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SEO seems to be getting increasingly complicated each year. There’s no shortage of small technical details that can go wrong and end up hurting your rankings on Google—from duplicate pages, broken links, text, titles, descriptions, broken redirects, and more.

In fact, there are over 100 possible technical SEO issues, which can become a real mess if you’re left to identify and fix every single one on your own. Luckily, Netpeak makes software designed to help with this. It aims to make SEO crawls, audits, health checks, and other reports a breeze with its Checker and Spider products.

But what’s the difference between Netpeak Software’s products? And do they live up to their mission of simplifying SEO?

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Netpeak Software: The Good and the Bad

The first thing to understand about Netpeak Software is that it offers two complementary products: Checker and Spider.

Graphic to show that Netpeak Spider works on Mac and Windows and that Netpeak Checker is only for Windows.

Netpeak Spider is a crawler tool that checks for over 100 technical issues, enables data filtering and segmentation, and supports JavaScript rendering. It’s essentially a website crawling tool designed to imitate how search engines crawl and index your site. It’s particularly helpful for identifying a wide range of on-site SEO issues like broken links, duplicate content, and missing tags.

Netpeak Checker is more of an SEO research tool. It specializes in bulk analysis of URLs for a variety of SEO parameters and metrics, pulling data from renowned SEO services like Moz and SimilarWeb. This tool is adept at SERP scraping, in-depth competitor analysis, and consolidating page metrics in one place. Checker is only available for Windows.

For the purposes of this section of the review, we’re going to assume you’re bundling the two products, and so we’ll talk about their pros and cons holistically. But it is possible to purchase one product and not the other, if you’re only interested in a specific feature. We’ll go into more detail on this in the plans and pricing section. For now, let’s see what Netpeak Software is good at and where there might be room for improvement.

What Netpeak Software Is Good At

Links Analysis: Netpeak can dive deep into the intricacies of your website’s backlink structure, offering a granular view of both internal and outbound links.

When it comes to internal links, you can generate an accurate count of your links with Spider and understand how your website’s pages connect with other URLs. You can also easily identify source URLs and link type and even highlight internal link characteristics for further improvement:

Netpeak Software interface for tracking URL's and images.

When it comes to external links, Netpeak also lets you collect and compare data to improve their quality. You can do this for a specific page URL or even a list of URLs at once.

Netpeak checker with green arrows pointing to the URL and External Links-On-Page: URL.

Overall, Netspeak’s link analysis is very helpful for identifying and addressing broken links that could harm your site’s rankings in the SERPs.

Content Optimization: Netpeak also offers a vast suite of tools that help with content optimization. From analyzing tags to checking backlinks or rankings, these tools can help you comprehensively address various aspects of on-page SEO.

A few of the standout tools include:

  1. Backlink Checker: Enables effective monitoring and management of your website’s backlink profile. You can identify and rectify harmful links, thereby optimizing your site’s authority and search engine rankings.
  2. Keyword Rank Checker: No more manually searching for a term and scanning the SERPs for your article. You’ll be able to understand exactly where your content stands in search engine rankings with Netpeak’s keyword rank checking tools.
Netpeak Spider tool with a blue arrow pointing to the list of URL's and the average position.

By identifying which keywords and phrases are performing well (or not), you can tailor your content strategies to boost their search visibility and attract more organic traffic.

  1. Title Tag and Meta Description Analysis: Netpeak’s title tag and meta description checkers help you craft SEO-friendly and attention-grabbing titles and descriptions. You can quickly check your meta description length and other parameters to boost your online presence and SEO stats.
Netpeak Spider tool with an all results list showing URL's and a description length .

This is crucial for standing out in search engine result pages and enticing potential visitors to click through to your site.

  1. Duplicate Content Check: Keeping your content unique is key when it comes to maintaining SEO integrity. With Netpeak, you can do a sitewide scan for duplicate content with ease. In addition to checking for plagiarized or duplicated material on other websites, the duplication checker can also flag duplicate titles, descriptions, H1s, and more on your own site.
Netpeak Spider reports list with a list of issues.

Analytics and Metrics: Finally, Netpeak goes beyond surface-level metrics to give you in-depth analytics that cover website traffic, user behavior, engagement metrics, and more.

You can see monthly traffic to your host, subdomains, prefixes, and URLs from the top 100 organic search results across different countries. You can also estimate monthly organic website visits to fine-tune your SEO strategies and further optimize your site’s ranking.

Netpeak Checker with a list of all results and green arrows pointing to URL and Organic Traffic.

These analytics and metrics are key for optimizing website elements for enhanced performance, higher engagement rates, and more conversions..

