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Nextiva is our favorite VoIP call recording solution of the 15 products we reviewed. It’s an affordable, easy-to-use, and fully scalable VoIP phone system that both includes and goes beyond basic call recording capabilities. They’re a top performer in many regards, but we’ve put serious work into examining several of the top VoIP call recording platforms on the market. Read on to find out more about our top picks.

Top VoIP Call Recording Platforms: Golden Eggs

Here’s a closer look at our Golden Eggs—the cream of the crop among the VoIP call recording tools we’ve researched:

Nextiva is a complete VoIP phone system that’s ideal for maintaining regulatory compliance during call recording. Set your team up for success with Nextiva.

RingCentral is a versatile business phone solution that’s perfect for high call volumes and occasional call recording needs. Start a 15-day free trial today

Ooma works well for midsize businesses that want advanced calling features with call recording capabilities. Sign up now to get started with Ooma. automatically records calls, transcribes them, and analyzes customer interactions to help sales teams close more deals. Book a demo or request pricing from today.

Crazy Egg Golden Eggs for Best VoIP Call Recording

VoIP Call Recording Review Process

All of the brand reviews in this guide are categorized by use case—scenarios like your own where users would find VoIP call recording helpful. These categories are the result of our proprietary research on the most important factors buyers consider when looking for these sorts of tools.

In our research of 15 VoIP call recording solutions, we identified the six most common use cases as being:

  • Quality assurance
  • Coaching and training
  • Call tracking
  • Transcription and captioning
  • Implementing a full phone system
  • Conversation intelligence

Organizing our reviews by use case makes it much easier to recognize the tools that align with your own unique needs among the many options available. In the reviews, you’ll learn more about why each call recording tool shines for a particular use case. Our reviews highlight the features and benefits for any business seeking a solution in that category. 

You can also jump straight to our buying guide methodology, too, which covers the key features and criteria for evaluating potential solutions in light of what’s important to the use case.

The Best VoIP Call Recording for Quality Assurance

We’ve all heard the line before while waiting on hold: “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.” This is one of the main drivers of call recording platforms, allowing organizations to record and store calls for later to track agent performance and resolve disputes.


Nextiva logo

Nextiva offers powerful VoIP phone systems and call center solutions that come with a variety of call recording features. The software lets you tag recorded calls, making it easy to find them later in cases of disputes or performance reviews.

It even has an advanced search function to help you find recordings. Search for calls based on duration, employee name, timeframe, incoming calls, outgoing calls, employee number, and more. This is crucial when you have hundreds or thousands of calls in your library.

If you want to be more hands-on in terms of quality assurance, Nextiva offers live monitoring and a barge feature. Managers don’t have to wait until a call is over to hear how it went, and they’ll have the ability to jump on and take over the call if things are going wrong.

Sign up with Nextiva to try its robust call recording features for quality assurance. You can also read our full Nextiva review here.


LiveAgent logo

LiveAgent is an affordable solution for customer support teams. Get a 360-degree support platform that ties together multiple communication channels and offers solid call recording capability. 

LiveAgent automatically records all VoIP calls and saves them as tickets with unique IDs, perfect for support centers. With the unique identifiers, searching for recordings is easy, and team members can play them anytime back to review how agents are doing. 

The software integrates with over 200 different software tools, including chatbots, CRM software, and more. These integrations make it easy to pull relevant information about a customer when they call your support staff, but they also allow you to carry over recordings and pertinent information to those other platforms. 

Regardless of your company size, LiveAgent is an excellent option for any customer support team on a budget. You can try it for free today on a 14-day trial.


Callcap logo

Callcap has a unique feature in the VoIP call recording category: third-party monitoring to eliminate bias from feedback. That eliminates any possibility that a manager’s relationship or opinion about an agent will cloud the QA process. 

If you opt for Callcap, one of their trained analysts will complete a customized scorecard based on the agent’s performance for any call you want monitored. They’ll catalog and track different subjects to show exactly what was discussed on the call and even help you identify any missed opportunities.

This platform’s API also makes it super simple to download all call recordings, so you can store them for future training or place them in a repository in case they’re needed for dispute resolution. This software also provides options for manual and automatic tagging of calls for easier searching through your archives.

Callcap will work with you to build a custom plan for your needs and budget. Get started by requesting your personal demo of the software.

RECITE By Numonix

RECITE by Numonix logo

RECITE by Numonix is our first standalone call recording platform, and it may be the best solely on its ability to integrate with virtually every PBX and unified communication platform. Other VoIP call recording tools often only integrate with other VoIP solutions.

