See where people click and where they don't with Snapshots

And know exactly where to put your most important calls-to-action.

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What’s a Snapshot?

Crazy Egg takes a snapshot-in-time of your webpages and generates five easy-to-understand reports that display your visitors (and users) click behavior.

You’ll learn a lot about your web design and how your customers interact with your page elements and layout. This is the key to unlocking page improvements that’ll increase your bottom line.

One Snapshot, Five Reports

Crazy Egg Snapshots are interpreted by several different reports, each providing a unique and valuable look at how your visitors are engaging with your webpages.

Heatmap Report

We’re proud to be the originator in webpage heatmap technology. We designed our Heatmap report to quickly show you the highest areas of click activity on any of your webpages.

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Scrollmap Report

Know where your call-to-action sweet spot is. The Scrollmap report shows where the most popular scroll-depth of your webpage is - and that’s usually a prime spot for an important call-to-action.

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Confetti Report

For those of you who prefer a more precise look and want to see individual clicks on your webpages, this report is for you. The Confetti report displays color-coded dots that represent individual clicks and can be segmented by various metrics (time on site, OS, geography, etc.).

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Overlay Report

Know the percentage breakdown of clicks on all your webpage elements. This is helpful when it comes to determining which webpage calls-to-action are the most popular.

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List Report

The List Report is for those who want to see a purely numerical report of the number of clicks on their webpage elements. Sometimes you just need the numbers to slice-and-dice important behavioral insights.

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