JazzHR Review

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For small and medium-sized businesses looking for help with job posting and employee recruiting, JazzHR is a powerful software package. The easy-to-use JazzHR offers a competitive pricing tier for the smallest organizations that don’t need to fill a lot of jobs. It also has higher pricing tiers that cater to far busier groups that need high-end features. For an SMB that is struggling to digitize hiring, JazzHR helps to move this process forward.

Compare JazzHR to the Best Recruiting Software

Although JazzHR has outstanding versatility, its biggest strength is its ability to integrate with many apps an organization is already using. JazzHR’s integrations give the business the ability to customize the software. This ensures the organization can receive highly useful information from within JazzHR and from the apps with which it integrates. 

Because of its versatility and ease of use, JazzHR made our list of the best types of recruiting software. We took a detailed look at a wide range of software packages that help with employee recruiting. We compared each of the leading software packages, determining the strengths and best use cases of each one. See all of our top picks.

JazzHR: The Good and the Bad

JazzHR delivers quite a few really strong features, but it also has a few drawbacks. Understanding the pros and cons of JazzHR should help a business determine whether the software will meet its needs.

The Good

No user limits: Unlike some recruiting software packages that limit the number of people who can use the software, JazzHR has no user limits. (Some competing packages will only allow a single user.) By avoiding user limits, JazzHR simplifies the process of allowing an entire recruiting team to collaborate on a certain candidate.

Easy to use: Those new to using recruiting software will be able to start using JazzHR quickly. The basics of the software are easy to pick up for recruiting teams. Users will experience a bit of a learning curve to use JazzHR’s advanced features. But even with its advanced features, it remains easier to use than many of its competitors.

Add new features through integrations: To add features like background checks, saved video interviews, onboarding, and detailed candidate assessments, just download an integrated app. JazzHR works seamlessly with hundreds of apps, making it easy to share and track information. Companies can search the JazzHR Marketplace to find the perfect integration. 

Confidential candidate discussions: When using JazzHR’s profile pages to track information about each candidate, recruiting team members can be completely honest regarding their opinions. The information on the candidate page remains confidential to the recruiting team. The candidate never sees the information on the page.

Offers a quick screening process: After receiving dozens or hundreds of resumes for a particular position, JazzHR offers an effective initial screening process. JazzHR allows the recruiting team to set filters for screening the resumes. Those candidates that meet the desired filters can move forward to the next step of the job search process. By automating the initial screening, recruiters save quite a bit of time versus manually inspecting each resume.

Reuse customized workflows: When the recruiting team creates a specialized workflow for a particular type of job, JazzHR saves that workflow process. The team then can call on that workflow again later when advertising for a similar type of job. It’s easy to create tweaks to the workflow to fit a particular job too.

Hiding certain data: If it’s important to hide a candidate’s name or a particular job’s benefits package from the recruiting team, JazzHR delivers this feature. If members of the hiring team referred candidates to this particular job, for example, hiding the names of the candidates can ensure a fair assessment.

Easily find candidates: If an organization has hundreds of job candidates listed inside JazzHR, the software’s search function is extremely helpful. It allows a recruiter to use a wide range of search parameters, simplifying the process of finding all candidates who fit the parameters. Or just search by name to find the desired candidate’s profile page.

The Bad

Some limitations: When beginning to use JazzHR, some recruiters may experience frustration with the lack of high-end features. The basic software package may be too simplistic for some companies. Recruiters likely may need to download apps and integrations to yield the high-end features they want in JazzHR. 

Above-average pricing: When comparing the upper pricing tiers of JazzHR to some of the other top recruiting software packages, JazzHR’s prices are higher. The fact that JazzHR doesn’t have user limitations and allows unlimited simultaneous job postings in the upper pricing tiers justifies its cost. But for companies that don’t post a lot of jobs, the cost of JazzHR may be a hindrance.

No full-fledged HRIS offering: Although JazzHR is a strong recruiting software package, it doesn’t have features that equal full HRIS (human resources information system) software. Those companies that want more of an HR software package with some recruiting features will want to look beyond JazzHR. (However, JazzHR can integrate itself with some HRIS packages that a company may already be using.)