This is arguably the simplest and most cost-effective way to record and monitor calls without changing your PBX phone system entirely. 

You get all the features you need for recording calls, archiving them, and searching for them later. RECITE’s web-based storage makes it easy to access recordings and share them with a password-protected link. 

And this platform really shines in terms of maintaining compliance. RECITE will help you stay compliant with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and MiFID II standards, so you’re covered no matter what sensitive information is discussed on calls. And the software even has special licenses for quality assurance supervisors—giving these users more options and flexibility to ensure calls meet quality standards. 

If this sounds like a fit for your business, reach out to Numonix for a quote today.

Cube ACR

Cube ACR logo

Cube ACR is a free call recording tool for Android devices, trusted by hundreds of thousands of users for both business and personal use. Its simplicity is where it shines—you get a lightweight yet fully functional call recording tool that fits like a glove for teams leaning more on mobile devices than desk phones.

Beyond just regular phone calls, you can record voice conversations that happen on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, and other VoIP apps. All recordings can be backed up to the cloud.

And while Cube ACR is a simple platform that is somewhat limited compared to other options, it still delivers two unique features we don’t see everywhere. During a call, a user can shake their Android phone to mark important segments of the conversation for later. And geotagging can be enabled to place map pins where recorded calls took place. 

You can install and start using Cube ACR for free.

The Best VoIP Call Recording for Coaching and Training

One aspect of quality assurance is upskilling and training agents to perform better on calls, but there are a wide array of needs for this software for training and coaching of all stripes. Recorded calls can be used to bring new hires up to speed with real examples from your repository of recordings and creating a database of examples to show other team members what good or bad calls look and sound like.


Nextiva logo

As a full-service phone system that can work for organizations of any size, Nextiva is perfect for coaching and training agents across your entire organization. It’s adaptable enough that you can use it for every department, no matter how many employees they have.

Nextiva can automatically record calls, then store them for up to six months within the platform. Its advanced search and filtering capabilities make it easy to find any call afterward. And if you need to store recordings for longer than six months, you can easily download them from the Nextiva Recorder App or the platform’s dashboard and move them to your cloud storage system.

Live call monitoring makes it easy for your managers to address improvements that reps can make during their calls or use the barge-in feature to take the reins and rescue one that’s going awry. 

And, if compliance is top-of-mind, Nextiva can be used while meeting HIPAA and PCI regulatory standards. Plus, admins of organizations in two-party consent states can easily add pre-connection messages to alert callers that their conversation will be recorded. 

Set up a single team or an entire call center with Nextiva. Check out our in-depth Nextiva review for more perspective. 


RingCentral logo

RingCentral is another complete business phone solution that’s packed with features for agents, managers, and admins alike. 

Their live coaching features have an edge on other platforms in this space. While others only offer the ability for managers to listen in and then barge in to take over a call, RingCentral also offers admin whispering. This allows managers to send messages and tips to an agent on a call without alerting the other party or interrupting the call. That’s one of the most important features for live training and coaching for new or seasoned call center reps.

In addition to audio recording, RingCentral lets you record video conversations as well. That unlocks the incredible AI-generated insights of video recordings which give you a summary of what happened during the call without having to listen to the full playback.

All recordings are stored on the platform for 90 days, which is a bit less than other options on the market. But you can easily download those files before the three months have passed and transfer them to your preferred cloud or secure file storage.With your stored recordings, it’s easy to hand-pick your call examples to show your staff during training sessions. 

RingCentral plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try it free for 15 days and read our full RingCentral review for additional details. 


Callcap logo

Callcap uses AI to automatically coach agents on calls through guided suggestions delivered in real-time and insights generated after the call has ended to go along with the recording. With agents who are making or receiving calls all the time during the workday, this is a streamlined way to gradually improve their service quality.

Those post-call insights are also great for training up new hires. Gather together all the AI feedback from a span of time and analyze it for improvements you want to see across the entire team or to highlight mistakes you want your new reps to avoid from the get-go. 

Callcap’s unique offering of having their in-house analysts provide feedback and advice on calls adds to the value here. Whether you need a set of trained eyes to identify issues or opportunities you’ve missed or just want an unbiased third-party view of what’s going well and what’s going poorly on calls, this is a feature that’s both novel and incredibly useful.

Reach out to Callcap to inquire about custom pricing and demo of the platform.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect logo

Adobe Connect offers a set of features for your voice and video call recordings that can elevate your organization’s online training. 

