Wepik Review

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Let’s be honest—most of us like free stuff. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to find anything that’s actually free anymore. And it’s even harder to find anything that’s both free and useful.

Hard but not impossible.

Enter Wepik.

Wepik is a free graphic design editor that comes with a massive library of thousands of pre-made templates for all of your needs.

Need a fancy poster for your upcoming event? Wepik has it. How about some new business cards? Yep, Wepik has those. Your next Instagram post? Wepik has a template for that, too.

We dare say, Wepik has a template for everything. Best of all, it’s super easy (and fun) to use.

Wepik logo for Crazy Egg Wepik review.

Wepik: The Good and the Bad

Wepik will impress you with how much it offers for free. In fact, if you’re like us, you might spend some time searching for hidden fees or premium upgrades. Surprisingly, you won’t find any. You just sign up with Wepik and can access thousands of templates for any occasion and use its easy-to-use editor right online. It even has a mobile app for those on-the-go designs.

Is it perfect? No. But it comes pretty close. And for a free software platform, we’re not going to be too picky.

What Wepik Is Good At

Thousands of Free Templates: One of the best aspects of Wepik is its enormous library of templates that you can use completely free of charge. With thousands of options across every category, you’ll be impressed by both the quantity and quality provided.

Finding the perfect template for your needs is easy thanks to the intuitive search bar. Simply enter a descriptive phrase like “yoga studio facebook post” and curated options appear instantly. The broad range means you can hone in on incredibly specific use cases.

The templates are organized into handy segments so you can browse by general category if unsure of your exact needs. Categories like branding, marketing, social media, business, and education cover the full spectrum of Wepik’s templates.

You’ll love the ability to freely mix and match different templates for a custom creation. You may use a brochure page from one, an Instagram story from another, and logo elements from a third to make a design that’s uniquely your own.

Wepik truly has template options for every occasion imaginable. If launching a YouTube channel, choose from video thumbnail options. If creating a resume, select from multiple resume-focused templates. Or if announcing an event, leverage a specially designed invitation template.

Wepik doesn’t only offer templates for businesses. The extensive variety also accommodates personal projects for hobbies and events. For instance, you can create DIY wedding invitations, fitness tracker sheets, or grocery lists.

Wepik’s expansive template collection enables both professionals and amateurs alike to quickly find design starting points tailored to their exact needs. With the large variety and easy search functionality, the platform equips any non-designer to make something visually appealing and effective.

Wepik project template library.

Easy-to-Use Editor: Once you select a template, Wepik’s editor makes customizing your design simple. The tools allow non-designers to easily build creative and professional graphics.

One handy feature is the background remover that lets you isolate subjects cleanly when adding images to designs or creating logos. This simplifies incorporating visuals greatly.

Editing elements like text, colors, and sizing is a breeze by clicking directly on the template components. Anything can be moved around or resized by dragging and dropping.

You’ll appreciate that Wepik gives you direct access to Freepik and Pexel’s massive media libraries right within the editor, so you can seamlessly browse millions of photos and graphics to enhance your creations.

Animated elements like gifs and video files can also be added to give static designs more engaging flair. This is perfect for social media posts and ads wanting extra impact.

For entirely custom designs, Wepik allows building from scratch using the exact dimensions required. Useful presets exist for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook taking the guesswork out of sizing.

Want to start from scratch? The Maker tool provides the same robust feature set for blank canvases as for template editing. You can leverage text, shapes, photos, illustrations and enable AI assistance.

Even tools for basic image editing are baked into Wepik. You can crop, resize, filter. and touch up images without needing external apps. The presets and slider adjustments get the job done for simple enhancements.

Wepik interface for the design of a flyer.

Schedule and Post Directly to Social Media: One of Wepik’s most useful features is the ability to schedule and automatically publish social media posts directly to your connected accounts.

After designing your visual content, simply choose your preferred post date and time, add a caption, hashtags, or mentions as you normally would, link any websites or landing pages that should be included, and that’s it—set it and forget it.

Once scheduled, you can relax knowing Wepik will publish the post exactly when you designated without any further effort.

