Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) vs. Intuit Mailchimp

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Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) and Intuit Mailchimp are both popular email marketing options with extensive features. They both make it easier to reach your audience with tools like automation, templates, and plenty of ways to customize your campaign with a user-friendly interface. But is one better than the other? In this post, we’ll show you how they stack up side by side and help you determine which works better for your business.

Brevo has made a name for itself by offering great value for a low price. Its free package offers more than most email marketing software options, including unlimited contacts. It has virtually no learning curve, so you can begin marketing to your audience right away using advanced features. Try Brevo for free today.

Intuit Mailchimp is the go-to email marketing platform for many businesses, and it’s worked hard to build its reputation. With tons of customizable templates, advanced reporting, and tools that go beyond email marketing, it gives you a comprehensive relationship management platform for your business. Start using Intuit Mailchimp for free today.

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Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) and Intuit Mailchimp Compared to the Best Email Marketing Options

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Omnisend is ideal for bringing customers to your ecommerce site by letting customers shop directly from your emails. Try Omnisend’s free plan now.

AWeber works well if you need more than the basics with as many lists and businesses as you need and all your information in one place. Try it free today.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) Compared to Intuit Mailchimp

First, let’s talk about what Brevo and Intuit Mailchimp do well and how they can get your message out to your audience. Each one does its job well and offers plenty of advanced and affordable tools to help you bring more customers to your business.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) Highlights

Brevo prides itself on its intuitive solutions for digital marketing in various forms. Its primary focus is meeting customers in their inboxes with email, SMS, and chat features, which you can get with any of its packages.

The platform functions as a full CRM, too. It tracks customer interactions and allows you to engage with them better through social media and other marketing channels. Starting with its Business package, you can use Facebook Ads, landing pages, and signup forms to reach consumers better through social media and increase your conversion rate.

Brevo’s personalization features also help you send relevant content to the right consumers. Its automation capabilities ensure that you stay organized while making marketing look effortless.

Intuit Mailchimp Highlights

Intuit Mailchimp functions primarily as an email marketing platform, and it’s made itself a top contender in that area. With its email marketing tools, it lets you use multichannel campaigns created with Intuit Mailchimp’s wide selection of templates. Its marketing specialties also include ads, social media posting, landing pages, and even physical postcards.

Beyond email marketing, Intuit Mailchimp lets you create an entire website and build an ecommerce store at no charge. It will give you a free domain or let you connect one you already have and start making your site from there. Its CRM also helps you track your engagement with advanced analytics for a complete view of your audience’s preferences.

Additionally, Intuit Mailchimp’s customer journey builder allows you to map out your subscribers’ experience as it aligns with your business goals and growth. By integrating with other platforms, Intuit Mailchimp makes it even easier to target more leads, create captivating designs, and sell your products.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) vs. Intuit Mailchimp: Pros and Cons

Where Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) Shines

Brevo homepage screenshot.

Unlimited Contacts: While most email marketing platforms, including Intuit Mailchimp, cap your contact list based on your plan, Brevo doesn’t. It lets you have as many contacts in your list as you want, even with its free package, and it doesn’t charge for them with any plan. Intuit Mailchimp, on the other hand, has a limit of 2,000 subscribers with its free plan, and if someone signs up twice by mistake, it doesn’t recognize them as a duplicate.

Easy Navigation: Brevo takes no time at all to learn and start using. It doesn’t guide you through the way other platforms do, but that’s because it doesn’t need to. With all your tools laid out in front of you and simple links to the areas you need, you can build your workflow using templates, edit photos, and even cancel with the click of a button if you decide you don’t like the software.

Complex Automation Capabilities: Brevo allows you to automate just about anything, and while it lets you create complex actions, it’s easy to implement. It has automation templates so that you can make lists according to subscriber actions. Its workflow builder even lets you incorporate different types of marketing, including sending emails and SMS, updating attributes, and proceeding to other steps within your campaign.

Brevo marketing automation landing page.

Advanced Registration Forms: You’ll find some of the best registration form options with Brevo using advanced personalization and subscriber selections. The platform even makes signup efficient for subscribers by populating fields for them if they receive your form in an email. This may seem like a small feature, but for a swamped business owner or busy consumer, it can mean more signups and sales.

Sophisticated List Management: Automation is only one feature that makes Brevo’s lists so convenient. It allows you to export your contacts from multiple different files, including .txt, .csv, and .xslx. You can create multiple lists based on consumer and subscriber behavior and use various filters to organize your lists, so everyone gets the most relevant content in their inbox.

Brevo pricing page with four plans shown.

Pricing: Brevo’s free plan with unlimited contacts already offers generous features, but it gets better when you see that its Starter plan starts at $25 per month for 20,000 emails and doesn’t exceed $69 once you reach 100,000. The Business package starts at $65 for the 20,000 email limit and tops out at $669 for 1 million emails each month. It also offers the Bravo+ package with custom pricing, so you get as many features as you need at a lower cost than Intuit Mailchimp’s plans.

