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Having a tool for recording your calls opens up a world of possibilities for analysis, improvement, and tracking. Among the 16 providers we critiqued, Nextiva captured our hearts as our favorite call recording software. It’s never been easier to train employees and analyze calls to learn where to improve your team’s performance. 

Top Call Recording Software: Golden Eggs

Our Golden Eggs are the call recording providers that we recommend first and foremost to anyone. Below you’ll see our short list along with an explanation of some of each brand’s benefits. 

Nextiva is a versatile VoIP platform, but one that’s easy to get up and running on in no time. Get a demo of the Nextiva platform today. 

RingCentral is great for video calls, letting you record and analyze meetings, demos, and more. Try it on for size with RingCentral’s 14-day free trial automatically transcribes, records, and analyzes customer interactions, which means you never miss a thing. Book a demo or get a quote from

Rev Call Recorder is all about transcribing with accuracy from anywhere, including your iPhone. Get free call recording forever from Rev

Golden Eggs for Crazy Egg Best Call Recording Software reviews

Call Recording Software Review Process

Call recording software is used over a wide variety of industries. We analyzed 3,220 reviews to give you clarity on what successful businesses are using this software for the most. 

These use cases are how we organized our product reviews that follow, making it easy for you to recognize your own situation in one of these groups and find the right call recording options to choose from. Here are the five most common scenarios we identified:

  • Quality management
  • Conducting coaching and training
  • Call transcription
  • Implementing a full phone system
  • Analytics and conversational intelligence 

Read through the post and look for the use cases that stand out most to you, examining the reviews for the providers that handle each one the best. Once you do, you can click on the product link and start improving your call recording capability with the provider that meets your needs. It’s simple enough, plus you’re eliminating the risk of not getting this decision right the first time. 

Could you imagine having to figure this out alone? Having to buy software so important to your business and not having a proper guide? We’ve been there, so we created this post to help you never feel lost about where to start or what to focus on. 

And if you want a deeper dive into the features and criteria that matter the most to certain use cases, we have a section toward the end to illuminate what you should look at most closely and why for the scenario you find yourself in. 

The Best Call Recording Software for Quality Management

Deliver quality service or your company will suffer. It’s that simple. Without good call recording software, it’s harder to track the performance of your team members, deliver feedback, resolve complaints, and improve your level of service. These providers deliver call recording that makes quality management easier than ever.  


Nextiva logo

Nextiva delivers both manual and automated call recording, with options to allow you or your reps to control what portions of calls are recorded and when recording initiates. You can store calls within the platform and download them for long-term storage and later review.

You also get detailed tagging options and a helpful search function for finding relevant recordings whenever you need to. Search by tag, duration, phone number, and other options so you don’t spend half of your quality review meeting’s time looking for the right call to pull up. 

While that’s all great for after-the-fact quality management, you also get a barge-in feature where a manager can take over a call if things get out of hand as they’re listening in. With these features combined, managers can keep their finger on the pulse of how reps are handling calls and then use recordings to later point out areas of improvement.

 Learn everything you want to know and more by reading our full Nextiva company review


LiveAgent logo

If you’re looking for unlimited live call recording and storage, then LiveAgent is for you. This is a standout feature, because many companies offer one or the other—often, unlimited live recording but no unlimited storage of those calls. 

This is fantastic for service and support teams, because each recorded call is converted into its own individual ticket. And you can add notes to any ticket, so unresolved items can be handled by new reps without missing a beat and managers can add information for improving quality or highlighting a job well done.

And, since there are no limits on the amount of recordings you create or their length, you can rest assured that you’ll have materials to assess and improve customer service quality across your entire organization. 


Callcap logo

Callcap is masterful at call quality management. They allow you to record calls anytime from anywhere, but that’s just the start. 

What’s remarkable and unique about Callcap is its third-party call tracking and monitoring they offer to every customer. Whether you want to know more about what’s driving calls to your organization or how to improve the conversations happening on them, Callcap’s professionals will offer you unbiased feedback and guidance on where you can raise quality standards.

So, not only do you get a full-featured platform that lets you record calls and download those recordings—you get a white-glove service that handles identifying areas for improvement. That lets you focus on educating your team to improve service quality dramatically and quickly. 

RECITE By Numonix

RECITE by Numonix logo

The recording of business phone calls is heavily regulated in some industries. And you need to be mindful of security regardless, when customers, vendors, or other callers are providing sensitive or private information over the phone.