No on-premises installation option: Although JazzHR runs extremely well as a cloud-based software package, some companies may want an on-premises option. JazzHR doesn’t have this capability. It works entirely as cloud-based software, either through a traditional web browser or through a mobile app.

JazzHR Pricing and Options

JazzHR offers three different pricing plans, and it also offers custom plans for those organizations with specific recruiting needs. The standard pricing plans include the following.

Hero Pricing Tier

The Hero level costs $39 per month when paid for annually. (Staffing companies must pay $99 per month for the Hero tier.) It offers an unlimited number of users per subscription.

On the Hero plan, users can have three simultaneous job postings. Those who need more than three jobs can add an additional job at $9 per month per job.

The Hero tier offers multiple features aimed at streamlining job postings and tracking applicants. However, it lacks features in areas like reporting, compliance, and assessing candidates.

Plus Pricing Tier

Subscribers pay $229 per month (when paid annually) for the Plus tier. It places no limit on the number of users. Teams can post an unlimited number of open jobs simultaneously.

Plus has a large number of features aimed at creating job postings, applicant tracking, interviewing candidates, and assessing candidates. It has limited reporting and compliance features.

Pro Pricing Tier

The Pro subscription tier costs $339 per month when paid on an annual basis. 

This tier offers the same features as the Pro tier, along with a few other features. Users can make job offers and collect e-signatures from candidates through this tier. Unlike the Plus tier, it has full reporting and compliance tracking features.

Users subscribing to the Pro tier will have full access to customer support, including by telephone.

JazzHR does offer a free trial period for up to 21 days. Customers can request a demo as well.

JazzHR Employer Branding

When seeking job candidates through JazzHR, having the ability to use a business’ own branding in communications is extremely helpful. The branding allows the business to show off the things that make it unique and to highlight its strengths. 

Consistency in branding often helps with attracting highly desirable candidates, as they feel a level of trust with the business. Through JazzHR, organizations can apply branding to the business’ web pages that show available careers and job openings. 

Once the job candidate reaches out, JazzHR allows the organization to create branded messaging when communicating with the candidate. As part of the communications process with candidates, JazzHR has templates available that emphasize branding features.

These branded communications will extend to social media, ensuring a seamless experience for job candidates.

JazzHR Candidate Sourcing

To find the best job candidates, sometimes the solution is as simple as making sure they see the job opening. This means posting jobs on as many relevant job boards as possible.

This can be a time-consuming process on your own. However, JazzHR attempts to simplify the work and time required through its ability to post jobs to the most popular free job boards, as well as to certain pay job boards. Post a job to multiple boards with one click, saving time.

At the same time, JazzHR copies the information it’s posting on those job boards to the company’s website. Changing the information about a particular job in one section of JazzHR creates updated information everywhere the job listing appears.

As another means of sourcing great candidates, JazzHR simplifies the process of having current employees make referrals. 

JazzHR Applicant Communicating

When potential job candidates are reaching out and applying for positions, the business’ response is the first impression these candidates see. A poorly worded response that looks completely generic will not impress the candidate. 

The best job candidates, who likely will have multiple job options, may be leery of going forward with a company that offers poor initial communication.

With JazzHR, candidates see the company’s desired branding and messaging each time they receive a message. Personalization will seem to be part of every message, even if JazzHR is generating the messages automatically.

As an added benefit, JazzHR makes sure that candidates have a great experience with the job application, regardless of the device they’re using. JazzHR’s mobile interface has an outstanding design, giving job candidates the information they need. Users working on the desktop will also have a great experience.

JazzHR even has an option for generating text messages for those candidates who prefer texting to email. 

JazzHR Candidate Tracking

As a candidate enters the company’s job portal, JazzHR allows the company to fully manage the candidate’s progress through the process. 

JazzHR has templates for creating a workflow that fits common job search parameters. It also offers fully customizable features for tracking job candidates through the hiring process. 

