Low-Competition Blog Niche Ideas That Will Make You Money

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There’s a blog about practically everything these days, which means there’s also a lot of competition online. If you’re blogging for fun, then this probably isn’t a big deal. However, if you’re trying to make money, then picking a common topic can cause you to struggle. 

For a new blog to be profitable—either as a side hustle or a main source of income—it needs to stand out. That said, there are many low-competition blog niches that can make you money if you start today. By picking one of them and committing to producing quality content for the long term, monetization is within reach.

Blog Niche Ideas With Low Competition and Tons of Money Making Potential

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Finance is a very popular blog topic, and for good reason. Practically everyone is interested in making money. However, starting a general finance blog will put you in direct competition with many other bloggers, so you may not know how to get your voice out there.

If you have a passion for all things finance and want to write about it, then picking a unique angle on finance can be the answer. In particular, one niche that still has a lot of room for more competition is non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Although it’s true that NFTs have been around for a while, it’s also true that the general public is still on the upward part of the learning curve about them. Many experts already exist, of course, but many blog readers are still searching for information that can introduce them to NFTs.

With an NFT-focused blog, you can provide general information about NFTs, how they’re purchased, and what makes them valuable. Those who are new to the topic can appreciate that kind of basic information and will often stick around to learn more when they find a new blog they can trust. 

You can also dive deeper to satisfy readers who already know the basics and want to know more about NFTs for financial reasons. You can review different NFTs, provide tutorials on buying, selling, and trading NFTs, and even create your own NFTs to sell.

Keep in mind that it’s also possible to carve out a niche within the niche. For example, you could focus only on NFTs that are the most expensive or showcase new NFTs as they hit the market.

Either way, the point is to develop your online reputation as an NFT expert and go from there. Expertise drives traffic to any blog, and NFT blogging is no different. The more eyes on your site, the more valuable it is to advertisers. You can put ads on your blog to make money when you have reliable traffic.

How to Start a Consulting Business 

As web searches on how to start a business continue to thrive, it shows that more and more people are looking to free themselves from the uncertainty of a corporate gig—or at least find a secondary source of income to pay their bills. .

It used to be that building an ecommerce site was at the top of people’s lists when it came to starting something on their own, but ecommerce is pretty saturated these days. This may contribute to the growing trend of starting service-based, online businesses. 

As a result, now is a great time to start blogging about how to start a consulting business. Consulting is a specific kind of service business with a unique audience, and people interested in starting their own consulting business tend to have expertise in a specific subject.

Starting a blog to help these people build their online businesses can be lucrative and simple. You can cover technical things (like how to set up a website or landing page), administrative topics (like which accounting software and time management apps to use), marketing tactics (like how to create a content schedule for posting on social media), and more. 

You can also create roadmaps and checklists to walk people through common processes. You may even want to offer these for free and use them as a lead generator to get people to your website (and into your sales funnel), but you can also decide to sell them as downloadable resources.

Lastly, once you’ve gained enough expertise on the material, you can also sell your own consulting services on your blog. People just starting out on any business journey often search for someone who can provide guidance along the way. 

You can call it coaching, mentoring, or advising—but no matter the name, selling your own services is another way to use your blog to make money.

Advertising on TikTok

Social media isn’t just for scrolling anymore. Savvy brands and businesses are leveraging popular social channels like TikTok as effective advertising channels. Social selling is a multi-billion dollar business that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon—but not all businesses have the skill and resources to create content that sells.

This is where your future blog about advertising on TikTok comes in. 

TikTok ads are blowing up right now despite the looming threat that the platform could be banned in the United States. Many businesses want to take advantage of the hype and extract as much value from the platform before it’s too late. And while “advertising on TikTok” is a popular search term right now, there aren’t a lot of blogs dedicated to it.

If you can offer your services as someone who creates effective TikTok ads for diverse businesses, you can make some good money from your blog. There are also other ways to monetize your blog at the same time.

For example, you can sell digital products. People are willing to pay for downloadable ad templates, copy for posts, video ideas/scripts, and checklists for running a successful social media ad campaign.

At the end of the day, there’s no shortage of people who want to know how to sell on TikTok successfully, so you can capitalize by delivering that information.

