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Joe Putnam is the founder of ConversionEngine, an agency that builds conversion funnels which help clients generate more profit from PPC. He’s helped organizations increase SEO traffic 769%, cut their cost per acquisition in half, and 12X their leads from AdWords. He also co-wrote two in-depth guides with Neil Patel: the definitive guide to copywriting and the definitive guide to conversion rate optimization.

6 Secrets of Buzz-worthy Marketing Content

by Joseph Putnam

What is buzz marketing, anyway? Buzz marketing is the concept of creating promotional campaigns that get people talking about your brand. The goal is to create marketing materials that generate buzz from word of mouth. Instead of paying for one person to see your ad, each person you reach goes…

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Show Me My Heatmap

To capture data, @blueearth recommends website heatmaps #CrushinItMN