RECITE by Numonix helps you not lose any sleep over whether you’re adhering to privacy and security standards. This platform is compliant with HIPAA for healthcare organizations, PCI-DSS for accepting payments over the phone, and even GDPR and MiFID II for doing business with European countries.

On top of that, you get granular controls for user permissions. That way, sensitive recordings can only be accessed and played back by the team members you choose. And, perhaps best of all, RECITE is one of the few call recording software options that works on both VoIP and traditional PBX phone systems, meaning you don’t have to upgrade your entire phone system just to get an effective recording platform.

Cube ACR

Cube ACR logo

If you do tons of business on your cell phone and want to securely record these calls, Cube ACR is the solution for you. This simple and free Android app is cost-effective and lightweight so solopreneurs and mobile workers can record their calls and analyze them later for quality improvements.

And it’s not just limited to calls done through your phone app. Record voice conversations that take place on WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, and more. 

While limited in features, Cube ACR lets you have recordings start automatically, happen on-demand (at the beginning or even in the middle of a call), or only occur with particular callers in your contact list. If you need a simple, Android-based solution for call recording, this is it.

The Best Call Recording Software for Coaching and Training 

This use case is close to the previous one, but has some unique elements and needs. While quality management covers the tracking of your team’s performance on calls, plus accountability and complaint resolution, call recording for coaching and training also includes new hire onboarding and building a resource base for employees, in addition to improving the quality of conversations your reps are having. 


Nextiva logo

Nextiva has what it takes to make coaching your team up easier, even all the departments in your company. It starts with the key analytics you can easily pull up, from total calls and talk time by extension or rep to hold times, speed of answering calls, and more.

And, with your recorded calls, you can easily search and filter to find good examples to use in training. Find recordings based on duration, phone number (internal or external), date range, or time frame, or add tags to customize the organization of your recordings. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can play the call back or download one or more recordings at the same time for later coaching or training sessions. 

And, if you’re doing live coaching on calls, you can barge in if you need to save the call or just demonstrate what it sounds like to be efficient, offer an upgrade, or anything else the employee may be struggling with. 

Want more details about what Nextiva has to offer? Check out the full review


RingCentral logo

If you want tons of features to coach your team, you’re going to love RingCentral. It delivers many live monitoring options, including the ability to listen in on active calls then whisper guidance to reps or barge in to take control of the call.

You also get equal recording capability for both voice and video calls (though voice call recording is only available on RingCentral plans above its entry-level offering). So, not only can you record and store phone calls to provide positive and negative examples during training, but you can also record video meetings to build a base of training and coaching videos that you can provide to team members who need improvement or new hires in order to get them up to speed.

You even get the power of AI on video calls and meetings, which can provide insights and automated summaries after they take place. 

Play recordings back within the RingCentral interface on any device, including the mobile app, and download any that you want to store and refer back to beyond 90 days (the limit for internal storage on RingCentral). 

Get the full story on this platform by reading our full review of RingCentral.


Callcap logo

Coaching and training flows through the veins of the Callcap brand. We say that because they put so much emphasis on creating ways to make training your team easier. 

That’s supported first and foremost by their trained analysts. Callcap offers a no-bias way to spot improvements and issues by having their professionals listen to your call recordings and make recommendations. That’s an included service, not an add-on.

Callcap can also show you missed opportunities on a call that’s been recorded, alerting you via email to identify moments that could have been better seized upon. They really are all about coaching and improving your team to be the best it can be. 

The Callcap dashboard delivers comprehensive analytics on peak call activity, new clients, call volume, and more.  Not only are you getting Callcap’s own recommendations, but you can spot opportunities and gaps yourself to supplement the information you’re getting from Callcap. With this platform, there’s no stopping your team’s path to better conversations and conversion rates.


Mindtickle logo

Sales reps are breaking through to new conversion rates with Mindtickle. You get AI-powered coaching built right into your software, automatically identifying buying signals, risks, topics, and more within your team’s conversations. 

This platform also lets you create training repositories with ease and individualize training, letting your modules and courses be adapted to exactly what each rep in your team needs specifically. You can even create agent report cards so you can provide granular feedback by pointing out their strengths and weaknesses in categories you determine the importance of, like proper use of buyer persona data. 

Mindtickle also doesn’t limit you to how many calls you can store. Record and save calls for as long as you want on the platform’s unlimited storage so you’ll always have training and coaching material when you need it. This is great when you want to demonstrate the improvement of a sales rep overtime, letting them hear the difference. 