Recorded calls are made interactive in the platform for more effective coaching and teaching. You can add chapter marks, hide the names of participants, and add links, files, documents, and other attachments—perfect if you want to add supplemental information as training materials. 

That isn’t just limited to external calls either. Internal meetings can be recorded and stored for later training or review, with all of the interactive features mentioned above also applicable. 

And Adobe Connect meets a wide range of compliance regulations, including HIPAA, FERPA, ISO 27001, and GLBA. That’s why it’s trusted by healthcare companies, government agencies, and educational institutions. 

Sign up for your 30-day trial of Adobe Connect to get started.

The Best VoIP Call Recording for Call Tracking

Businesses can use call recording software to identify the source of calls, which is immensely helpful for marketing campaigns, support channels, and sales strategies. Whether you need to know where most of your calls are coming from or just the origin of your warmest leads, these platforms can give you the data to make smarter decisions in future campaigns.


Callcap logo

Callcap has some of the best call tracking capabilities for proving ROI and supporting strategic decisions. See exactly where calls are coming from and use Callcap’s dashboard to view metrics like which sources are leading to the most wins or conversions. 

What makes Callcap’s tracking even more potent is the ability to acquire virtual phone numbers through the platform. Add local or toll-free numbers, dedicate them to specific campaign triggers or calls to action, then view the detailed segmentation that results. This way, you can state with confidence that one aspect of a campaign was more effective than another because the phone number associated with it generated more calls, leads, or purchases.

Furthermore, your call tracking and monitoring is supplemented by Callcap’s AI features, which give you data and recommendations for improving call performance. 

Learn how this software can help you launch more effective campaigns by reaching out to Callcap for a product demo


CallRail logo

CallRail is one of the few providers out there whose plans all come with multiple local phone numbers. They’re also one of the only providers offering pay-as-you-go packages, so you’re not locked into anything long-term and you’re only charged for what you use. 

Every CallRail plan comes with five local numbers, allowing you to split campaigns five ways to track and assess different strategies and methods. For a simple example, deploy five different landing pages to use at the top of your funnel with different offers or calls-to-action, with each tied to one of your five CallRail numbers. Then, track the results as the calls come in to prove which tactic was most effective.

Need more than five phone numbers? No sweat; additional local numbers can be added to any plan for just $3 a pop. 

While CallRail plans all start with just 250 minutes, you’re getting all the essential call recording features no matter if you choose the cheapest or most expensive package. Play recordings back at any time and use the software’s built-in scoring system to grade calls on how they went compared to your standards and expectations. 

Sign up now to start your 14-day free trial of CallRail.


CallTrackingMetrics logo

It’s right there in the name. CallTrackingMetrics contains a fantastic array of features. Record, tag, and track calls on this voice, chat, and text communication platform.

This tool gives you granular control over what calls are automatically recorded. You can set it to record one or both of inbound or outbound calls, or instruct the software to only record calls involving a specific phone number of yours. You can also set whether the recording starts onring or connection.

What’s great is that you don’t even need to purchase additional virtual phone numbers to use CallTrackingMetrics to match callers with their origin. The software uses dynamic number insertion to swap out the number listed on your website for a unique tracking number, allowing you to analyze and segment data based on which landing page or site corresponds to each tracking number. 

Another uniquely generous offering is that CallTrackingMetrics offers storage of your recordings for the lifetime of your plan. You can go back and listen to recordings to see how your call tracking has changed over time with no expiration. 

Sign up today to wield the power of CallTrackingMetrics.

The Best VoIP Call Recording for Transcriptions and Captioning

Once your audio has been recorded, you can transcribe those calls into text files and even use those transcriptions for video captions. Transcriptions also help you tag your recordings or search through them via keywords. You can even use AI and machine learning to identify keywords and sentiment in calls without having to manually re-listen to all of your recordings—saving you a ton of time and money.


RingCentral logo

RingCentral is one of the only VoIP solutions on the market that automatically transcribes video calls. While it lacks the same feature for voice calls, this alone can make a huge difference in terms of recording, storing, analyzing, tagging, scoring, and sharing insights from video meetings.

This can apply to both internal and external video calls. For example, department meetings can be recorded and transcribed, then shared with other stakeholders or folks who couldn’t make the meeting. On the other hand, product demos with prospects or customers can have the same done, allowing you to analyze the interaction or find it later via transcription keywords and use it for internal training.

In addition to the transcriptions, RingCentral uses AI technology to generate meeting summaries—so there’s no need to go back and listen to an entire call to deliver a recap or minutes to everyone. If someone just needs the highlights, the AI meeting summary will provide more than enough detail. 