The interface makes batch scheduling easy as well. You can design a week or month’s worth of content in advance and queue it all up in one sitting. Wepik smoothly spaces out the publication dates automatically based on your preferences.

All of your scheduled posts are viewable in a calendar format by date, making it easy to visualize your upcoming pipeline. You have full control to reschedule or archive anything as needed before posting. Currently Wepik integrates directly with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Connecting accounts takes just a few clicks before you can begin scheduling.

Wepik landing page for their social media scheduler.

AI Tools: Wepik sets itself apart by integrating cutting-edge AI tools directly into its platform. Both image and text generation are available to boost your creative capabilities.

The AI image generator is impressive: simply describe the scene, subject or visual you want, and the AI will create it from scratch. There are further options that allow refining the style from photo-realistic to cartoon.

We found providing detailed text prompts produces the best results. The AI factors aspects like color, framing, lighting and more when generating images. The accuracy is pretty remarkable and saves a ton of effort.

An AI writing assistant is also available to craft text snippets or entire articles. You can specify a desired tone, like professional, friendly, or confident, to match your brand voice. The writing AI integrates right into the editor interface and can be used to generate any text elements like headings, body copy, or call-to-action buttons.

Additionally, Wepik offers a free AI presentation builder. You just outline your topic and goals, pick a design theme, and compelling slides are generated complete with relevant imagery. It makes piecing together polished decks effortless.

Landing page for AI text writer tool from Wepik

My Brand: One of Wepik’s more interesting features for businesses and brands is My Brand, which lets you easily create, manage, and implement branding assets. With My Brand, you can set up brand kits containing your logo, typography, color palette, and other elements that define your visual identity.

Wepik makes establishing your visual language simple by offering preset brand style options like modern, creative, minimalist and elegant—pick what resonates best.

Once your branding is configured, Wepik generates a kit including business cards, presentation decks, brochures, and more featuring your look. These become starting points for anything you need.

The biggest advantage is having your brand system stored centrally within Wepik for easy access. Never again struggle recalling which fonts or colors you used. It’s always available.

When designing new assets, you can click to add your brand elements from the editor toolbar. This maintains consistency across all touchpoints and mediums.

For solopreneurs, My Brand enables you to project a polished, unified identity. Even personal brands can benefit. Maintaining the same visual style on your YouTube channel, Instagram, website, and more strengthens recognition and loyalty.

Wepik interface with the My Brand page displayed.

Mobile App: Wepik offers a slick mobile app, making it easy to design and share visuals on the go. The interface provides the same key features from the desktop editor.

You’ll love the ability to quickly customize templates, add images, stylize text, and more all directly on your phone. For simple graphics or spur-of-the-moment posts, it’s incredibly convenient.

Access to Wepik’s template library and Freepik’s massive media assets means countless options are available for personalizing great looking graphics.

Since you’re working on your phone, once your design is complete, you can directly publish or share right within the app to your social networks. For example, create an eye-catching flyer and instantly post it to your social accounts with a few taps. Simple.

Currently, only sharing natively to Instagram and Facebook is supported on mobile.

The convenience of having these professional design capabilities in your pocket can be a big time saver when inspiration strikes.

Wepik mobile app landing page.

Resources: Wepik offers a ton of helpful resources to help you master the platform and improve your design skills. Between videos, articles, and a comprehensive knowledge base, you’ll have the guidance needed for success.

The YouTube channel provides short, digestible video tutorials demonstrating how to utilize different features. Want to leverage the AI image generator? There’s a quick video walking through the process. They have dozens covering every tool and function.

Wepik’s blog features step-by-step written tutorials for those preferring articles and text instructions. Beyond core feature explanations, it shares tips for honing design, branding, and marketing abilities. The educational articles level up knowledge so you can create higher-performing, polished visuals that better attract and engage your audience. This content makes Wepik users more savvy.

For troubleshooting or searching specifics, the extensive support knowledge base lets you find direct answers quickly. With so many articles and categories, no question will go unanswered.

Wepik youtube channel screenshot.

Wepik’s Potential Drawbacks

Attributions: Wepik offers its entire library of templates, images, and editing tools completely free. However, there is one key requirement—you must provide attribution anytime you use Wepik assets.

