Best Call Tracking Software Compared

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We spent months testing over 20 call tracking software options, testing features and functionality for each. We think CallTrackingMetrics is the best call tracking software for most people. The software is easy to use, affordable, and comes with all the advanced call tracking features you’ll ever need.

The Best Call Tracking Software for Most

CallTrackingMetrics logo


Best for Most

CallTrackingMetrics has the best combination of call tracking features for all types of businesses. Quickly find out where every lead comes from, including text messages and offline channels.

You can start understanding your best-performing marketing campaigns with CallTrackingMetrics for just $39 per month. That plan comes with all the essential features, including call recording, scoring and tagging, call and text tracking and attribution, and basic call routing.

CallTrackingMetrics is also scalable, covering all your online and offline campaigns. The higher tiers unlock handy features, including automations, CRM integration, and advanced reporting and analytics. It’s unlikely that you’ll need an extra attribution tool besides this one, with how feature-laden all of their plans are.

The Best Call Tracking Software Options to Consider

  1. CallTrackingMetrics – Best Call Tracking Software for Most
  2. WhatConverts – Best for Ecommerce Lead Management 
  3. CallRail – Best for Sales and Marketing Integrations
  4. Invoca – Best for AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence 
  5. Ringba – Best for Per-Use Pricing  

When It Makes Sense to Invest In Call Tracking Software

It’s not always clear when you should invest in new technology. However, there are obvious signs that it’s time to invest in call tracking software.

One scenario is you’re spending too much time listening to call recordings. Unfortunately, this repetitive task will only worsen as you scale your marketing campaigns. Call tracking software with machine-learning capabilities automatically mines data from phone conversations with customers.

For example, the software can analyze phone conversations to detect phrases, actions, and word patterns to classify calls. So, now, you can review the data to analyze buyer intent, for example. You don’t need to listen to every call to make decisions manually.

Similarly, if you cannot identify which marketing efforts are driving leads, you certainly need call tracking software. Your competitors are probably leveraging targeted campaigns. Casting a wide net and hoping to catch clients isn’t feasible if you wish to stay competitive.

Attribution is one of call tracking’s basic capabilities. It helps you understand which campaigns generate leads. You get data about keywords that prompt the most calls. Then, you can focus on the most profitable campaigns and improve on the less successful ones.

Finally, call tracking software is helpful if you don’t understand your customer’s entire buying journey. The software can help understand where and why your customers drop off in the buyer journey. This information helps streamline your customer call experience and helps you generate more leads.

#1 – CallTrackingMetrics – Best Call Tracking Software for Most

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Best for Most

CallTrackingMetrics has the best combination of call tracking features for all types of businesses. Quickly find out where every lead comes from, including text messages and offline channels.

CallTrackingMetrics is a terrific all-in-one call tracking solution that minimizes the need for additional campaign attribution tools or services. Yes, you can monitor your inbound calls, but the software also includes attribution for other communication channels, including text, chat messages, and forms.

CallTrackingMetrics home page

It’s also one of the industry’s pioneers, with over a decade of experience. So you know you’re in good hands.

CallTrackingMetrics covers more than just the essentials. Where most call tracking focuses on online campaigns, this platform doesn’t leave out your offline campaigns. Whether your campaign includes TV ads, billboards, print collateral, or trade shows, the software lets you attach a tracking number to almost any offline source.

Use dynamic number insertion (DNI) to track your online campaigns by automatically changing your online number to match the visitor’s landing page or referring pattern. Leveraging DNI is as simple as inserting a single line of code into your site.

CallTrackingMetrics also has powerful AI-driven automation that takes actions based on spoken keywords. For example, you can set up the software to automatically redact sensitive spoken information, such as payment information or personal medical data. That’s just a taste of it’s built-in compliance features, which guarantee HIPPA, CCPA, GDPR, PIPEDA, and PCI requirements.

Other features include:

  • Local and toll-free numbers tracking numbers in 80+ countries
  • Call recording
  • Ad extensions and click-to-call ads
  • Play whispers
  • GeoContact
  • Smart call routing
  • Score, convert, and tag calls

The software has three pricing plans. Performance costs $39 per month, plus usage. It’s an ideal entry-level package for understanding your marketing performance. You get essential features like call and text tracking and attribution, basic call routing, call recording, tagging, scoring, and Google and Bing integrations.

The Growth plan costs $119 per month, plus usage. You get additional features like unlimited sub-accounts, automated scoring and conversions, unlimited web form tracking, and agency account customization. Or, step up to Connect for $329 per month for CRM integration, a smart dialer for automating outbound calls, and live agent and contact center performance reporting.

All plans come with one free month. In addition, the Growth and Connect plan also offers free 30 days of unlimited chat licenses. Try out CallTrackingMetrics risk-free today.

#2 – WhatConverts – Best for Ecommerce Lead Management

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Best for Ecommerce Lead Management

Enjoy the freedom to track the metrics that make sense for your business. Whether that’s keyword-level tracking, offline call tracking, or marketing source tracking, WhatConverts has you covered.