Netpeak Software’s Potential Drawbacks

Starter Plan Doesn’t Integrate with Google Analytics or Search Console: Netpeak’s Starter plan, while offering great fundamental features, is a bit limiting because it doesn’t let you integrate it with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

These are fundamental tools that many people involved in SEO use regularly. Without them, you may miss out on some valuable data that could further inform and refine your SEO tactics.

Limited Keyword Research: This isn’t necessarily a drawback as long as you’re aware of it going in, so it’s worth calling attention to it specifically. Netpeak’s tools are best for health, diagnostics, analytics, and streamlined reporting. While it does have tools like the Keyword Rank Checker, it’s overall not meant to be a specialized keyword research tool.

So if you’re really looking for detailed keyword analysis to drive your content marketing or SEO, this may not be the best tool for that specific function.

Bundling Options Can Be Confusing: While they make a great bundle, new users trying to navigate between Netpeak’s Checker and Spider tools might be perplexed at first. Particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the nuances of SEO tools and only have the budget to afford one, rather than the bundle. For beginners or small businesses with limited resources, this could be a significant barrier to maximizing your SEO efforts.

If you’re having trouble deciding between Spider and Checker and don’t want to opt for a bundle, here’s our general guideline of what’s best for different businesses:

  • Netpeak Spider is indispensable for website owners and webmasters focusing on internal site health.
  • Netpeak Checker is more suited for SEO specialists and marketers engaged in external site analysis (like competitor research and evaluating SEO performance across various domains).

Netpeak Plans and Pricing

Netpeak Checker and Netpeak Spider come with distinct pricing tiers, tailored to accommodate various levels of SEO needs—from basic functionalities for beginners to more advanced features for SEO professionals and agencies.

Here’s a breakdown of what each product offers across its different pricing plans.

Netpeak Checker Plans and Pricing

Netpeak Checker is best if you need SERP-scraping and analysis capabilities. It offers three distinct pricing tiers. Note that the pricing listed below is for one user per month, but you get a 20% discount if you have more than one user signed up.

Basic – $8.00 for 1 user per month

  • Targeted at users requiring basic SERP scraping and analysis.
  • Features include quick export, data saving and copying, and integration with Google Drive and Sheets.

Pro – $22.00 for 1 user per month

  • Ideal for more advanced SERP scraping and bulk analysis.
  • This tier adds contacts data, DNS, Whois, Wayback Machine, website traffic estimation, and a multi-window mode for enhanced functionality.
  • At this tier and above, you also get integrations with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Premium Bundle – $30.00 for 1 user per month

  • A comprehensive package designed for SEO agencies and in-house teams.
  • Combines Netpeak Spider Pro features with early access to new functionalities, priority in the queue, and flexible payment options.

Netpeak Spider Plans and Pricing

Netpeak Spider is tailored for site auditing and crawling. Like Checker, it also has three pricing levels, and you’ll also get a discount when you sign up with more than one user.

Starter – $7.00 for 1 user per month

  • Geared towards freelancers and marketers working with small websites.
  • Includes data saving and copying, bulk export, and export of reports to Google Drive and Sheets.

Advanced – $12.00 for 1 user per month

  • Suited for SEO professionals working with larger websites.
  • Offers multi-window mode, custom website scraping and data extraction.
  • At this tier and above, you also get integrations with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Premium Bundle – $22.00 for 1 user per month

  • Aimed at SEO agencies and in-house teams requiring a full suite of tools.
  • Features include everything in the Starter and Advanced tiers, plus SEO audit data enrichment, multi-window crawling, white label reports, SEO audit in PDF, import of search queries from GSC, early access to new functionalities, priority in queue, and flexible payment options.

Lifetime Licenses

One thing we really like about Netpeak Software’s pricing is that they also offer a lifetime licensing option. So if you start out on a monthly plan, decide you really like it, and would rather purchase it for life than pay a monthly fee, you have that option.

For the Spider Starter, Advanced, and Pro Bundle plans, lifetime licenses are priced at $168, $288, and $528 respectively.

For the Checker Starter, Advanced, and Pro Bundle plans, lifetime licenses are priced at $192, $528, and $720 respectively.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Netpeak Software is a great solution for professional-level SEO research and analysis. The ability to optimize content and have all your metrics and analytics in one solution can help streamline operations—a much-needed benefit in SEO, where there are dozens of things that could go wrong and require monitoring.

The low price of Netpeak’s starter plans make them a great fit for freelancers or solopreneurs. The Checker and Spider bundles are perfect for agencies or SEO specialists with robust needs and clients who require detailed reporting. The bundles allow you to generate white label reports with SEO audits, which is a nice touch for added branding and professionalism.

Overall, they’re both great tools for web-based businesses and SEO specialists alike.

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