#1 Software To Use To Build A Call Center Knowledge Base

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A call center’s knowledge base includes vital information about its overarching business, including everything from standard operating procedures and company policies to troubleshooting guides and product info. As a repository for everything there is to know about a company’s products and services, it’s also an essential tool for boosting agent performance. 

Knowledge bases can also serve as public resources and directories, giving customers engaging self-service options that can dramatically lower call volumes and handling times while simultaneously increasing overall customer satisfaction. Naturally, you want yours to be as thorough and easily searchable as possible so that it can serve the needs of all internal and external stakeholders.

Creating your knowledge base can be as simple as putting together a Word or Google Doc that can be expanded with more and more pertinent information as your business grows. However, this work-in-progress approach is not always an effective long-term solution because of how difficult it can be to keep large documents organized.

That’s why we recommend using Document360 instead. This top-rated software is a favorite of many modern call centers because it simplifies and streamlines the process of building and maintaining a cohesive knowledge base that can target the needs of both employees and customers.

Document360: The #1 Software to Use to Create Your Call Center Knowledge Base

Homepage screenshot of Document 360, an AI-Powered knowledge base software

Document360 has everything you need to create a comprehensive knowledge base combined in one convenient online software. With intuitive and supportive AI capabilities, the self-service platform sets a strong foundation for building, sharing, and managing every aspect of your database with features like:  

  • A user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate and easy to learn, so it doesn’t take much effort and won’t clog up your busy schedule when you need to use it. 
  • An advanced portal that helps content managers glide through tasks with cutting-edge editing support, drag-and-drop category management, and in-depth analytics for gauging database performance.
  • Both public and private site options, each complete with custom branding capabilities that can fit your customers and bolster your in-house team.
  • A direct knowledge base connection that gives your customers the self-service options they want right away, supporting higher satisfaction rates and lighter agent workloads.
  • Multiple content formatting options with side-by-side markdown and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visualization capabilities that simplify the editing process. 
  • Unlimited articles on any of the software’s paid plans—so you never have to worry about running out of space as your business and information repositories expand
  • AI content suite and assistant add-ons that use generative AI to offer content support (both on and off-page), ultimately optimizing your final database.
  • AI-powered search capabilities for fast and easy information discovery. 
  • Streamlined integrations with the top CRM (customer relationship management) software and productivity platforms, including Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Google Analytics.
  • Powerful performance analytics that measure and report metrics related to your specific articles, categories, search history, and user experiences.
Editing options in Document 360, offering a WYSIWYG editor, markdown editor, and Advanced WYSIWYG editor

You can try Document360 for free right now and enjoy instant access to public knowledge base tools with a limited number of features, articles, users, and workspaces. When you’re ready to expand, you can upgrade to one of the company’s four plans:

  1. The Standard plan costs $149 per project per month. It unlocks access to unlimited articles, an additional user to help build out your content, AI-powered search features, and customized branding capabilities 
  2. The Professional plan costs $299 per project per month. It adds analytics tools, increased customization capabilities, streamlined editing features, and system backup support.
  3. The Business plan costs $399 per project per month. It includes the ability to build a separate private knowledge base for your in-house team, complete with all of the features that accompany the Professional and Standard plans. 
  4. The Enterprise plan costs $599 per project per month. This is the most advanced option, providing a mix of both public and private knowledge bases, access for up to ten contributors, enhanced workflow capabilities, and a set of additional system security features.  

Among the available options, the Business plan is a great pick. It equips you with all of the tools and features necessary to build both a public and private knowledge base at a competitive price point. 

Keep in mind that Document360 offers a 14-day free trial of each plan, billing annually once your trial period has ended.  

Another Software Option For Smaller Budgets 

Screenshot of the ProProfs Knowledge base software homepage

If you’re just starting out, you have a smaller team, or you’re managing a particularly tight budget, ProProfs Knowledge Base software is an excellent alternative. It’s priced below $50 per contributor while still offering a packed list of features to help you build an effective, affordable content catalog. These features include:

  • Multiple domains to create as many knowledge bases, manuals, and help sites as you need.
  • Unlimited visitors to your public knowledge base so that your functionality can grow with your audience.
  • Custom branding and design for websites that match your professional public profile.
  • Professionally crafted templates to ensure a high-performing and good-looking website, even if graphic design isn’t your strong suit.
  • An advanced editor that offers both WYSIWYG and HTML content creation—with no need to download external software or understand advanced coding.
  • Controlled user access for assigning specific permissions based on individual roles.
  • Effortless integration with top CRM and G-Suite software, which combines well with ProProfs’ in-house solutions and integration with ticketing tools like Zendesk. 
  • Insightful analytics to measure how well your knowledge base performs so you can keep track of and identify new areas for improvement. 
knowledge base page of the ProProfs website

ProProf offers two straightforward plans, each giving you access to the same targeted feature list. 

  1. The FREE plan provides space for up to 25 pages created by one dedicated contributor. It comes with all the features with no limits to their functionalities.  
  2. The Business Plan costs $49 per contributor per month. It bumps you up to an unlimited number of pages and allows for five contributors—plus it comes with an AI-powered text editor and over 100 templates for building pages. Contact the ProProfs team for more than five contributors. 
A screenshot of ProPro's free plan, listing all of the features included in this tier.

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