Infographic: How to Build a Loyal Audience on the Web

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There are two ways to do marketing.

  1. Throw money at ads and gush out content hoping some sort of ROI will be made.
  2. Build a loyal audience that is constantly tuned into what you have to say, where every campaign you embark on is instantly received and propagated by that audience.

Think about it this way. When your typical PC manufacturer creates a device with a new and interesting feature, they have to spend millions on ads to get it out in front of consumers. All Apple has to do is whisper that something is coming, and the whole world is at attention. That’s the power of a loyal audience.

With that said, what do you think you should spend your time focusing on?

Some of the stats in today’s infographic are a bit dated, but the concepts presented are still solid.

How to Build a Loyal Audience On The Web

This infographic was originally published on QuickSprout.

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