24 Split Testing Tools to Boost Conversions

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The only way to know if something is working is to test and measure it—and then to keep testing and measuring until you have achieved the best possible optimization result. That applies to everything from email subject lines to the content of your web pages.

24 Split Testing Tools to Boost Conversions

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If you’re going to test and measure you need the right tools so here are several split testing tools for you to consider to achieve the ultimate in conversion optimization. We’re not claiming this list is exhaustive—after all, there are new tools released all the time—but it’s a great starting point.

Free and Low-Cost Split Testing Tools

low cost split testing tools

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1. Convert says it’s the most accurate A/B testing software—you can try it out live via a box on the home page. Starting at $9 per month for its pay-as-you-go plan, this allows you to test 2,000 visitors. It has a 15-day free trial, too. It integrates with a wide range of ecommerce and other marketing solutions. Check out its conversion academy for webinars and case studies.

2. Five Second Test from Usability Hub allows you to get user impressions of web designs. Thought it’s not a split tester as such, you could easily upload two different versions of a Web page and get feedback. There’s a free plan, but if you want to have private tests and demographic reports, you can pay $20 a month for 100 responses.

3. Google Content Experiments is part of Google Analytics and is free. It allows you to test up to 10 page versions using different URLs and to set and test different objectives.

4. Founded by two ex-Google product managers, Optimizely aims to make testing simple. You can try it out for free from the home page (and you don’t have to complete the account signup to run a test). Prices start at $17 per month after a 30-day trial and you can test 2,000 visitors per month. Check out some customer stories on this link.

Mid-Priced Split Testing Tools

Mid Priced Split Testing Tools

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5. ABTasty. Made in Paris, but available in English, this tool has a graphical editor, the ability to create multiple testing scenarios, personalization and in-depth reporting. The price starts at €99 per month for 5000 visitors. Case study: Etam increases visitor flow by 9.8% by changing the name of a category.

6. AvenSEO runs two simultaneous versions of your website, providing real time analysis and feedback on how they are doing. This is another French site, reported by Conversion Rate Experts to charge €300 a month after a free trial. Their case study (in French) shows how Barack Obama used A/B testing during his presidential campaign.

7. ClickThroo is a landing page marketing solution which includes split testing for the pages you create. Its basic self-service package starts at $95 for 25,000 visitors per month, with a 14-day free trial. No case studies, but plenty of big brands on the customer list.

8. KISSMetrics includes split testing as part of its solution to help businesses learn more about their customers. It starts at $150 per month, with use cases available here.

9. While not itself a split testing tool, Qualaroo integrates with other tools so you can survey customers about their experience and tweak your tests accordingly. According to its published case studies, the tool has worked well both for content sites and conversion optimizing firms. Qualaroo starts at $63 per month.

10. Unbounce lets marketers build and test landing pages with live publishing of variations and real time data. Check out how Unbounce helped KISSmetrics for inspiration and see how this tool integrates with CrazyEgg. Pricing starts at $49 a month, though there’s a free version with Unbounce branding if you just want to give it a try.

11. Visual Website Optimizer walks you through the process of A/B testing with a free guide showing how to set up your test. It also showcases several examples of the conversion uplifts achieved with its product. There’s a free trial, with plan pricing starting at $49 per month.

Other Split Testing Tools

Other Split Testing Tools

Image: Pixabay

12. Accenture offers A/B testing wrapped into an overall digital optimization package. The tool also includes multivariate and segment-based testing. This is an enterprise-level tool with ongoing costs starting at $160,000 according to the Conversion Rate Experts comparison chart. Client success stories are available here.

13. Adobe Target is another enterprise level tool with costs reported at four figures per month. It includes A/B and multivariate testing as well as segmenting, geo-targeting and more. See how Lenovo has used the overall suite to improve ROI in this video.

14. Conductrics says it offers universal optimization with testing across all marketing channels. The site mixes machine learning and A/B testing to constantly improve what visitors see. No pricing is shown on its website.

15. It’s hard to take Conversion Multiplier’s early 90s-style website seriously but it claims to have the most advanced multivariate testing solution based on proprietary algorithms. No pricing is shown on its website.

16. Divolution Optimizer allows A/B testing, multivariate testing and more. You’ll need a translation tool unless you speak German. The price is available on request.

17. Get Smart Content allows you to test and optimize calls to action and other website elements to improve conversions. It integrates with ExactTarget, Eloqua, Demandbase, Google Analytics, Salesforce and many other tools. It also focuses on content personalization.

18. UK-based Global Maxer provides A/B and multivariate testing with tools to make it easy for beginners. It also allows multiple goals and tests dynamic pages. Check out case studies here.

19. Hi Conversion says its testing solution allows for wide fluctuations in visitor behavior, reducing some of the issues with traditional A/B and multivariate testing. It includes several case studies showing this in action. No pricing is shown on its website.

20. HP Optimost is part of the company’s Autonomy suite of tools . It includes the ability to design and run tests from your website with its VisualTest feature.No pricing is shown on its website.

21. Maxymiser provides live A/B and multivariate testing via a visual interface, monitoring and reporting on a wide range of factors for increased conversions. Case studies are available but pricing is not stated.

22. Monetate is cloud-based personalization and testing software which allows unlimited testing without coding. You can test full pages too. Pricing is based on the previous year’s usage. Check out Monetate’s customer stories here.

23. SiteSpect offers a tag-free approach to testing and conversion optimization, allowing testing and targeting of all parts of your site, including mobile sites and apps. You can even test feature releases and back-end functionality. Check out examples here. No pricing is shown on its website.

24. WebTrends includes a conversion optimization solution with A/B and multivariate testing. Prices are available on request.

This list has something for everyone, whatever your budget. If you have a favorite split testing tool that’s missing from the list, be sure to share in the comments.

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