Our Values

Our values are integral to Crazy Egg. They:

  • Won't change regardless of circumstance
  • Help guide every decision, small or big
  • Determine who and how we work with people


Can it be done simpler?

  • Our company: minimizes management and bureaucracy
  • Our products: provide the easiest possible solution to meet 80% of the use cases
  • Our team: strives to simplify everything they do


Doing what you say you will.

  • Our company: does the right thing for our employees and customers even at the expense of profits
  • Our products: are reliable and trustworthy
  • Our team: follows through on commitments


Don't wait for someone to tell you to act.

  • Our company: looks for new opportunities before we need to
  • Our products: are constantly improving
  • Our team: acts indepenently to put in 100% effort even when no one is watching

Helping Others Succeed

Focus on the needs of the people we serve.

  • Our company: exists to serve our customers and team members
  • Our products: are designed from the customer's perspective - not ours
  • Our team: helps each other reach personal goals

Forward Thinking

Will this still work tomorrow?

  • Our company: focuses on sustainable growth through data-driven experiments
  • Our products: evolve to meet tomorrow's needs
  • Our team: favors long-term solutions over short-term solutions

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