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Happy employees equal happy customers, and happy customers equal business success. To help you cultivate happy employees, Xoxoday offers a trio of innovative employee engagement platforms called Plum, Empuls, and Compass. Through these platforms, you can offer rewards and incentives, create fun competitions to drive performance, and create a positive atmosphere among your workforce—all which ultimately build employee engagement and help your business thrive.

In our in-depth review, you’ll learn the overall pros and cons of the company and get a detailed look at the features and pricing of its three products so you can decide if Xoxoday is the right employee engagement solution for your business.

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Xoxoday: The Good and the Bad

Xoxoday stands out in the workplace engagement industry thanks to its innovative solutions that boost workplace morale and productivity. However, it’s not without its challenges. We’ll take a look at its strengths and weaknesses below.

What Xoxoday Is Good At

Easy to Combine with Other Software: Xoxoday’s platforms fit well with the software you already use, making it easy to get started. It offers a ton of options for integrations, including BambooHR, HubSpot, Gusto, Mailchimp, and more. The website breaks down the integrations into categories like Collaboration tools, CRM, Marketing, and Sales, so you can easily find the ones you need.

Many Reward Choices: People have diverse tastes, and Xoxoday’s reward options recognize this. Xoxoday’s Plum Reward Marketplace already comes with everything you need to offer your employees unmatched incentives. You can let employees choose between gift cards that they’d actually use, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and more.

In addition to the various options rewards, the Reward Marketplace is pre-built and optimized for the end user. You don’t need to be tech savvy to get started, as Xoxoday’s designers and engineers have already done the hard work. You can easily customize the marketplace to match the look and feel of your brand so it’ll blend seamlessly with your existing platforms.

Fun Sales Motivation: Xoxoday Compass is a sales platform that encourages sales teams with gamification features that turn work into an opportunity for fun and play. You can create competitions, monitor performance with scorecards and leaderboards, and send personalized notifications to your team letting them know where they stand. For instance, if a salesperson only needs to close two more accounts to reach a commission goal, you can send them an update directly through the platform.

Xoxoday also offers an earnings simulator, which helps your team see their current payouts and projected payouts. By using data-driven insights, you can help your team create goals to earn even more.

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Detailed Reports: With Xoxoday, you’ll receive in-depth reports showing how well your reward programs perform. These insights will reveal just how satisfied and engaged your employees are, helping you make informed business decisions.

Xoxoday’s Empuls platform offers analytics that give you insight into your company’s culture, engagement, recognition, and rewards. For instance, with recognition analytics, you can get a holistic view of how awards are distributed across departments and locations. The rewards analytics provide deeper insights into how your budget is being spent, helping you to make data-driven decisions regarding whether the budget should be increased or decreased.

Safe and Legal: Xoxoday keeps data safe and meets major security and privacy standards, including ISO 27001:2013, which is an international standard for data security, and the European Union’s GDPR standards.

Helpful Customer Service: Xoxoday’s customer service is top notch. The website offers a chatbot you can use if you need quick help, or you can reach out to their customer service team through email or WhatsApp. Additionally, the website offers a comprehensive Help Center, where you can easily navigate to the product (Plum, Empuls, or Compass) of your choice.

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Xoxoday’s Potential Drawbacks

Limited Choices in Some Areas: Although Xoxoday has a wide range of reward options, some categories, such as gaming vouchers, are limited.

Learning Curve: Like most software platforms, there’s a bit of a learning curve when you’re first starting out, especially with Xoxoday Compass, the brand’s sales platform. We definitely recommend reaching out to customer service and checking out the Help Center if you need assistance getting started

Xoxoday Plans and Pricing

Here we’ll explore Xoxoday’s three platforms—Plum, Empuls, and Compass—detailing their features, how they can benefit you, and their pricing structures.

Xoxoday Plum

Plum automates rewards, incentives, and payout programs. It also offers data and analytics tools that provide insights into how well the incentives are working. It has a simple interface, and most customers find it easy to use.

What makes this platform so valuable is its ability to reduce administrative burdens and boost employee satisfaction through personalized and varied rewards.

Plum Pricing Tiers


  • Monthly License Fees: $0
  • Yearly License Fees: $0
  • Margins and Discounts on Volumes: None
  • Support: Basic


  • Monthly License Fees: $599
  • Yearly License Fees: $5,990 (includes two months free)
  • Margins and Discounts on Volumes: Low
  • Support: Priority


  • Monthly License Fees: $999
  • Yearly License Fees: $9,990 (includes two months free)
  • Margins and Discounts on Volumes: Medium
  • Support: Dedicated customer success manager


  • Monthly License Fees: $1,299
  • Yearly License Fees: $12,990 (includes two months free)
  • Margins and Discounts on Volumes: High
  • Support: Dedicated customer success manager

Xoxoday Empuls

Emplus interface example from Xoxoday website.

Empuls is an employee engagement platform that helps your employees connect more with their coworkers using polls, chats, and posts while keeping everyone in the loop about what’s happening at work.

You can choose one or more plans based on what will best serve your employees.

Reward and Recognize

This plan is designed to help motivate your employees. It costs $3 per employee per month (billed annually) and features Gift and Reward Automation, Bulk Awards and Gifts, Peer-to-Peer Awards, Leadership Awards, and more. You also get advanced analytics and custom reports so you can see the engagement and recognition data firsthand.


The Surveys plan helps collect employee feedback so you can better meet their needs. The plan is $3 per employee per month, billed annually. It features surveys to help you gauge employee sentiment and get feedback on things like onboarding and training. You can also build your own survey to match your company’s unique needs.

With automated reminders, you can easily remind employees to complete their surveys, saving you time with follow-up. You’re also able to integrate your surveys with tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to make communication even easier.

Social Intranet

This plan helps you build a supportive, healthy culture. It costs $1 per employee per month (billed annually) and includes things like Social Newsfeed, Broadcast Announcement, an Employee Directory, and Team Pages. You can also personalize an employee’s newsfeed so they’re only seeing content that directly impacts them. The Social Intranet plan offers tons of ways to promote positive community engagement.

Perks and Benefits

This option helps you foster employee well-being. It’s $2 per month per employee, billed annually. It includes exclusive discounts, personalized recommendations, a customizable catalog, and more. There are also additional features coming soon, like prepaid meal, fuel, and transit cards and physical and mental wellness offerings.

Xoxoday Compass

Xoxoday’s Compass platform is an enterprise-grade commission management software. It automates the commission process, improves performance management, and offers gamification to motivate your sales team. The platform also provides tools for data integration and revenue intelligence, supporting sales teams in achieving their goals more effectively.

Compass is customized to suit your team’s needs perfectly, so there’s no set pricing. Contact Xoxoday Compass for a custom quote based on the number of commissionable employees, the features you need, how much data must be processed, the required integrations, and more. There’s also a one-time implementation fee based on your custom needs.

Final Thoughts

Xoxoday‘s platforms are excellent solutions for enhancing employee engagement and streamlining rewards and incentives. Plum excels in providing varied reward options and ease of use, Empuls shines in fostering workplace connections and engagement, and Compass stands out in automating and gamifying sales commissions.

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a larger enterprise, Xoxoday’s suite of tools can be a valuable asset in creating a positive and productive work environment.

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