm feel. Its 47 rooms of retro-edgy, industrial granny chic ambiance make a spirited lodging statement in New England and beyond.

18. Go Glamping

This nature-inspired design is appropriate for this luxury camping directory. The website features a nice and clean layout free from obtrusive ads seen on many travel websites.


19. Lake Crackenback

Lake Crackenback luxury ski resort and accommodation hotel is a holiday playground. The website does a great job at showcasing it’s offerings, while keeping you up to date with the latest news and allowing you to check availability on the homepage – all important features to have on a hotel website.

 20. Trapp Family Lodge

Famous for the “Sound of Music”. this austrian-style resort takes its name from the Trapp Family. One may feel apart of history as they go through a history tour or just relax at this warm and inviting lodging option in Stowe, Vermont.

What do you think these hotel website designs are doing well?

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