Alternatives to Traditional Education 

In recent years, the student loan crisis, mental health challenges, and school safety have all been clogging up news feeds. With all this going on, parents and students alike are looking for alternatives to traditional education.

Education in general is on the short-list of profitable blog niches—but how do you set yourself apart? For starters, don’t be a generalist. Instead, blog about something more specific, like subtopics that don’t have a lot of competition.

Parents and students want options, and you can use this to your advantage by recommending products and services that are relevant to alternative means of education. At the same time, you can also leverage affiliate marketing to monetize your advice and information.

Affiliate marketing, when done well, can be lucrative for a blog. The key is including products and services you trust and have tested yourself. When you combine trust with a large following, your blog can make affiliate marketing work very well.

Product Testing

Everyone seems to be on the product testing bandwagon these days, and most social media users have already heard something about Amazon’s product testing program. It’s a good gig if you can get it, and therein lies your blog opportunity.

Despite how there’s a lot of noise from people testing products right now, there’s yet to be a lot of competition among blogs that share the details of how to get into it and how to make it a success. 

Thus, creating a blog centered on “how to get started” in product testing addresses a valuable need that is mostly unfilled right now. If you can narrow your approach even further and speak to a certain demographic, you’ll face even less competition.

You can share information on how to get started, rate different strategies to separate the good from the not-so-great, offer tips and tricks for success, and provide other helpful information. Once again, you can also lean into affiliate marketing to monetize your blog.

Tiny Homes For Rent

Forget mega-mansions. These days people want tiny homes, and the smaller the better. 

Interest in tiny homes has skyrocketed over the past five years. People are searching for how to buy and build them, as well as which companies will do the heavy lifting for them.

That said, not every tiny home enthusiast is ready to jump straight into ownership. Some people want to test the water first. After all, if their only experience with tiny home living is what they see on Instagram, they may find that truly living in a small space is drastically different.

This presents you with a great idea for a blog niche with low competition and solid money-making potential: tiny homes for rent.

Many readers want to test out the tiny home lifestyle before they commit to buying or building. Unfortunately for them, there aren’t a lot of resources online to help them locate and vet tiny homes for rent. 

Your blog can solve that problem and earn you money at the same time. For example, you can create a membership-based blog where people pay a monthly fee for access to exclusive rental lists, access to agents, and time-sensitive information related to the tiny home rental market. You do the legwork, then offer the content behind a subscription-based paywall. 

Serious tiny home prospects are more than willing to pay if it saves them from spending hours or days searching for information themselves. If your content is valuable, they’ll also share information with other tiny home enthusiasts, driving even more traffic (and memberships) to your site.


Travel blogging might seem like an oversaturated market. Blogs about family travel and solo travel are everywhere, and there’s a reason for that. Good travel blogs are some of the most profitable blogs out there, earning popular bloggers thousands each month on average. Starting a travel blog can be a very lucrative decision.

If you haven’t yet jumped on the travel blogger train, all hope isn’t lost. There’s one niche of travel blogging that doesn’t have much competition—traveling with friends. With searches for “how to plan trips with friends” trending up recently, now is a great time to stake your claim to this travel blogger niche.

There are a variety of ways to earn money from a good travel blog. The most obvious are free travel perks, including fully paid trips to exciting locations. Even if a whole trip offer doesn’t come your way, with a solid blog following you can get discounts on flights, hotel compensations, and free excursions when you travel.

You can also leverage affiliate marketing for all things travel-related, such as your favorite suitcase, travel outfit, or other must-have item. With the right setup, you’ll earn a commission each time someone buys something through your affiliate link.

Remember that monetary success isn’t limited to your website, either. One natural progression is to start a podcast with the friends you travel with regularly. If it’s successful enough, you can get paid via sponsorships and ad placements there as well.

Two Tools To Help You Identify Other Low-Competition Blog Niche Ideas

If you want even more ideas for niche blog topics, there are some research tools you can use to help identify trending search words and phrases. 

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that analyzes the popularity of search terms and queries. You can enter a search term on the homepage to see how popular that phrase is right now and over time. You can also see the geographic areas where the topic is most popular, as well as a list of related topics to browse.

Google Trends landing page

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is part of Google Ads. It is a free keyword research tool that lets you see the competition level for different keywords—among other things. It can be extremely helpful for gauging a particular topic’s popularity.

Google Keyword Planner landing page

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