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Whether you’re a new business with a small workforce or a large enterprise with thousands of employees, there’s one common, underlying necessity for teams of all sizes: being able to accurately track and manage time and attendance.

But finding a software solution that can work with and adapt to your team isn’t easy. And this becomes even more complicated with remote and hybrid workforces, as you could potentially have some employees working from home, some in the office, and some constantly on the road, traveling between job sites and client locations.

In order to make sure you’re managing your team’s time accurately and efficiently, you need a time and attendance solution that can be tailored to your business’s specific needs.

That’s where Replicon comes in.

Replicon offers a complete suite of tools for tracking time across projects and managing your employees’ time and attendance. And with easy-to-use mobile options, your team can use it no matter where they’re located. Whether your time tracking needs are fairly simple or more nuanced and complex, this is a solid solution for teams of all sizes.

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Replicon: The Good and the Bad

Replicon offers a ton of options for complete, accurate time tracking across projects and teams. Its time tracking features allow you to do things like track your team’s times on specific projects, get real-time visibility into employee productivity, and manage project expenses. Its time and attendance platform makes it easy to track, manage, and approve your employees’ timesheets. And with versatile mobile options, you can be sure you’re getting accurate data, no matter where your employees are located.

Below, we’ll dive deeper into Replicon’s strengths, potential drawbacks, and overall pricing structure.

What Replicon Is Good At

Comprehensive Time Tracking Suite: Replicon doesn’t offer just one feature for time tracking. Rather, it provides a full suite of tools for your business to track and manage hours, expenses, and PTO. The four primary products in its time tracking suite are TimeBill, ProjectTime, Expense, and TimeOff.

TimeBill helps you to accurately track and capture time data so you can follow costs and expenses across projects. It comes with features like project documentation, budgets vs. actuals tracking, advanced client management, flexible billing options, enhanced invoicing, and more.

ProjectTime is just what it sounds like—it allows you to track project time so you know exactly how much time (and money) you’re spending on various projects. Its AI-powered time tracking tool is especially useful, as it helps you to track time across over 100 different work apps, including Slack, Asana, and Zoom. It also offers geofencing capabilities for employees who are on the move. With ProjectTime, you can easily configure, fill out, submit, and approve timesheets, even on mobile devices.

With Expense, it’s easy to track time and expenses across projects. It also allows you to set custom rules so all time entries have to abide by your company policies. Expense allows you to track expense types, upload digital receipts, and get real-time access to current expenses. You’re also able to create custom workflows so all expense sheets get routed to the right people for approval.

Finally, TimeOff allows you to create PTO policies, set accrual rates, and manage all PTO submissions and approvals. Employees are also able to submit time off requests and add their time off into shared calendars so everyone can see who’s working and who isn’t at a glance. With the mobile app, time off can be submitted and approved from anywhere.

Overall, Replicon’s suite of time tracking tools provides everything you need to manage time and expenses across various areas of your business.

Replicon time tracking features with images of the interface on mobile devices.

Easy Time and Attendance Management: Just like with its time tracking suite, Replicon offers everything you need to manage time and attendance from one streamlined dashboard. You can configure timesheets to match your company’s requirements and make sure all time is approved by the right people with customizable approval workflows.

One really cool feature Replicon offers is CloudClock. CloudClock is an AI-powered time clock app that allows for touchless clocking in and out. Employees don’t need to worry about remembering their badge or typing in long user IDs. Rather, with facial recognition software, clocking in and out is effortless. And because you’ll be able to see user photos, you’ll know that employees really were working when they say they were. This is an easy win-win on both sides of the employer-employee relationship.

GPS Timesheets landing page for Replicon with a list of features and a preview of the platform on a mobile device.

Tons of Integrations: Most companies use various software tools to manage different aspects of their business. For instance, you might use Slack for collaborating with your coworkers, Asana for managing projects, ADP for payroll, and Salesforce for customer relationship management. Replicon integrates with all of these tools so you can share data across applications.

Replicon integrates with software platforms across various categories, including project management, collaboration, accounting, payroll, customer relationship management, incident management, and more.

Even better, many of these integrations come pre-built. For instance, with Replicon’s Salesforce integration, opportunities are automatically added as projects in Replicon once they meet predefined criteria. Any updates that are made afterwards in Salesforce are synced automatically in Replicon, so you don’t have to juggle multiple tools manually.

List of Replicon integrations, including SAP, ADP, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and more.