The Best Call Recording Software for Transcription 

Transcribing call audio has a lot of uses in modern business. Not only does it make it easier to break down the flow of a call so you can see exactly where improvements need to happen, but it allows for easier translation, searching, archiving, and organization of your call records. But, perhaps above all else, consistently accurate transcription allows you to easily feed call records to AI to get more advanced analysis. 


RingCentral logo

Imagine trying to transcribe all your video calls and meetings manually. Whether you’re a remote work operation with regular huddles or a team that interacts with customers more via video than voice, that’s a task that can get massive in a hurry. But, with RingCentral, you can automatically transcribe all your video calls, accurately capturing every word that was said in the context it was meant. 

This is perfect for sales and marketing calls, support calls, and regular internal meetings. Whether you want to provide minutes and recaps after huddles or analyze support interactions or product demos by running sentiment analysis on transcriptions, this takes so much manual work off of your plate.

Beyond just transcription, RingCentral also delivers automated video meeting summary insights. This generates an easy-to-follow summary of the video call instead of a standard transcription full of “um”s and “uh”s. And, if you want basic analytics about your calls, RingCentral can grab details about the number of inbound and outbound calls, types of callers, time and date, duration, and more. 

Get all the details about RingCentral in our company review

Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder logo

Rev Call Recorder delivers one of the most straightforward services for call recording transcription. This free mobile app with unlimited recording capability offers two ways to get your recordings converted to text. 

On one hand, you can get AI-generated transcripts that get delivered to you quickly. That service costs 25 cents per minute of the call you’re transcribing and Rev Call Recorder assures a minimum of 90% accuracy. If you can’t allow for that 10% of potential inaccuracy, go with Rev’s manual transcription service. Their network of tens of thousands of freelance transcribers will do the work for you for $1.50 per minute of your call. 

And, since the app itself records whatever you need it to, you can get transcriptions of your voice notes and video meetings, in addition to your phone calls.

Either way you choose, you can instantly order a transcription within the app once a call is finished. It doesn’t get much easier than that. And you’ll only ever have to pay for the transcriptions; you get free call recording on their mobile app for life. logo

If you want a little more sauce with transcription service, pours it on. They automatically record, transcribe, and analyze every customer interaction you have. You don’t have to go through any complicated set up or worry that you forgot to click something. 

And, get this—managers can get real-time notifications when a team member is in a critical portion of the call. That allows them to send messages and feedback in the moment to improve the quality of the call, help upsell, or provide any other assistance. 

This prevents you from missing any valuable coaching opportunities. And, with other benefits like conversational intelligence, you get AI-powered coaching and sales assistance and insights on your recorded and transcribed calls, too. is call recording and transcription software for the new age call center. logo

If you want transcription that’s fast and accurate, then you’re in the right place. That’s because handles transcriptions in real time, whittling down the time it takes for you to get your text version of the call after it ends. 

Not only that, but’s artificial intelligence is smart enough to highlight who’s talking when, key themes and topics of the conversation, and more. Plus, it provides a list of next steps to take and common objections to address based on the conversation transcribed. It’s like having your very own transcriber and AI-powered coach in one.

This tool comes from the folks behind Zoom, so if you’re using that platform for your calls and meetings, everything can be automatically recorded and  transcribed. Plus, participants can bookmark parts of calls and even add their own notes about important portions of them. 

The Best Call Recording Software for Implementing a Full Phone System 

Are you looking to replace your existing phone system or purchase a new one that includes call recording software? It can often be easier and cheaper to outfit your organization with a new phone system than trying to integrate this software alone with what you already have. Remove any hiccups regarding integrating call recording with your communications platform and modernize your phone system in one fell swoop with these providers.


Nextiva logo

Nextiva has long been our favorite choice for a new business phone system because it’s great for companies of any size that are expanding. This platform comes with impeccable call recording and customer support that users rave about. 

Look, opting for a total overhaul of your phone system instead of just purchasing some new software reasonably scares business owners. But Nexiva is super simple to set up. You can implement, add your users, and start wielding the platform within a few hours.

You get everything you need from a UCaaS system. Phone, chat, video, and email are all included. You can port over your existing number for free, plus you’ll get unlimited domestic calls, advanced integrations with most CRMs, and a dependable platform that handles more than 1 billion calls per year with an 99.999% uptime. 

That’s a killer combination for just about any business. But, we’re only scratching the surface here. Get all the details on this phone system in our complete Nextiva review.


RingCentral logo

Looking for an all-in-one communication platform that includes video conferencing and lets you record video calls with the same ease as voice calls? You’re in luck, it’s RingCentral to the rescue. They work especially well, too, if you have been struggling to find a provider that integrates with your current software ecosystem. 