Get started on a 15-day free trial of RingCentral. You can also read our full RingCentral review for more details about this robust platform. logo

If you want every call transcribed automatically, look no further than This standalone call recording solution offers much more than just recording and transcription, and it integrates with every VoIP phone system on this list (and many others).

Just invite your team of three or more to the platform and connect them through your preferred calendar software (such as Outlook or Google Calendar) and you’re ready to wield’s automated recording, transcription, and call analysis.’s AI and machine learning go beyond simple transcriptions. The software uncovers themes on the calls it analyzes and provides you coaching recommendations and data-driven insights. You can even tap into its ability to forecast sales to build pipelines more confidently.

It’s probably overkill if you’re just looking for basic transcriptions, but is definitely worth the value if you’ll find these extra AI-driven features attractive. 

Reach out to for a pricing quote.


8x8 logo

8×8 has a great call center platform, on which you can tap into its powerful Conversation IQ feature. That not only delivers automated recordings and transcriptions; it analyzes speech on calls to identify subjects of conversation and caller sentiment while providing guidance for maintaining compliance.

8×8’s transcription options are best suited for call centers that need more than basic calling and transcribing features. You’re getting a powerful platform that gives your call center agents and management team the tools they need to succeed. On top of that, you can even get a new, dedicated phone number from 8×8 for free.

Sign up today and you’ll get your first month free. Check out our in-depth 8×8 review for more plan information and benefits. 

The Best VoIP Call Recording in a Full Phone System

Sure, there are some standalone tools you can use to record calls in your organization. But many of the best providers also deliver a full VoIP phone system or UCaaS platform. If your old PBX system is causing you headaches or it’s simply time for an upgrade that can incorporate softphones and mobile devices, take care of two needs at once with one of these full phone systems with call recording capabilities. 


Nextiva logo

Nextiva is one of the best all-around phone systems on the market today. It comes with just about every feature you could ask for in a VoIP business phone solution—suitable for nearly every business size and industry.

Employees and admins alike love Nextiva’s ease of use. From the setup through the customization and day-to-day use, the experience is seamless across the board. This makes Nextiva a great option for businesses with remote employees or teams without a dedicated IT staff. 

If you want a call recording tool and business phone system from the same provider, look no further than Nextiva. The platform also provides one of the widest arrays of compliance among its peers, covering you in regards to SOC 2, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI, HIPAA, and more. You can even set up automated notifications to inform callers that they’re being recorded. 

Visit Nextiva today to set up an account and refer to our complete Nextiva review for a deeper explanation of plans and features. 


RingCentral logo

RingCentral is another industry leader in the all-in-one communication space. The software includes everything your team needs for both internal collaboration and inbound and outbound call handling. You’ll benefit from team chat, document sharing, SMS, and video calls with up to 200 participants. 

For high-volume calling, it’s tough to find a better solution than RingCentral. The platform is built to scale, so you’ll never outgrow it—even as you continue hiring on-site and remote staff. 

RingCentral’s call quality and reliability is unmatched. For businesses that can’t afford downtime, dropped calls, echoing, or latency, you’ll be in good hands with RingCentral. The platform has more than 250 integrations, an easy-to-use mobile app, international calling options, and so much more. 

The key to keep in mind here, though, is that RingCentral really only offers call recording on video calls and meetings. You’ll need a separate tool for recording voice calls.

Start your 15-day free trial today. Check out our RingCentral review to learn more about this UCaaS platform. 


Ooma logo

Ooma is a complete business phone system designed for traditional office spaces and desk phones. It’s ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that want plug-and-play hardware—without any complex setup or training.

In terms of no-fuss call recording, Ooma is a great choice. Choose to record automatically or on demand, with the former allowing you to set which extensions or numbers have their calls auto-recorded. 

You don’t need an on-site IT staff or installation specialist to get started with Ooma. All of the phones and headsets are ready to go upon delivery. You just need to plug them in, and the setup wizard will guide you through the steps with ease. Even administrators can easily customize how calls are handled and set up user accounts without any issues. 

We have an in-depth Ooma review you can read to gain more information. logo

Some VoIP phone solutions on the market have too many bells and whistles. If you’re a small business or solo user with basic needs, is arguably the leanest option for a complete phone system with built-in call recording. 

It’s extremely easy to use and works anywhere through a web-based interface. While it does lack some of the other features found in other VoIP phone systems, users with basic needs won’t miss them at all. It’s also an exceptional value when you consider you get access to international virtual numbers and, of course, call recording.

