How Sendible Saved 10+ Hours per Month and Insights Into User Behavior

"For me, the win was clear immediately over Hotjar just because of the kinds of insights we are getting. Crazy Egg's confetti report is the report that every marketer dreams of."

Veronika Vebere
Inbound Marketing Manager, Sendible


hours saved/month using Crazy Egg

  • Individual session recordings

  • Heatmap tracking

  • Snapshot reports of individual pages

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Sendible is a social media management tool catered specifically for brands and agencies who want to manage their social media channels at scale in one accessible place.

Veronika Vebere joined Sendible in 2016, and has since helped Sendible grow its user base to over 15,000 marketers and achieve app leader status on G2. As an Inbound Marketing Manager, she has extensive experience leading successful digital marketing campaigns from ideation to execution.

Sendible Website


A need for a deeper understanding of on-site visitor behavior

As Sendible’s Inbound Marketing Manager, Veronika Vebere needs a thorough understanding of how visitors arrive on their website, and how they interact with it before they start a trial.

For a few years, she used Hotjar as her go-to tool for website tracking and analytics. But she needed a deeper understanding of on-site user behavior, as well as more accurate heatmaps to track clicks.

With Hotjar, she didn’t have the ability to capture the website’s top navigation menu, and she couldn’t see if visitors on the page were new or returning.

Sendible was also in the middle of a small rebranding, and Veronika needed a tool that could dive deeper into the details of how the website was performing as they made changes.

"Like most SaaS businesses, we operate on a subscription basis. To grow and thrive, it’s key for us to know how visitors arrive on our site and how they interact with it...we used Hotjar for quite a few years, but we wanted to explore other solutions that would allow us to dive deeper into our website visitor behavior."


Switching to a platform that offers reports with 25+ filters and a custom tool to capture unprecedented insights

Veronika immediately fell in love with Crazy Egg’s confetti report, which showed her individual clicks on the website and helped her access specific metrics like new vs. returning visitors. With the help of the confetti report, Veronika saw that many return users were signing up for trials, allowing her to optimize the website experience for that segment.

All of this and more made switching from Hotjar an easy decision.

And thanks to Crazy Egg’s Page Camera tool, Veronika could see exactly how visitors were engaging with her website’s top navigation menu and what optimizations to make.

She also appreciated that Crazy Egg allowed her to see how her website looked on all different browsers and spot any issues that would otherwise be invisible.

During Sendible’s rebranding, she and the marketing team checked Crazy Egg every morning, and used that information to give fast feedback on what worked and what didn’t.

"With the confetti report’s new vs. returning visitor analytics, I can look at the returning visitors specifically and see what actions they have taken on the pages, and what sections of the website they have engaged with. And that’s the kind of data we had no access to before we had Crazy Egg. It’s fantastic."


Deeper insights and 10+ hours saved per month

Now, only a few months after switching to Crazy Egg, Veronika estimates that she saves around 10 hours per month. This frees up her time to strategize, run experiments, or drive results to a new top of funnel channel.

By using Crazy Egg to see how the website appears on different browsers, she was able to catch and correct a severe readability issue for a version of Mozilla Firefox that 5% of pricing page visitors were using.

Without Crazy Egg, it would have been hard to optimize the site for those users, and Sendible would have potentially lost more conversions.

Most importantly, Veronika can use the insights she’s gained to create a more in-depth marketing strategy going forward: she’s already started incorporating the insights gained from Crazy Egg into her plan for 2021.

"If you do conversion rate optimization, Crazy Egg is definitely worth the investment. You can get so many insights from the very start, you really see the value of the tool right away."