WhatCoverts comes with all the critical call tracking features you’d need to optimize your marketing campaign. Track phone calls, chat, and forms to see where your leads are coming from, bolstered by Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to track call sources, campaigns, keywords, lead pages, and landing pages.

WhatConverts home page

The software also offers three call tracking options. These include offline call tracking, marketing source tracking, and keyword-level tracking. Other notable WhatConverts features include:

  • Qualify leads
  • Value leads
  • Export leads
  • Custom reports
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Real-time reporting

WhatConverts has a standout feature that lets you trace your ecommerce transactions to the marketing source.  It’s handy for optimizing marketing ROI for your ecommerce business.

For example, you can track how much revenue and transaction each lead generates. The software sends this information to Google Analytics, where you can also compare your transaction conversions to your website traffic.

WhatConverts features that include ecommerce tracking in Google analytics, track marketing data for transactions, and append marketing data to orders

Track phone calls, web chats, and form submissions side-by-side with your ecommerce transactions. Plus, the software offers native integrations with popular online marketplaces, including Squarespace, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, as well as most leading CRMs.

The price for WhatConverts depends on how many leads you track per month. The base price for each tier below allows you to track up to 184 leads per month. 

  • Plus: $30 per month
  • Pro: $50 per month for additional features like call flows, scheduled reports, HIPAA compliance, and API access.
  • Elite: $80 per month to unlock features like multi-click marketing attribution, customer journey, and tracking of all the visited pages.

Give WhatConverts a try by utilizing its 14-day free trial period.

#3 – CallRail – Best for Sales and Marketing Integrations

CallRail logo


Best for Sales and Marketing Integrations

CallRail integrates with more than 700 sales and marketing tools. So you may never have to worry about context switching again.

CallRail doesn’t skimp on call tracking features. Unlike WhatConverts, the software also tracks text messages in addition to phone calls, chat, and forms. In addition, the software also tracks your offline campaigns.

CallRail home page

CallRail has excellent advanced features. For example, the software has an AI-powered Conversion Intelligence feature which automatically transcribes calls. Choose key terms and the software identifies and tags them, too.

The best part is that CallRail is very easy to use despite its advanced features. You get all your critical insights in one place. The Lead Center aggregates all your calls, texts, chats, and forms in a unified inbox.

CallRail feature that include Communicate, Manage, and Analyze

You don’t need to export your inbound call, text, chat, and form submission data to a different tool to calculate ROI. The Multi-Touch Cost per Lead report does this for you. That way, you can compare your Google Ads or other spend against your marketing campaigns right from the platform.

CallRail integrates with more than 700 marketing tools in just a few clicks, so you may never need to use the API. These integrations cover all the popular sales and marketing tools businesses already use, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, Google Ads, HubSpot, Zapier, Google My Business, Lead Docket, and more.

Other noteworthy CallRail features include:

  • Call log
  • Source tracking
  • Multichannel lead attribution
  • Visitor tracking
  • Team performance
  • Operational reporting outbound call tracking

CallRail offers four pricing tiers depending on the feature-set you need. 

Call Tracking costs $45 per month plus additional usage. You get basic call tracking for five local numbers and 250 local minutes. 

The Conversion Analytics tier adds Conversion Intelligence to your call-tracking feature-set. It costs $95 per month plus additional usage. In addition, it comes with automatic call transcripts and keyword analysis. The same price applies to the Marketing Analysis plan, which delivers marketing analytics, form tracking, and a custom form builder in place of call transcripts and keyword analysis.

Need everything those two plans offer combined? CallRail’s Analytics Suite costs $145 per month plus additional usage and delivers everything the software has to offer. 

Try any of those plans on a 14-day CallRail trial today.

# 4 – Invoca – Best for AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence

Invoca logo


Best for AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence

Are you tired of manually classifying your leads? Simply set up your conversion rules, and Invoca will take care of the rest.

Most call tracking software has conversation analysis. However, Invoca provides one of the most advanced AI-powered call intelligence features, which is the platform’s main selling point.

Invoca home page

Invoca analyzes customer conversations to derive and organize crucial data. You can automate lead classification based on your conversion rules, such as letting Invoca classify and attribute leads when they receive a quote, schedule an appointment, or make a purchase.

Invoca page with headline that says "How Signal AI helps sales and marketing teams succeed"

You can automatically send this data to your CRM, data analytics tool, or ad platform in real time.

Invoca’s machine learning can uncover customer behavior, trends, and patterns based on past customer interactions. The software even creates signals to preempt future conversations, including potential customer complaints, IVR issues, or high-intent callers.

Invoca’s AI unlocks possibilities that many marketers didn’t know existed. Do you need to find out where prospects drop off in the buyer’s journey? Or do you want to know what makes your high-value customers open their checkbooks? Invoca automatically serves up this information.

The software also analyzes and scores interactions with your call center agents. Plus, you can automate your call center quality assurance. In short, Invoca’s AI instantly offers insights into the caller experience that would take years for a human to discover.

Invoca offers three plans, including Pro, Enterprise, and Elite. However, you’ll have to contact sales to request a quote.