The main drawback on the call recording front is scale. Without tagging and advanced search in this platform, it gets tough to organize and find stored recordings if you have a high call volume. Again, the key here is that excels for simple needs for smaller teams. 

All plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Read our review to learn more about the plans, features, and pricing. 


8x8 logo

8×8 is another powerhouse in the all-in-one VoIP phone system space. It’s a great option for call centers and small businesses alike. If you want all of your phone needs met by a single provider, look no further than 8×8.

Call recording comes on almost every business phone plan of 8×8’s, but automated transcription is only available on its call center packages through the Conversation IQ feature. That tool is a huge benefit, though, delivering speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and other advanced insights that your phone reps can use to succeed.

8×8 also has local numbers in more than 100 different countries. That ability to build a trusted, local presence anywhere your customers are, combined with the powerful Conversation IQ tool, make 8×8 a top choice for any call center.

Sign up now to get your first month free. Or check out our 8×8 review to find the plan that’s right for you.


Aircall logo

Aircall is another phone system built for call center support teams. It offers seamless integrations with your CRM and helpdesk tools, so you can have all of your customer information available whenever you’re getting an inbound call. 

You’ll know exactly what products the caller has purchased and have fast access to their support history, so your customers won’t have to repeat themselves when they’re calling for help. Aircall’s inbound call routing ensures every caller is connected to the right agent as quickly as possible—limiting the need for transfers and long hold times. You can also integrate Aircall with your billing and ecommerce software to add even more insights to your call handling. 

In terms of call recording, you can check the history of each customer account or lead and quickly see the context around those previous conversations. Plus, recordings are stored for up to one year on its entry-level plan and forever on every other plan. 

For such an advanced solution, Aircall is surprisingly user-friendly. Our proprietary research shows an ease-of-use sentiment among user reviews of nearly 100%.

Start your seven-day free trial now to wield Aircall for your call center. 


MightyCall logo

If you’re looking for call recording and advanced features from a full phone system solution without breaking the bank, look no further than MightyCall. Plans start at just $15 per month, which is an incredible value when you compare the feature list against other options with similar offerings. The only catch is there’s a three-user minimum, so it’s best for small teams.

MightyCall is a virtual phone system that requires zero hardware. You can set it up in minutes on your own and use it from anywhere. This is great for business owners who work on the go or have dispersed employees working in remote locations. 

Two toll-free or local numbers are included with your plan. Other VoIP systems give you just one and charge more for it. You can also get affordable international phone numbers on offer, starting at just $10 per line.

You get 1,000 minutes included in your MightyCall plan with unlimited extensions. Best of all, you’ll get unlimited call recordings that are automatically saved and organized for a year.

Sign up now to start your seven-day free trial of MightyCall

The Best VoIP Call Recording for Conversation Intelligence

This category is specific to businesses that want to use AI-powered analytics to gain insights from recorded calls. When you use a VoIP call recording solution with this built-in feature, insights are typically available immediately, so your agents and managers won’t have to perform any extra actions or wait around to get this valuable information. logo shines with its built-in conversational intelligence tools. This software is heavily AI-powered, allowing you to automatically record calls, transcribe them, and analyze your customer interactions.

This is perfect for organizations that want to use their library of call recordings to identify opportunities and see insights they may have missed to win more deals. It definitely supports the needs of both small and large sales teams, and it provides full visibility into your pipelines.

The conversion intelligence tools help identify topics on calls and forecast sales. Managers are automatically notified of any new coaching opportunities. even integrates with third-party CRMs, email, SMS, and live chat software. So you can analyze all of your conversion metrics in the same place. 

Contact to get started on this platform today.


CallRail logo

CallRail’s AI-powered intelligence features are extremely versatile. The software supports the needs of sales teams, customer support agents, and marketing departments. 

The software’s AI creates call recording transcriptions and analysis. The latter provides you with detailed and actionable insights based on sentiment and subject matter in your recordings. 

Another cool feature is the automated tagging tool. This makes it really easy for you to organize your call recordings and find them again later on. For example, categorize by wins and losses so you can pull up key examples for training, evaluations, or strategic planning.

If you want call recording technology, call tracking, and AI conversion features in a single solution, it’s tough to find a better option on the market than CallRail. 

Sign up now to activate your 14-day free trial of CallRail.

What Matters When Reviewing VoIP Call Recording

Not every feature or facet of call recording software applies equally to every use case. We’ve broken down seven of the most important criteria to assess a piece of VoIP call recording software on, with information about which use case or use cases they are most pertinent to.

