25 Eye-Catching Event Websites For Your Inspiration

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Whether it’s a festival, conference, wedding, or sporting event — it needs a website.

And event websites are a little different.

A well-designed event website will:

  • Communicate the what, where and when clearly
  • Let site visitors know exactly how to RSVP or get a ticket
  • Use imagery, fonts, copy, colors and more that match the event

Remember to address the what, where, and when questions above all, as these are important facts prospective attendees need to get through the door!

Take a look at this roundup of 25 Event Websites for your inspiration!

Event Websites Showcase

1. Evening of Inspiration


The poster-like quality of the website for Evening of Inspiration is an effective direction to take into creating impact and garnering attention to the event.

2. DrupalCon Denver


The web design and development community is rife with conferences and accordingly, well-designed websites that promote these  events. DrupalCon Denver is the official conference of the Drupal community. DrupalCon is a biannual event presented to an ever-expanding international audience since Drupal became an open-source project in 2001.


3. Inhabit


The simple, modern presentation of the Inhabit website has the feel of an invitation and still provides all the necessary text information you’d need to make the decision of attending this Holiday party benefiting the Habitat for Humanity.

4. Nordicruby


A countdown clock on the Nordicruby site is a helpful reminder of how far away the conference is. The clean, intuitive presentation makes finding out more about the conference that much easier, while quick-to-access call to action buttons elicit the visitor to take action.

5. Converge SE 2012


Converge SE is another conference geared towards the design and development industries. Naturally, the creators take things up a notch by catering towards this niche with a technically-advanced website. Social buttons prominently displayed next to the menu items make it easy to connect with conference-goers leading up to the event.

6. Old Pulteney


An arctic theme is carried across the website for Role to the Pole, an expedition to row to the 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole.

7. Tournament Of Chimpions


The Interlink Dodgeball Tournament of Chimpions website is everything you’d expect from this intense sporting event. This tournament, sponsored by Mailchimp, was the kick-off to Interlink Conference 2011.

8. Salford Stories


Sometimes all you need is carefully composed typography to get your message across, as is the case for Salford Stories.

9. Ross & Jess


The wedding website for Ross & Jess is both modern and elegantly composed. The yellow along with the wheat motif, are subtle indicators of where the event will be held, tying the concept together nicely.

10. Image Festival Rotterdam


Bright pastel colors comprise the website for the Image Festival Rotterdam. The Image Festival is a yearly event focusing on all aspects of imagery and the image industry. Over the ten days of the festival the emphasis is on on  applications and crossovers in media, and aims to present the diversity of our visual culture.

11. Parklife


Parklife is a concert held in Australia whose idea is to celebrate music we love, smiling people and a great party amongst grass, trees and (hopefully!) brilliant blue skies, right in the heart of the city. The website is a good indication of what’s to come, and relies on an earthy, organic theme to convey this message.

12. Escape Fails


The band Escape Fail’s event website informs the visitor where the band will be playing in a simple, yet clever illustration.

13. Bonnaroo


The festival’s atmosphere is brought to the web with Bonnaroo’s website. Watch recorded selections online, listen to next years lineup, and purchase tickets on the website for this music and art festival.

14. Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference


A stylized, imagery-based header is sometimes all you need to convey an event’s location. Such is the case for the Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference.

15. Boudin & Beer


A large-scale painting of a pig piques your curiosity on the website for Boudin & Beer, a fundraising event for the Emeril Lagasse Foundation. The trend of laying typography out in a similar manner of a poster is also evident, and allows you to easily digest when the event is held and where.

16. Eco Adventures


Looking for an adventure? The website for Cypress Hills Eco Adventures will set you up to explore Southwest Saskatchewan’s only forest canopy.

17. Buses at the Brewery


The heading of Buses at the Brewery clearly identifies the who, what, when, and where of the event in a clear, logical manner.

18. Tribe Con 2011


Typography plays a leading role on the website for Tribe Con 2011. The event website as poster design trend is utilized effectively once again.

19. Frontend 2011


Comic-book style illustrations make the FrontEnd 2011 Conference website stand out in terms of web design and development conferences. Scroll down the website and you’ll see this theme expanded in the caricatures of the speakers – who include designer/illustrator Jessica Hische, and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman.

20. Wild West Day


Attractions including live music, cowboy roping and bull riding, pony and wagon rides, storytelling, gunfight reenactments, and much more are a sampling of what you can expect at Wild West Day. This one-of-a-kind event, organized to provide high entertainment and educational value while benefiting a number of local charitable and good causes, uses the Wild West theme to full advantage on its website.

21. Tick Talk


Tick Talk is a fictional conference held in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, on 10th June 2010. It’s aim is to raise awareness of the responsibility we as web designers have to use others’ time wisely, and to kick-start the discussion on how we can go about doing this. This one-page scrolling website presents the conferences speakers and allows easy registration.

22. Future of Web Apps


The Future of Web Apps is a conference for web developers and entrepreneurs. You’ll learn about cutting-edge tech and exciting new ideas.

23. Festik 2010


The website for Festik is another example of how the poster can be applied to event sites. Upon glancing, you instantly understand what the event is, where it’s held, and the date and time. The design is appropriate for this celebration of classic surf, tiki, and hot rod culture in Dayton, Ohio.

24. Boco


Boco is about the inspirational and innovative parts of tech and food. In this case, an illustration of the event’s natural surroundings serves as the backdrop of the website.


25. Tulsa Tough


The website for this 3-day cycling festival is clean and allows you to easily navigate the various sections according to your needs.

What about you?  Can you point us to any well-designed event websites?

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