#5 – Ringba – Best for Per-Use Pricing

Ringba logo


Best for Per-Use Pricing

You don’t need to pay for services you don’t use. With Ringba, you only pay for your exact usage and keep your costs to a minimum.

Many call tracking software providers hide features behind higher-cost plans and attempt to lock you into long-term contracts. Ringba is different. You only pay for what you use and you can cancel your contract anytime.

Ringba home page

Ringba offers three pay-as-you-go plans. This starts with the Basic package, which has no monthly fee and call tracking rates of 6.5 cents per minute. Local numbers are charged at $3 per month and it’s $4 per month for toll-free numbers.

You can pay for higher tiers to reduce your spending if you have high call volumes. Premium costs $99 per month but delivers lower usage rates. Local tracking starts at $0.045 per minute. You’ll also pay $2 per month for local numbers and $3 per month for toll-free numbers.

There is also a custom, bespoke Enterprise plan which Ringba will tailor to your organization’s needs and usage.

But this isn’t just about affordability. Ringba also offers solid call tracking features, like call recording, attribution, dynamic number pools, Interactive Voice Response, ring trees, automated call routing, and advanced integrations.

The platform also has a terrific instant caller profile. This feature lets you view critical caller data such as demographic and lifestyle information. In addition, you can view this data in real-time.

Ringba page with headline that says "Pour rocket fuel on your revenue per call" and features that include instant caller data, no minimums, fully integrated, and unlimited scale

The best part about Ringba is you get access to all its features regardless of your subscription tier. Then, you only pay for the numbers and minutes you use. It’s an excellent call tracking service for small businesses that want to keep their overhead low.

Get started on a Ringba pay-as-you-go plan today.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Call Tracking Software

Choosing the best call tracking software shouldn’t involve any guesswork. It’s a meticulous process with multiple serious considerations. We used specific criteria to test and assess call tracking software before picking the best ones.

Call Recording

It’s almost a given that call tracking software comes with call recording. This is an essential feature for evaluating call center employee performance. It’s also helpful in qualifying leads and gathering customer feedback.

Ideally, your call tracking software should be capable of recording both inbound and outbound calls. Also, ensure that your call tracking software comes with a pre-call announcement informing callers that the call may be recorded. This announcement is critical for meeting call recording regulations from state to state.

Since most software comes with call recording, you want to look at the quality of the recording. Test the feature during the free trial or demonstration to ensure that you’re getting high-quality audio. Some software also has advanced features such as noise cancellation and dual channel recording to enhance the audio quality.

Additionally, you want a flexible call recording feature. At a minimum, you should be able to turn call recording on or off. Software like CallTrackingMetrics allows you to select the specific parts of the call you want to record.

Finally, you should be able to share the recording with team members easily. Look for software with encryption so you can share recordings safely, especially if you have to be mindful of  regulations like HIPAA.

Call Transcription

It’s not possible to listen to all incoming and outgoing call recordings. This is especially true for organizations with high call volumes. Therefore, it’s crucial that your call tracking software automatically converts voice calls into text.

While most of these platforms allow you to quickly skim through conversations to find the specific information you want, software like CallRail can also offer conversation intelligence tools to detect specific keywords or phrases and score or qualify leads. 

Similarly, you may need security built into the transcription feature, just as with the call recording features. Be mindful of meeting HIPAA, PCI DSS, and similar compliance requirements. CallTrackingMetrics, for one, automatically redacts sensitive information like credit card numbers or social security information from its transcripts.

Reporting and Analytics

Good call tracking software should provide high-quality insights into your call data. This feature is arguably the most important of all and is the basis of call tracking technology.

You call tracking software should capture basic metrics like:

  • Call volume
  • Call source
  • Call duration
  • Call conversation
  • New vs. repeat calls

These tools should allow you to get the data that matters most to your business. But advanced call tracking software can deliver more, like a live dashboard to track call center performance and view caller metrics like web activity or demographics while on a call with customers.


Call tracking software offers deep insights into which marketing channels are paying off. However, the software can also make your workload lighter. Look for automation features to reduce your team’s manual efforts.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a key example that we’re all familiar with. If you’ve ever had to “press 2 to speak to a live agent”, you know what IVR does. 

Similarly, an automatic call routing feature can redirect customer calls to the right team every time. Software like CallRail lets you create a routing system that the software uses to send calls to the right place automatically. A common example is IVR asking a caller to input their ZIP code or area code. Then, the software routes the call to the correct destination based on your routing system specification.  

CallTrackingMetrics logo


Best for Most

CallTrackingMetrics has the best combination of call tracking features for all types of businesses. Quickly find out where every lead comes from, including text messages and offline channels.

The Top Call Tracking Software in Summary

CallTrackingMetrics ticks all the boxes for the ideal call tracking software. It is affordable but doesn’t sacrifice its feature set. You get detailed reports, automation, and everything else you need to optimize your calling experience. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with your existing software stack, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, and LinkedIn.

The best part is you can enjoy these features and functionality without slowing down your website. Their customer support team is also on standby to help you set up quickly. Plus, the team will check in periodically to ensure the software is working as expected.

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