How to Avoid Web Analytics “Analysis Paralysis” and Spend More Time Making Optimization Wins

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It’s much easier to start your website optimization journey from a visual perspective than a strictly numerical one. When you can immediately see where visitors and users are clicking and where they’re not, you’re instantly clued into obvious bottlenecks, blockers, and regions that are completely ignored.

Take this Google Analytics data for example…

google analytics useless data

When you start digging through your typical analytics package, you’ll end up several pages deep, looking at listed data such as that shown above.

Not always helpful, right?

Visualizations are the best place to start

What happens when I look at visual website analytics?

sean work homepage

This is a Crazy Egg Confetti report of my homepage (

I immediately notice important behavior. For instance, if I look at my footer links, visitors are very interested in visiting my blog. Not so much my SoundCloud account :). Maybe it would make sense for me to put my blog feed on my homepage instead of making people click through to it. Perhaps I would get more shares and more people reading my content.

Which brings us to the important part of website optimization

And that is – forming hypotheses.

The idea of moving my blog feed to my homepage is a hypothesis for a specific goal. This is really what you want to be doing instead of mindlessly sifting through pages and pages of data. The sooner you’re in a testing mindset and not a “let’s cruise around analytics” mindset, then you’ll be in a better position to serve customers and visitors alike.

And that’s why we released our A/B Testing and Editor features

To move even faster with the insights you get from our snapshot reports, you can now start A/B tests within Crazy Egg. We’ve created an extremely easy A/B testing platform to test your hypotheses – all without the need for a website developer or programmer. You can make changes to headlines, page copy, or even remove entire page sections within seconds and start testing them against your original page.

Turn your optimization mindset into a visual one

We think you’ll love it :). Start a free trial of Crazy Egg today and start making the lives of your visitors and users better. They’ll thank you for it with their hard earned cash!

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