What to Look For in Visitor Recordings

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Quick Hits CRO Tips Episode 4

Welcome to Quick Hits CRO Tips from Crazy Egg!

In this video resource series, we share advice, best practices, and strategies for how to boost your conversions, increase your revenue, and turn your visitors into customers — all in 2 minutes or less.

This week we’re covering how you can use Visitor Recordings (also known as session replays) to boost your understanding of how people are navigating and engaging with elements on your website. 

If you’re just tuning in, here’s what we covered in Episodes 1-3:

  1. Why Visitor Recordings Are Important
  2. Pairing Google Analytics and Visitor Recordings 
  3. How To Use Snapshot Reports With Visitor Recordings

Today, we’re going to talk about what behavior to look for when you’re watching Recordings. 

There are three major types of behavior to keep an eye on:

1. Excessive scrolling

Excessive scrolling in a visitor recording usually means people are confused, or they’re not finding what they’re looking for on your page.

We recommend watching to see what pages they end up on and that you consider introducing some of that down the funnel content on the initial page that they started on.

2. Rage clicks

Rage clicks are when people repeatedly click something that’s not interactive (because they think it should be). This is not information you can get from Google Analytics, and it’s one big reason why visitor recordings are so useful.

If you see a lot of rage clicks on a page element, we recommend adding a link to see if it alleviates frustration and boosts conversions.

3. Bugs or glitches in your UI

The third thing to look out for in user session recordings isn’t a behavior on the part of your visitors, but actual bugs or glitches in your UI.

No matter how much browser testing you’ve done, there may be something that you weren’t aware was an issue — like mobile responsiveness or how your content looks on different browser sizes.

It’s also possible a bug was introduced with a site update or relaunch.  

Visitor recordings are perfect for capturing these barriers to conversion!

When you filter your recordings by different pages or different browsers, you can triple check that everything is working properly on your site.

Real World Example: Recordings In Action

Case in point: We had an ecommerce customer who knew that one of their product videos was a key step in getting people to purchase their item. They had noticed a drop off in sales, so they used Crazy Egg to find out more.

Originally they thought that our Visitor Recordings were buggy, but once they reached out to our support team at help @, they came to realize it wasn’t us. The recording actually showed how a particular browser was malfunctioning and not displaying their product video.

Visitor Recordings helped this customer dig into what operating system and browsers were causing this bug. Once they fixed it, they saw their sales conversions climb back to normal levels.

That’s it for today’s lesson!

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