Global Time Tracking and Compliance: If you manage an international workforce, you don’t need to use a separate platform. Replicon allows for global time tracking, and even better, it has in-house experts who specialize in global labor compliance. This means you can ensure employees are complying with regulations like the Fair Work Act, Canada Labour Code, and more.

Replicon can help you with compliance and labor laws for time and scheduling in over 85 countries and over 375 jurisdictions.

Top-Tier Customer Support: One comment that comes up again and again across user reviews is acknowledgement of Replicon’s quick and helpful customer support. They respond to customer tickets quickly and are professional, genuine, and care about actually solving your issues.

Additionally, while some companies only offer one or two support options, Replicon offers a ton of options for getting in touch. On its website, you’ll find various country-specific phone numbers, email addresses, a Replicon community, a Replicon customer zone, social media links, a contact form, and more. If you have any issues with the software, you can rest assured you’ll get help quickly to resolve your problems.

Replicon’s Potential Drawbacks

Complicated Pricing Structure: We’ll lay out the pricing in more detail below, but it’s worth noting that the pricing can be a bit complex to figure out. For instance, while Replicon offers a full time tracking suite, each product is priced separately—and there are usually more than one pricing option for each individual product.

So you can pay for the TimeBill Plus tier at $39 per user per month to get the most out of the platform’s time tracking features, but then you have to pay for the Expense Plus plan separately at $5 per user per month to get access to expense tracking, tax codes, and expense custom fields. Reading through the pricing chart can get a bit complicated, so we recommend reaching out to customer support to figure out which plans you need.

Replicon pricing and features chart for various products offered by the company.

Potentially Difficult to Set Up: One user sentiment that came up across user reviews was that it can be potentially difficult to set up, especially because there are so many features and customization options. Now, customization is ultimately a good thing, and most software platforms are going to have a learning curve. You’ll just want to make sure you don’t rush the setup process so you can configure the settings to be tailored to your company’s needs.

Some Limits to Customization: Like we mentioned above, Replicon has a ton of customization options, but there are limits to it. You may not be able to configure things like invoices, timesheets, and project dashboards quite as precisely as you would if you were using, say, a spreadsheet—though we’d say the time you save using Replicon’s software more than makes up for it.

Replicon Plans and Pricing

Replicon offers various pricing options for its different products so you can customize your package to fit your business’s needs.

Replicon pricing for three different products, including Project Time Tracking, Time & Attendance, and PSA and PPM.

Project Time Tracking

Replicon’s Project Time Tracking suite, which includes TimeBill, ProjectTime, Expense, and TimeOff, starts at $12 per month.

Within the Project Time Tracking suite, you have several options:

  • TimeBill Quick Start: $60 per month for up to 5 users, $10 per additional user
  • TimeBill Plus: $39 per user per month
  • ProjectTime: $29 per user monthly
  • ProjectTime Plus: $39 per user monthly
  • Enterprise Time Tracking: Call for pricing
  • TimeOff Plus: $6 per user monthly
  • TimeOff Enterprise: $8 per user monthly
  • Expense Quick Start: $3 per user monthly
  • Expense Plus: $5 per user monthly

Each plan comes with different features, but you’ll get more advanced features when you opt for the Plus and Enterprise plans over the Quick Start plans.

Additionally, the TimeBill Plus, ProjectTime Plus, TimeOff Plus, and Expense Plus all come with free trials where you get full access for 14 days to test out the software and make sure it fits your business’s needs.

Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance product suite, which includes Workforce Management, Time & Attendance, Global Time Off, Global Labor Compliance, and CloudClock, starts at $6 per month.

Here are your pricing options for Replicon’s Time & Attendance features:

  • TimeAttend Quick Start: $30 per month for up to 5 users, $5 per additional user
  • TimeAttend Plus: $12 per user monthly
  • Workforce Management: $19 per user monthly
  • TimeOff Plus: $6 per user monthly
  • TimeOff Enterprise: $8 per user monthly

The TimeAttend Plus, Workforce Management, and TimeOff Enterprise options all have free trials for trying out the software ahead of time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there isn’t much not to like when it comes to Replicon’s time tracking and time and attendance software. It comes with a ton of useful features for teams of all shapes and sizes—whether you’re a small team working in one location or have thousands of employees spread out worldwide. Replicon offers the tools you need to feel confident that your time tracking processes across projects and teams are accurate, efficient, and easy.

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