When downloading or sharing anything created with Wepik, you must visibly credit “Designed by Wepik” and link to www.wepik.com. This can be in the footer, description, or on the design itself if space allows.

Attribution is mandatory each time you utilize a Wepik template or image. While you can freely edit and customize them, credit is still required when you use them. This quickly becomes tedious, especially for frequent use.

We understand the need to get credited, especially since they’re giving away so much for free, but you may find this model a bit tedious.

Ultimately, Wepik’s classy templates and tools come at the cost of persistent attributions. For some, this trade-off is worthwhile for the quality and capabilities gained.

Imperfect Functionality: While Wepik offers many excellent features, our testing revealed areas for improvement—especially with the AI tools.

The AI writer in particular felt underdeveloped. The generated text from prompts required heavy editing to be usable.

We also found the AI writer will often produce massive walls of text far exceeding space limitations when added directly on templates. Expect to pare down the copy substantially to fit.

The AI image generator also failed to match our descriptive prompts exactly. It came close, but lacked precision. For a paid credits-based feature, the accuracy left something to be desired.

Wepik AI image generator with multiple images shown.

While Wepik does enable creating presentable designs as a non-designer, its AI features lack refinement. Expect to spend time correcting and optimizing the machine-generated elements.

Wepik interface with edit text menu shown.

Overwhelming Number of Options: With its vast template library and extensive tools, Wepik offers tremendous creative potential—but all that potential can be overwhelming for new users. It’s easy to get lost in the possibilities.

Searching keyword terms can return thousands of options. For “travel flyers” we received over 15,000 results—evaluating so many choices can become a major time sink.

This temptation to find the “perfect” asset can lead to endlessly browsing versus actively designing. The risk is spending long periods browsing templates and graphics without purpose or tangible progress.

The key to success is going in with a firm idea of your goals and needs. Use the search filters strategically to narrow options. Avoid browsing just for fun—go in with intent.

Start small by customizing a couple templates rather than getting overwhelmed by volumes. Gain confidence in Wepik’s core features before diving deeper. Just beware the urge to oversearch, and have a plan and focus on executing it.

Wepik Plans and Pricing

When we said free, we meant it. Wepik is all free. There’s only one paid option, and that’s if you want to buy credits for the AI image generator. Wepik starts you off with 40 credits to get started generating images, and the number of credits that it costs you per image fully depends on the complexity of your request. A simple image of a cat might only cost you one credit, whereas, a much more detailed image will cost more. Ultimately, these credits are optional, and unless you plan to generate a large number of AI images, then this feature is unnecessary.

Aside from that, everything else on Wepik is free to use, and that’s pretty solid.


You have full access to Wepik’s library of thousands of templates and graphics without any subscription or fees. This allows creating unlimited designs for free.

The intuitive editor and its features like background removal, text styling, resizing, and more are also free, so you can build professional visuals at no cost. Wepik provides these DIY graphic design capabilities without spending a dime. Even convenient capabilities like bulk social media scheduling and auto-posting are included free.

As for the cost of the AI-image-generator credits, they cost $5.99 for 100 credits, $10.99 for 500 credits, and $16.99 for 1,000 credits. Since the number of credits it will cost you to generate an image will depend on the complexity of your request, you could get many images. Or not many at all. But with occasional use, the free credits Wepik provides upfront should cover testing out the AI generator initially. Only heavy usage would necessitate buying additional credits.

Do note you must provide public attribution stating “Designed by Wepik” when using anything created with the platform. This credits Wepik but has downsides we covered previously. Still, being able to access such powerful design resources and tools for free is incredible value. Wepik democratizes quality graphic design by eliminating the financial barrier to entry.

If you can be diligent in providing attribution, Wepik is all yours. All free.

Popup window to purchase Wepik credits.

Final Thoughts

For non-designers as well as small-to-medium-sized businesses that are running on a tight budget, Wepik is a great solution. The combination of templates, editing tools, and helpful AI features will get you the designs you need, and then some.

And, best of all, there’s not a steep learning curve to learning how to craft and customize these graphic designs. With the Wepik templates and a little bit of elbow grease, you can create visually appealing assets, post engaging content on social media, and continue to grow your brand.

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