Additionally, communications with the applicant remain linked to the candidate’s profile page within JazzHR. The recruiter can manage all emails with the applicant through JazzHR. The software can generate automated emails to keep candidates in the loop regarding the progress of the hiring process.

JazzHR Candidate Interviewing

Setting up, conducting, and reviewing candidate interviews can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of filling jobs. JazzHR simplifies the process of scheduling interviews, using integrations with scheduling software to keep everyone up to date on the schedule.

When it’s time to conduct interviews, all team members can see any notes from the interview, as well as the candidate’s answers. All of this information remains tied to the candidate through his or her profile page. The information from the interview is always available for the hiring team’s review.

JazzHR also has a recruiting calendar feature that gives all team members a clear look at which tasks have upcoming deadlines. Everyone remains on the same page with the recruiting calendar.

JazzHR Candidate Ranking

When multiple people within the organization need to have a say on which applicants will move forward, JazzHR simplifies the collaborative process. 

Add a few or several people to the recruiting team for a certain job posting. Each person on the team can leave feedback regarding certain candidates. The feedback occurs at a time that’s convenient to each team member, rather than requiring in-person meetings at a certain time.

All feedback remains connected to the candidate as he or she moves through the hiring process. Should a supervisor who wasn’t part of the recruiting team need to sign off on a certain hire, the supervisor can clearly see all of the feedback and notes about the candidate.

If desired, recruiting teams can use JazzHR’s templates for evaluating candidates. They can give candidates scores in different areas, simplifying the process of comparing one candidate to another.

JazzHR Job Offering and Hiring

After selecting the best candidate for the job, JazzHR provides a template that simplifies creating the job offer. Companies can create a template that contains key information, such as salary, projected start date, extra benefits, and job title. Never accidentally omit important information from the offer document again.

If the candidate decides to accept the job, JazzHR allows the candidate to submit the acceptance document via an e-signature. Candidates can sign documents on any device they prefer, including mobile. 

JazzHR maintains a copy of all relevant documents with the candidate’s profile, making them easy to find later.

JazzHR Compliance and Reporting

JazzHR continues to provide benefits after the company fills the job. 

For companies that need to create reports to track compliance, JazzHR can pre-populate reports with data collected during the candidate sourcing process through questionnaires. 

With accurate data pulled from the software, creating these reports is an easy process. JazzHR keeps its data safe and confidential, ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

The reports in JazzHR also provide insight into the company’s hiring processes. Should the reports reveal inefficiencies in certain hiring steps, the company can fix them before the next round of hiring.

How JazzHR Ranks

JazzHR is a strong contender when compared to the other best recruiting software packages. It has quite a few strong features, led by its ease of use. Organizations will be able to begin using it effectively almost immediately.

It delivers extra, high-end features through integration options with hundreds of other software packages and apps. The JazzHR Marketplace monitors these integrations, giving JazzHR versatility that some other top software packages don’t offer.

Its prices are a little higher than some of the other top contending recruiting software packages. However, it justifies its cost by not placing as many limits on the number of users and job postings as some other packages do.

It offers an unlimited number of users in all pricing tiers and unlimited job postings in the top two pricing tiers. This means it provides a good value for large organizations looking to hire a lot of people.

During our comparisons of the best recruiting software packages, we’ve found six strong contenders in addition to JazzHR, including:

  1. Zoho Recruit – Best software for recruiters
  2. JazzHR – Best for syncing recruiting with your software
  3. Workable – Best recruiting software for occasional hiring
  4. Freshteam – Best for most
  5. Ascendify – Best recruiting software for enterprises
  6. Recruiterflow – Best for staffing and recruitment agencies
  7. Recooty – Best applicant tracking system (ATS)


JazzHR provides quite a bit of versatility for companies looking to simplify, digitize, and automate aspects of the hiring process. For those who only need the most basic recruiting and hiring features, they can begin effectively using JazzHR in almost no time. For those who need more high-end features, integrations are available through the JazzHR Marketplace. Despite having a few drawbacks, JazzHR will fit the needs of a large number of SMBs seeking a more streamlined hiring process.

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