That’s because they provide over 250 integrations, so connecting your existing tools is a cinch. Setup and usage are equally user-friendly according to over 80% of the people using it today. They also equip you with a mobile and desktop app for simple remote work integration. 

You can also bring over your own line or get a new toll-free or local phone number and fax line. If you’re a business fielding calls from across the globe or making calls to far-flung locations, you can even secure international toll-free numbers and special plans for calling to dozens of countries. 

Get more information about this UCaaS platform by reading our RingCentral review. logo

Not looking for all the bells and whistles other phone system providers weigh their plans down with? If you just need the essentials with call recording, is great for the beginner that wants to keep things simple while still getting voice and video calling, texting, and faxing. offers anytime, anywhere web-based browser access to their platform. So you’re not tied to an office that has all your equipment. That makes this great for remote or dispersed teams who need to lean on a UCaaS platform for internal and external communication. offers a few ways to secure call recording with their phone system. You can pony up for their highest-priced plan—a not-unreasonable $23.99 per user per month—or add it onto either of the lower-priced plans for $8 per month.

But what’s super convenient and novel about is that you’re not stuck putting everyone on one plan. You can mix and match users to feature sets, so the reps you need to have call recording capability can all go on the top-tier plan while the rest of your staff is on a more reasonable monthly rate.

Get more insight into this lightweight but effective phone system and check out our full review.


8x8 logo

The full business phone system you get from 8×8 is wonderfully flexible and capable when it comes to call recording and analysis. 

Each extension on your 8×8 phone system can utilize on-demand or automatic call recording, plus review and download recordings from within the platform. There’s even a handy feature that will automatically notify callers when the call is being recorded, letting you stay compliant in both one-party and two-party consent states.

Maybe best of all is the included Conversation IQ analysis on two of 8×8’s three plans. This delivers AI-derived analytics of your calls, spotting keywords, topics, caller sentiment, and much more. This gives your team easy access to ways to improve and arms your managers with incredible information to deliver more effective training and coaching.

This is a powerful platform that can do a lot of a wide array of businesses. Get the full story in our post reviewing 8×8 in full


Talkdesk logo

Talkdesk has exceptional call center functionality for sales and marketing teams with high call volumes where accuracy can tend to slip after long hours. You get 100% backed by a  service-level agreement, plus plenty of integrations to make Talkdesk click into place with the rest of your tech stack. 

Talkdesk goes a step further than simple call recording for training and quality management. You can record screen actions alongside voice calls, so anything your reps are walking a customer or prospect through you can store, review, and use to spot improvements or exceptional service.

Or, let’s say you have a specific pattern of steps you want your reps to follow. Having a voice recording is useful, but it doesn’t show you where your employees are clicking or guiding the caller through. With Talkdesk you can see and hear it all. All of this, plus a robust call center communications platform to boot, means Talkdesk is a powerful option for this use case. 


Aircall logo

With Aircall, you get a full-fledged phone system plus features specific to handling customer support and incredibly helpful integrative capability. 

Sync Aircall with your CRM and help desk software so every rep knows everything about a caller they’d need to know for a smooth interaction. Use Aircall’s built-in ecommerce and billing tools or plug it into your current platforms for those actions and watch the improvements happen overnight. With over 100 integrations, this software will fit like a glove into almost anyone’s existing tech arrangement. 

Plus, you get full-featured call recording and advanced live call monitoring. Aircall stores all your recorded calls forever on their higher plans and for one year on the basic plan. That is a huge benefit for call centers and firms that need to hold onto recordings for quality assurance and complaint resolution. 

And, as a phone system, it’s no slouch by any measure. Get toll-free numbers or even localized numbers for over 100 countries around the world without the need of a physical address there. And users across the board rave about Aircall’s quick and hassle-free implementation, so your call center won’t be stuck waiting on your phone system if you make the switch to Aircall.


CallTrackingMetrics logo

While CallTrackingMetrics, as the name suggests, is second-to-none in terms of tracking calls and analyzing them for your sales and marketing campaigns, it also provides a fully featured phone system with texting and live chat. You even get click-to-call forms from this provider, something rarely offered by others.

But where CallTrackingMetrics really steps up is their ability to literally track every conversation you have with your leads and customers no matter where it happens. Track calls, texts, form submissions, and chats, then sit back and collect the incredible analysis this software provides. 

