The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Infographics

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Love infographics? You aren’t alone.

Infographics — from large to small, simple to complex — are being created and shared by marketers every day. With great success.

If you’re ready to join this trend and impress your followers with creative, informative designs that build your brand, then grab your favorite drink, sit back and relax, and check out these resources…

First, some light reading

1. The Beginner’s Guide to Infographics

If you’re new to infographics (or even if you have some experience with them), this article by Kristi Hines gives you a good foundation in how to create a winning infographic—from concept to completion and beyond.

Realizing that Kristi’s article gives you the full monty, this infographic from lays out the creative process pictorally, so I wanted to share it too.

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community –

2. The Infographic Design Guide

Vengage walks you through the process of creating and designing an infographic.

3. The Do’s and Don’ts of Infographic Design

Smashing Magazine’s take on what it takes to make a sharable infographic.

4. 7 Infographic Topics You Should Avoid

Shell Harris gives you a designer’s perspective on the types of information that may not make the best infographic.

5. How to Strike the Elusive Balance between Data and Visualization

In this article, Babar Suleman shares 7 rules of great infographic design.

6. The ROI of Infographics

This post details the metrics you need to track to ensure you get the full return on investment from infographics. Written by Mark Smiciklas of Intersection Consulting, this is medium-to-advanced instruction in the art of promoting infographics.

Some things are better not put into words

The Infographic on Infograhpics, by Zabisco. (It’s not new, but it’s really cool. Kudos to Zabisco’s creative team.)


Think outside the box

Be creative

Simply by repurposing complex data as an infographic, you can surprise and delight your customers. For example, provides Google Analytics’ weekly Web metric reports as infographics.

visually google analytics

Is there something you could do that’s similar?

Don’t worry about how simple or complex your idea

Some ideas are extremely simple. Take this “Keep Trying” graphic I found in Neil Patel’s Facebook stream in March 2013. The concept is simple, but it shares useful information in a creative way.

Neil Patel--keep trying

Other ideas are very complex, such as this one by LinchpinSEO Building Personas: How to Understand & Meet User Needs

Use them in unusual ways

Be creative. Be visual. Words get glossed over, while visuals invite inspection.

Want proof? Check out Neil Patel’s About page on and this page, which tells visitors about KISSMetrics.

Look at what other people are doing

Sometimes all you need to release your creativity is to see what others are doing.

  • Here’s a showcase of infographic templates. The article suggests they’re available for download, but I didn’t see a link. Still, you can find a variety of layouts in one spot.
  • Kissmetrics is a case study in how to use infographics for marketing. Review its infographics (and its social shares) to see a full range of uses for infographics.

Popular topics

Still having trouble coming up with ideas? This infographic from MatterNow shows which topics are popular and which get the most views, comments, and/or shares.


Resources for making your own infographics

  • 9 Awesome Powerful Free Infographic Tools (InfographicsArchive)
  • HubSpot’s PowerPoint templates to help you create infographics
  • PictoChart’s free to premium resource for creating infographics with a WYSIWYG editor

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