Where Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) Needs Improvement

No Entry-Level Landing Pages: For many businesses, landing pages are a critical component of boosting their conversion rates. Brevo does offer landing pages, but you can’t get them with the free or even the cheapest paid package. Instead, they come with the $65 Premium plan, which can’t compete with getting them in Intuit Mailchimp’s free tier.

Small Sending Limit: Even though Sendingblue gives you unlimited contacts, it gives you a tiny sending limit with its free plan of 300 emails per day. If you’ve got more than 300 subscribers, that means you can’t reach them all—at least not at the same time. In comparison, even though Intuit Mailchimp’s free plan has a 2,000-subscriber limit, it also has a limit of 2,000 email sends per day.

Basic Entry-Level Analytics: When you want to improve your campaign, you need more than basic analytics. Unfortunately, Brevo makes you pay more if you need anything other than open and click data. It doesn’t give you heat maps, geographical data, or device preferences unless you buy its Premium plan or higher.

Where Intuit Mailchimp Shines

Screenshot of Mailchimp website page for email marketing and newsletter templates with headline that says, "Templates for email marketing that stand out in ever inbox"

Template Variety: With more than 100 email templates available, Intuit Mailchimp has more than double what Brevo offers. You can tailor your template to your specific campaign and customize it further so that subscribers recognize it instantly as part of your brand. You’ll find templates based on the kind of email you want to send, too, including newsletters, welcome emails, and special offers.

Campaign Customization: You don’t need to use Intuit Mailchimp’s templates to build your campaign if you’ve already got your own design in mind. The platform’s drag-and-drop setup lets you create any design you want for any kind of marketing. You can even create your own templates and upload them to the website to use yourself and allow others to access.

Advanced Reporting: Unlike Brevo, Intuit Mailchimp offers impressive reporting with every plan. Even the free tier has more than Brevo with basic reports, personalized product recommendations, next best action, and subject line helper. The paid plans go the extra mile when it comes to reports with options like comparative reporting, A/B testing, send time optimization, and more.

Screenshot of Mailchimp's Digital Marketing and Analytics Reports page that shows how you can see how your campaign performs with Mailchimp's advanced reporting

Easy to Use: Intuit Mailchimp’s popularity goes hand in hand with its user-friendliness. Its learning curve is a little steeper than Brevo’s, but once you learn how to use the tools you need, you won’t have any problem putting together your campaign. Above all, it has a clean interface and easy access to most tools.

Comprehensive Integrations: Intuit Mailchimp has over 250 integrations, including ones for CRMs like HubSpot and Zoho. You can find different ones based on your marketing needs, whether you’re looking to boost sales, improve your reports, or engage customers. Its wide selection of integrations makes Intuit Mailchimp a more versatile platform as you continue to market your business.

Where Intuit Mailchimp Needs Improvement

Less Access to Support: With Intuit Mailchimp’s free tier, you only get access to its customer support for the first 30 days. After that, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan or make do with the community forums. Compared to Brevo, which allows you email support on its least expensive plan, you don’t have as many resources as you may need if you run into problems with your campaign.

Limited Scheduling Ability: While Intuit Mailchimp once let you schedule your emails with its free plan, that feature is no more. While you do still have it with the paid plans, the lack of email scheduling makes the free plan a lot less useful for busy entrepreneurs.

Screenshot that shows how Mailchimp has four plans with sliding scale pricing, including Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium

List Management Restrictions: You can separate subscribers into different lists based on relevant actions and behaviors with Intuit Mailchimp. The platform allows you to set up to five conditions for subscribers, but with one major downside. If you want to send the same email across several lists, you can’t. Instead, you’ll need to duplicate and send the same email separately for every list.

Pricing: Intuit Mailchimp’s pricing looks reasonable at first glance, and it is if you don’t have a lot of subscribers. It starts at $11 per month for the Essentials, once you upgrade from the free plan, then $17 for the Standard package, and $299 for Premium. These are the starting prices for 500 subscribers or fewer, but because the price is on a scale based on your number of contacts, it can get pretty steep, all the way up to custom pricing after you exceed the contact limit. While Intuit Mailchimp generally works well for small businesses, its pricing may not, after a point.

The Last Word on Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) Compared to Intuit Mailchimp

When it comes to email marketing platforms, Brevo and Intuit Mailchimp both offer top-tier features to get your message out to your audience. They each have impressive tools to help you customize your campaign and work toward boosting sales. With user-friendly platforms, each of these options gives you plenty to work with when it comes to creating the best marketing plan possible.

Overall, Brevo’s unlimited contacts put it ahead of Intuit Mailchimp, especially when it comes to their free plans. Intuit Mailchimp’s reporting and analytics give it an edge for helping you improve your campaign without relying on trial and error alone. Brevo has almost no learning curve, making it easy and quick to get started. Plus, its automations mean that you can cut down on manual tasks, even when you have complex conditions. Meanwhile, Intuit Mailchimp’s automations fall short and the platform has more sending restrictions, whereas Brevo’s greatest shortcoming is its basic analytics.

While both of these are excellent choices for email marketing platforms, they’re not the only ones. If you want to explore more options, check out our post on the best email marketing options. You may find one that suits your business marketing needs even better.

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