Get call and text attribution, plus automated workflows, call flows, lead scoring, tagging, conversation analysis, and much more. All you do is purchase available phone numbers you want to use, sync them to your campaign and, boom, you’re finding out what really works for your customers and sales teams. No guessing.  

With CallTrackingMetrics, you free up time to monitor your calls, coach reps, and provide guidance while the software takes care of all the hard work analyzing your team’s calls.

The Best Call Recording Software for Analytics and Conversational Intelligence  

Getting better at analyzing calls will make your team more efficient and more accurate in your daily call performance. But gone are the days of having to do this on your own and guess at the best course of action. Modern call recording software leverages AI to analyze things like topicality and caller sentiment to mine insights in seconds that might take a human being hours or days to uncover. logo does a great job making the identification of coaching and improvement opportunities simple. This software identifies topics that are resonating with callers, alerts managers automatically when it notices opportunities for coaching, and even helps with sales forecasting. also automatically records and transcribes all your calls, so it’s easier for you to review conversations and store them for later coaching and training. 

But this platform really sings when you properly use its more advanced features. Use its sales forecasting and pipeline management features to set scope for your agents in the days or weeks ahead. Integrate with anything, from your CRM to live chat and email platforms, to bring together all your sources of communication and information for analysis. This software can do a lot more than just record your calls and give you basic insights into what happened on them.


CallTrackingMetrics logo

If you want to know exactly where your leads are coming from and track everything in one place, you’re going to love CallTrackingMetrics. They allow you to see exactly where all your campaign traffic is coming from and use that to improve your marketing efforts dramatically. 

The AI-powered conversational analytics help identify customer trends while calls are happening. And that real-time capability extends to training and quality management, too. Set alerts after a call takes place to recap how it went or when a call exceeds a certain length so you can quickly touch base with the agent to see what caused it to last longer than usual.

This platform really goes the extra mile for managers and trainers. Track custom KPIs, keywords, campaign performance, and more for each agent or phone extension, then use that to populate report cards, items to go over in review, or larger analysis to guide your future efforts and campaigns. logo

If you use Zoom a lot and want to be able to analyze the conversations happening on that platform for better insights, can do it. 

Within this platform you can analyze sales pipeline data and sales rep activity, generate coaching recommendations, and much more. Use AI-based trackers to automatically surface key topics in calls that make the most impact, then take that data and have it sent directly to your managers or reps so they have a potent outline of next steps to take. also has a conversation word generator, which is a unique benefit. This helps suggest better words to use during calls that can boost the power of your influence, instead of using more common words that don’t grab attention. They even help with common objections recognized in calls from your customers and leads. You never have to worry about your employees not knowing what to say. 


Callcap logo

Identifying ways to improve your sales campaigns used to be hard. But Callcap’s unique capability to provide third-party analysis and feedback to your organization makes it easy as pie.

Callcap’s trained analysts drill down into your recorded conversations to surface concrete details to improve the return on your efforts. They also can help you make better marketing decisions, whether it’s for clients or your own business. The team at Callcap can identify key concerns and look for a variety of key points in every conversation you could miss otherwise. 

Because of their web-based dashboard, you can review customer satisfaction metrics, return on ad spend, marketing attribution, call volume, and more wherever you have an internet connection. 


CallRail logo

CallRail is a provider that is all about tracking multiple campaigns at once and giving you data on how each can be improved. You can also track and analyze where calls come from so you can add more marketing dollars to the location that is most engaged with your campaign. 

For more analytical power, CallRail integrates with other top tools to deliver all the data your management team could ever need. Sync this platform with your live chat software, CRM, Google tools, data visualization software, and much more. Working together, you’ll get the best of all of your tools with CallRail’s help.

And this plan comes with five phone numbers when most only come with one. That’s a huge help for companies looking for conversational intelligence that don’t fit into the small business box a lot of other providers market to. 

What Matters When Reviewing Call Recording Software

The biggest problem many of us have is not knowing what matters most when buying a piece of software. This section focuses on the criteria that are most important to the use cases we analyzed products for above. Read on to eliminate the mistakes most business owners make when choosing call recording software.  

System Setup

Getting started with a new phone system or piece of software used to be complex because of all the moving parts involved. Nowadays, a lot of providers—and every one we’ve included in this post—make implementation a breeze

When It Matters Most:

  • Implementing a full phone system You don’t want to lose valuable time waiting days or weeks for your new system to be up and running.

Easy Searching

What good is your archive of call recordings if you can’t find specific ones when you need them? Whether through customizable tagging systems or advanced search features, some scenarios need their call recording software to deliver an easy way to find what you’re looking for whenever you need it.

