Crazy Egg vs.

Crazy Egg isn't the only tool out there for tracking website visitor behavior. We think it's the best, but maybe we're biased

So we set out three key areas where we think Crazy Egg scores over a solid competitor, Clicktale, and checked around.

Heatmaps and User Recordings

If I say Crazy Egg, you say Heatmap

Both Clicktale and Crazy Egg give you heatmaps showing mouse clicks, and scroll maps that show how far down your page visitors looked.

If you’ve been using non-visual analytics tools, heatmaps can be a real eye-opener to how users really interact with your site.

But Crazy Egg goes further down that rabbit hole than Clicktale, with tools that provide more information in a simple, intuitive way.

Confetti report lets you see clicks by referral source, time, search terms and more. That’s way more detailed than a regular heatmap, but to interpret the report, you just look.

Overlay report shows you the percentage of visitors that clicked specific assets on your page.

User Recordings

Recordings doesn’t just let you see what your visitors did. It lets you watch them do it, like you were looking over their shoulder. You can watch them pause, backtrack, double take and get lost in your conversion process. Even the best heatmap and click tracking tools can’t show you that.

Clicktale and Crazy Egg both have this facility. But we put a lot of work into making ours super accurate and efficient.

Many user recording tools don’t actually take a screencast of what the user sees. So they don’t show what users actually do, and you wind up fixing problems that don’t exist. Crazy Egg Recordings show exactly what users did and you see what they see.

User Experience

For Marketers

Crazy Egg is instant: pick it up and start getting insights you can use.

Marketers have enough figures to wade through. We’ve always thought that our UX should be like your UX: intuitive and simple.

Clicktale focuses on granularity - we love detail too, but we put the emphasis on being able to start cold and get value from the tool immediately.

For Small Business

Small business users value a tool they don’t have to learn how to use, but that still delivers valuable insights.

“Great for people who have a hard time understanding analytics and how people are using their site.”

Josh Harcus

G2 Crowd

  • Visual, simple.

    Agency and inhouse marketers like being able to show management a picture they can’t argue with.

  • Easy set-up

    We’re proud of our ‘no knowhow’ tool - you can set it up and use it without any technical proficiency at all.

  • Integrations aplenty

    For marketers with more complex projects, there’s more. If you need to integrate multiple metrics from different bits of code, Crazy Egg integrates easily with Google Tag Manager to let you do that.

  • Exceptional support

    And when our users hit a bump in the road, they tell us - and we iron it out.


Keeping it simple

We wanted to make working with Crazy Egg as simple as possible. So we have the most transparent price structure we could.

While Clicktale starts out with an individual quote, Crazy Egg starts out with $29 a month, after a 30-day free trial. You know exactly what your subscription buys you.

See our pricing

Who's Crazy Egg for?

We think it’s for anyone who wants their website to work better.

If you’re using your blog to generate leads, you’ll want to know where folks stop reading, what they try to click on, and when the most high-value, convertible traffic visits.

A lot of times, your users are clicking on things that aren’t even clickable.

We hear it all the time from new users.

E-tailers really need to know what their visitors really do too.

And they’re not alone. In any industry, any space, real insight into what your visitors do on the page or in the checkout is vital.