An Easy System Setup

Call recording capabilities shouldn’t add complexity to your implementation process. From the initial deployment through day-to-day use, it should be relatively easy on your team to use the platform from the get-go. This will get your team started quickly without the need to schedule a professional installation and keep their workflow humming.

When it Matters Most:

  • Implementing a full phone system – These systems have lots of moving parts compared to a standalone call recording tool, so you want to make sure the setup process is easy for your team and doesn’t require any technical expertise. 


The ability to quickly search for and find a call recording is crucial if you have hundreds or thousands of recordings in your library, or just need to pull one up on demand for training or strategizing. Depending on your storage history and call volume, this can be really easy or really challenging. So, finding the right software can make your life much easier. 

When it Matters Most:

  • Quality assurance – If you’re recording every call, you need the ability to organize those calls by date, time, employee, or department, so your management can pull calls in cases of dispute or internal review.
  • Coaching and training – The ability to highlight your best and worst calls can be used for examples during employee training, and they can also help managers with one-on-one performance reviews.
  • Conversation intelligence – Combining AI software with your recorded calls will help pull data and valuable insights from your calls and automatically tag them to keep your archive well-organized. 

AI-Powered Insights

AI can take your call recordings to the next level. You’ll gain valuable information about the main topics discussed on calls and how you can use it to win more deals. 

When it Matters Most:

  • Conversational intelligence – Connecting AI to your recordings allows you to glean insights about who is talking the most on calls, what keywords are being used, and what risk factors are preventing deals from closing. 
  • Transcription – Transcribing calls with AI helps quickly provide summaries and scorecards that can be used to identify topics and evaluate the sentiment of your callers.
  • Coaching and training – AI-powered insights help identify an agent’s strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to improve their performance over time.

Storage Space

Some VoIP call recording tools store calls on the platform for 30 to 90 days. Others will keep them for you for six months to a year or more. If you want to access calls longer than the allowed storage limits, then you need the ability to easily download recordings or sync the software with a third-party cloud storage tool. Either way, storage of your recordings is an essential consideration for two key use cases.

When it Matters Most:

  • Coaching and training – Keep a library of examples (and continually add to it) to show trainees and new hires your best practices, no matter how old the call is.
  • Quality assurance – Disputes can arise far after a call has happened. You’ll need ample storage to ensure you can access a call recording even if it’s been months or maybe even years.

Management Visibility

In addition to call recording, you can get VoIP phone solutions with features for call whispering, barging, listening in, and call takeovers. These features can be used in real time to salvage calls going south, and they can also be used to help train your staff with real examples. 

When it Matters Most:

  • Coaching and training – You can keep good and bad examples of call recordings on file to use during training for new hires and one-on-one performance evaluations.
  • Quality assurance – Managers can offer real-time insights during a call and potentially take control, if necessary. 

Integration with Your Existing Tools

If your business is currently using other software for sales, ecommerce, support, billing, or customer relationships, you need your call recording tool to play nice with those platforms. This gives you the ability to match your recordings and inbound calls with specific customer profiles and really bring out the best in both tools. 

When it Matters Most:

  • Quality assurance – You can improve the quality of your calls with CRM and helpdesk integrations that show a full history of customer interactions and purchases—so call reps can provide assistance as quickly as possible.
  • Conversation intelligence – Tap into AI to apply its insights into your call recordings across multiple channels. 
  • Implementing a full phone system – You don’t want to end up having to replace another piece of software just because you opted to upgrade your phone system, so finding a platform that syncs well with what you plan to continue to use is essential.

Phone Number Types

Depending on your provider, you likely have the option to choose from local, toll-free, or international numbers. Some of these will be included in your plan, while others need to be purchased as an add-on. And some providers even go so far as to provide multiple numbers, allowing you to segment your marketing and sales campaigns.

When it Matters Most:

  • Implementing a full phone system – You’ll want to know that you can both keep your current phone numbers which your customers already have associated with you as well as potentially acquiring local numbers to build trust with new customers in new locations.
  • Call tracking – You’ll need to have multiple phone numbers associated with different campaigns to simplify tracking—making it easier to see which calls are tied to specific marketing initiatives. 

Further Reading

Our team at Crazy Egg has extensively covered the VoIP phone system and call recording category. Below you’ll find a list of reviews and guides that dive deeper into this space. These resources will help you make an informed buying decision and ensure you know how to use the tools post-purchase.

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