When It Matters Most:

  • Quality management – You’re going to need a filtering and search system within call recording to summon calls when complaints come in to resolve or when you need to point to examples of good or bad service.  
  • Coaching and training –  When it’s time to coach your team, you need to find effective examples of successful and unsuccessful call methods to build a useful lesson plan.
  • Analytics and conversational intelligence: If you want to get specific and granular insights on what’s working and what’s not in your calls, it’s important to have the ability to organize, filter, and tag your recordings with the proper attributes. 

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Beyond simple metrics like call time logged and overall volume, many organizations can benefit from the deep insights and details advanced call recording software can deliver. Look into how much a provider can deliver in terms of campaign or service improvement, including any AI-powered or automated analytics.

When It Matters Most:

  • Analytics and conversational intelligence – This is the bread-and-butter of this use case—if you’re looking for conversational intelligence, you need to prioritize advanced analytical features.
  • Transcription –  AI within a call recording platform can use transcription to set up keyword alerts, identify topics that resonate with customers, and help you generate tags and qualities for your stored conversations. 
  • Coaching and training – With some platform’s AI-assisted capability, it can be like having an assistant coach working alongside you for developing and providing training for your team. 

Storage Space

A lot of providers in this space put limitations on how many recordings you can store on their platform and how long you can keep them there. While downloading them to another storage platform is an option, it’s a plus in some use cases to never have to worry about taking recordings off of the software itself. 

When It Matters Most:

  • Coaching and training – Training is rarely, if ever, a one-and-done thing, so you’ll want a platform that lets you build and hold onto a robust library of examples for improving or onboarding reps.
  • Quality management –  Complaint resolution will be a gigantic headache if you’ve lost the recording that clarifies or resolves it because your call recording software deleted it after 90 days.

Monitoring and Training Features

Having multiple ways to monitor your team can make all the difference in how your employees improve. Some providers only allow you to barge into a call that is threatening to fall apart, while others let you listen in and whisper guidance to reps without the caller ever noticing you’re there. 

When It Matters Most:

  • Coaching and training – The more ways you have to give real-time, in-the-moment coaching on calls, the more confident you can be about getting new hires up to speed and improving the quality of conversations your experienced agents are having. 
  • Quality management – Whether it’s a really important call that must go perfectly or randomly checking in on calls to make sure they’re adhering to your standards, monitoring features are essential to improving and maintaining quality 


Let’s face it, not everyone uses the same tools. And you shouldn’t have to. But you should be able to integrate the call recording platform that delivers all the features you need with your current tools without incurring a bunch of headaches. 

When It Matters Most:

  • Implementing a full phone system – While obvious, this is another aspect (alongside an easy setup) that prevents you from creating more problems than solutions when choosing a new communications platform.
  • Quality management – Give your agents the best and most relevant information on every call by syncing your call recording platform with your CRM, pipeline software, or other platforms. 
  • Analytics and conversational Intelligence – Powerful software isn’t limited to just analyzing your phone calls and can even deliver insights on other channels, such as live chat and email, through integrations. 

Automated Call Recording

Not having to think about if calls are being recorded is a huge relief for reps and managers. With all the things to pay attention to on calls, especially high-stakes ones, you shouldn’t also have to worry about forgetting to record and losing out on valuable insights. 

When It Matters Most:

  • Quality management – Quality management isn’t something that only applies to certain calls, so you’re going to want a platform that doesn’t require manual initiation of call recording. 
  • Analytics and conversational intelligence – Good platforms let you set which phone numbers and extensions are set to automatically record calls, allowing you to focus recording on specific departments or agents to get more targeted analysis. 

Phone Numbers Available

Modern communication platforms allow you to wield virtual numbers, meaning you can acquire a local presence or a trusted toll-free number anywhere you have customers.

  • Implementing a full phone system – You should always be able to port your old number over to a new phone provider, but changing phone systems often provides an opportunity to secure new numbers that will help you build trust with customers and prospects.
  • Analytics and conversational intelligence – This is a huge help when tracking campaign efficacy, allowing you to segment efforts by phone number and use that separation for better analysis of what is or isn’t working.

Further Reading

Call recording software has a ton of details to wrap your head around. You may be at the point where you want to know all that you can about this product category and the providers that inhabit it. To that end, we’ve included many posts we’ve created already pertaining to call recording software and providers. You can browse through the posts collected below at your convenience to learn even more to guide your decision.  

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